Als Du wieder daheim warst, roch mein Bett noch nach Dir. Ich fand das irgendwie schön, so als wärst Du noch hier.
—  NIKO IN THE SKY (Song: Eine Woche lang high)

denise, a university classmate of mine just opened
a package- and waste-free grocery store in braunschweig.

it`s such a beautiful shop with an amazing product range
and a lovely little café, too.

if you like to shop organic, regional, fair trade and waste free,
or like to treat yourself and your loved ones
with delicatessen and spa essentials,
this is the place for you.


Fallersleber Straße 36
D- 38100 Braunschweig

TATINOF Berlin (2.30 pm)

Before we could even go inside: Everyone sang “The Internet Is Here” and “Danger Men At Work” like literally the whole crowd

The show:

1. Many, many, many, many hellos

2 Dan thanked the audience for not being quiet because that would have been awkward.

3. They appreciated our singing (We heard you singing, it was awesome)

4 Dan had to name 3 facts about Germany: 1 Capital of Germany (best European country at the moment); 2. It’s freezing cold and Phil failed his tweet becaues he could have said “Brrrlin” instead of “Brrmany”; 3. The people of Germany speak German

5. Phil spoke German (”Ich bin Phil und du bist wunderbar”) and Dan questioned it (”Did that make any sense??”)

6. They mounted the lion and the llama (Dan: Even though English is not your first language you can peer pressure)

6. Introduction to the story (same as in the movie)

7. Phil started to sang the song and everybody(!) joined

8. The 7 second challenge!! 

The same Audience task as in the movie but it sounded better with our European accents (qoute by Dan)

Dan: Rap about Germany (nailed it)

Phil: Count from 10 backwards in German (failed it)

Dan: Dab with your legs (nailed it)

Phil: Rap four lines from Dan’s disstrack (failed it)

Dan: Highfive ten people from the audience (nailed it, he did 17 actually)

Phil: Imitate Dan’s first video in German (nailed it)

ALL OR NOTHING!!(dun dun duuun)

Dan: Turn into a dolphin and swim to the other side of the room (obviously failed it, but it was a good dolphin impression though)

9. The Amazing Phil

Well first of all, Dan said “I’m not saying ‘Dad’ as I did in the last show” and when Dan got angry and wanted Phil to give him the cloth in his suit, the cloth was very long and rainbow-coloured (PRIDE FLAG!)

10. Weird kid

The first two were the same as in the movie but instead of telling the story about his “American mum” Phil told the story about how he told everyone his real dad is a french gangster and that when a girl asked his mother about it, his mother told everyone that he is part french #amazingmum (picture where “…totes french” was written in Comic Sans and another picture with Phil’ french name “Phil Ratousse” was written on)

Audience stories:

“I had a relationship with a statue” (2 out of 5)

“I used to think that there were actual people in a CD so I never skipped a song” (3 out of 5)

“ I used to chew my doll’s clothes because I wasn’t allowed to chew chewing gum” (4 out of 5)

“I used to have a sheep plushie and I imitaed it by eating gras” (4 out of 5)

“I used to walk like a horse until I was 5″ (4 out of 5)

“I used to eat butter with my fingers”(5 out of 5)

11. Uncle Dan’s support hotline

We named the llama “Merkel”

Dan: spoke German twice (”Hallo” and “Guten Tag”)

(Not the right order)

How can I stop being awkward?

I’m wearing all black and my parents don’t like it

I want my senpai Brendon Urie to adopt me (Dan formally noticed everyone in the audience)

Dan drinks beer (manliest man alive)

I moved in with my best friend and she’S annoying me alreday

Jesus supporters always run away from me, am I possesed? (Dan: Jesus has the best fandom)

John Cena

Rick Roll

12. Crafty Corner:

gnom with Phil’s show shirt, pride hat and #meme on the back

Phil trash no.1 shirt made out of a trash bag

The Amazing Plant Is Not On Fire with Phil as Alladin and Dan as Jasmine (Dan took it because Phil kills plants)

Horse-Moth painting

Actual ladders EP (everybody did the ladder hands)

BONCA-award for “Best dads of the year” (We’re all their adopted children)

Book of Fanarts

13. Phil tries singing again and again everybody joins

14. Timetravelling as in the movie

15. Dan’s existential crisis

16. Fanfiction:

(Phil had to pull out the car)

We chose ‘pirates’( Phil bullied Dan because he is left-handed so Phil got the hook, their parrot was broken(too long in the microwave))

then space ( Phil killed an alien with a lightsaber and the world exploded, Dan and Phil are the only two humans alive(!))

and then french girl (sadly)

17. Do the dishes

18. Dil (many worshippers)

19. Dil’s speech ( when he talked about Phil the whole audience did heart hands, *aaawwww*)

20. The song!!! (everybody joined and we all had glowsticks and Phil was so surprised he stopped singing for a millisecond; soo many heart eyes!!)

21. Highfive with jump

22. They said good-bye and left

!During the show were so many anecdotes and comments on Germany and the language!

Hope you have a better impression about the show now!