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Recently, I passed 1,000 followers, which is legit crazy cool. Because of that, I wanted to celebrate by doing a Follow Forever!

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BONUS ROUND: Please Follow Me Forever

I got this idea from hellafreckledhorses. I decided to pick five followers of mine, who I may or may not follow back but STILL ADORE WITH ALL MY HEART BECAUSE THEY’RE AWESOME. You guys are always in my notes, and I want to continue to see you there!!

You’re wonderful and don’t stop being how cool you are.

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OKAY, THAT’S IT! WOW, THAT WAS LONG. This was so hard to do, because I literally adore everyone I follow. Thanks so much for hanging out with me guys, you make my tumblr experience truly incredible. I hope to get to know more of you in the future!!


So, you mean to tell me that Elementary has a more emotionally in-tune, genuinely good guy Sherlock, WOC Watson, as Transgender Mrs. Hudson, several reoccurring  roles for MOC and accurately shows the diversity (race and gender wise) of New York City and the majority of Tumblr hates on it?

For what? Because it’s not all British white guys you wanna fuck? Is that it? Or is it because you think America “copied” the BBC and made a less rad version of their show? Because that’s not what happened.

I understand if people don’t like it because it can feel a little bit like a cop drama. That’s fine. You don’t like the structure. But in terms of representation of the many walks of life in NYC, character development, and interesting plots, this show is fantastic. 

Sherlock could learn from Elementary, if you ask me, representation wise. Oh, let’s repeatedly say in our pilot that “it’s okay to be gay” but show no gay people and constantly make jokes about Watson and Sherlock being gay because that’s a funny joke that no one ever gets tired of. Also, the way Sherlock treats its female characters is actually atrocious. But we all knew that. And we don’t care, right? Because Cumbers Bumbers Wumbers and Martin Freeman looked at each other “that way” you know what that means. They totally want to bone, in real life, too. Morarity isn’t dead, blah, blah. 

Cop-outs. Sherlock is a series of cop-outs. From bringing Morarity back from the dead, to classifying Sherlock as a (self-diagnosed) “High-functioning sociopath.” Just so many, coppy-cop-outs.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m entertained by these cop-outs in the moment, and I think Cumbers is brilliant, but after reflecting on the show itself I get kinda upset. Because why? Why insult our intelligence? I deserve better writing. I deserve better representation. I deserve television worthy of my time. And I’m beginning to think that Sherlock just may not be. I will probably watch the 4th season (when that finally happens) but, it will be from the side of my eye. Because I see that show for what is is now and, quite frankly, I’ve seen better.

I’ve seen a more believable Sherlock, I’ve seen a Watson that is a little more like me, I’ve seen better writing. I’ve seen a show that doesn’t insult my intelligence.

It’s called Elementary. You haters should actually watch it.

A little update to my last follow forever!

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Sorry if I missed anyone, and sorry it’s long! I just love a lot of people!!

commodorecliche's follow forever!

Since I recently passed 300+ followers (wow guys!), I decided it was about time I do a Follow Forever because I follow so many incredible, wonderful blogs. 


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I can only hope that this list continues to grow in the future. I’ve made so many great friends on here and found so many wonderful blogs and wonderful people. (I hope to god I didn’t miss anyone… If you don’t see yourself on here, please know that I didn’t mean to leave you off!) 

I also have several new followers and mutuals right now who I haven’t had the chance to get to know yet! So please, feel free to message me,  chat with me, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to me. Please know that I would love to get to know you all.  

Thanks so much you guys, thanks for following me! I love y'all!!