小戏骨’s Legend of the Condor Heroes!

I know that the new Legend of the Condor Heroes is airing right now, but I am so incredibly excited for the 小戏骨 version.

Guo Jing is played by Shi Xiaosong, a student at Shaolin, and he looks a lot like Felix Wong in the 1983 version!

Huang Rong is played by Tao Yixi, famous for her role of Bai Suzhen in 小戏骨’s Legend of White Snake. (Her costume design seems to be modeled after the 1994 version.)


Mu Nianci is played by Zhou Zhiying, famous for her role of Xu Xian in 小戏骨‘s Legend of White Snake. (I think her costume design looks like it’s from the 2008 version.)

And Yang Kang is played by Xiaoyang Bohan, who has played many leading roles in the 小戏骨 adaptations, including Jiao Yulu and Lin Xiaocong (补锅). (His costume design is based off of the 1983 version.)

Ge Yide, who played Cheya in 小戏骨’s Mulan adaptation, plays Wanyan Honglie. (His costume design looks quite like the 1983 version.)

Little Bao Xiruo with little Wanyan Honglie!

I don’t know who plays Ouyang Ke, but he looks pretty good as the role.

I don’t the names for who plays the Six Freaks of Jiangnan, but they are also looking good.

Chen Yuheng, who played Fa Hai in their The Legend of White Snake and Mulan’s father in their adaptation of Mulan, plays Yang Tiexin. (He seems to always be playing older characters.)

Rehearsal of the “spar for a spouse” scene. (杨康/肖杨博涵好高啊~)

Since they can’t make a full 50 episode long adaptation (and also due to the fact that kids are acting it out), a lot of the story may be cut and edited, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

People called me a ‘pushover’ in high school. I could see clearly that everyone approached me because they wanted something from me, but what could I do? I just went along with it all; it’s easier that way.

Yoo Jung, Cheese in the Trap.

In order to survive in this cold, harsh world, he eventually chose to use social manipulation in order to defend himself against those who approached him. It is his way of quietly fighting back.

中国泳坛小鲜肉🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳wuli涛涛呆萌呆萌的💋💋💋简直是帅我一脸血啊啊啊啊啊!!!👅 👅 👅 舔屏ing……👅 👅 👅


Chanyeol - 160510 ‘So, I Married an Anti-fan’ weibo update: “#所以和黑粉结婚了# 分享一对深夜在天台聊人生的萌宝宝和小黑粉 wuli朴灿烈@real__pcyyyyy 和@袁姗姗 可都是有故事的同学,冰冰冷冷冰冰口令绕起来”

Translation: “#So I Married an Anti-fan# Sharing photos of a cute baby and an anti-fan who were chatting about life on the balcony late into the night, our @Park Chanyeol and @Yuan Shan Shan Both of them have their own stories, learn the tongue twister bing bing leng leng bing bing”

Credit: 所以和黑粉结婚了.

Cnetz Reactions: [Instiz] Scale Reference to Chanyeol's Great Body

- [+154] The most manly & most like a man in EXO
- [+159] (This) passerby thinks (that this is) max boyfriend power
- [+137] The woman in front of him is so little 😍😍 I guess it’ll be like that if it was me in front of him *doge* aye?
- [+105] Chanyeol is a good boyfriend, (that) scale reference 😭
- [+101] Perfect man Park Chanyeol ❤️
- [+94] Ah so handsome max boyfriend power 🙈🙈🙈😍😍
- [+79] Boyfriend power max!
- [+75] Volcano baby is transforming to muscle man! But I like it!!
- [+75] (he’s) becoming more manly ☺️☺️
- [+69] Shoulders so wide ahhhhhhhh! Girls within his embrace must look really small
- [+73] Not a fan, but (I) really quite like him, he has no black spots (tn: flaws) inside out~~
- [+66] Our Yeol-yeol is getting better and better
- [+62] PERFECT in big letters
- [+54] No matter if it’s strong fish or little tender fish, (I) like it either way! (chel’s note: fish refers to PCY’s kimchi fish nickname)
- [+50] I still think (he’s) cute, I must be feeling sick 😢
- [+49] Boyfriend power ❤️
- [+44] wuli Chanyeol gained even more boyfriend power😍😍😍
- [+45] Pacific Ocean-width shoulders + chicken legs *doge*
- [+42] Max boyfriend power 😍😍 I’ll go apply to be a screening officer tomorrow 😍😍😍

Translated by: Chel


Scans credit to lunchbox/ rough translations as usual~ 

Updated - Apologies! two of the questions below got mixed during copy and paste… >.< 

[Trans-Grazia]Let the rumours & gossip disappear with the wind, Huang Zitao “grows up overnight” 

We interviewed Huang Zitao, This “wuli Taotao” often tops the hot search charts, and reviews on him vary greatly. But Grazia, who’s always good at looking through facades and discovering the truth, finds that underneath all those topics, there’s something that most do not know or understand about Huang Zitao. For example, he’s also happily using his own emoticons/stickers. Or that he says that the past is not important and that what’s important is the future. Maybe someday in the future, Huang Zitao will be thankful for this tumultuous year. 

The day we did the photoshoot was the second day after the heavy snow in Beijing. It was particularly cold as the snow melted and heavy gusts of wind blew. During the shoot, the staff were all huddling together, shivering in the cold. Zitao however, seemed to have quite a good time in the snow, even picking it up to play. He displays a rare smile, saying “I’m completely not afraid of the cold. I’ve been trained.” His training, comes from the filming of Jackie Chan’s movie “Railroad Tiger” in Tieling. In the snowy grounds of minus 16 degrees Celsius, he has to be wired, climb trains etc. His fingers were frozen. In order to create the dramatic effect required, he had giant fans blowing at full strength at his head. He didn’t feel that it was rough or that he was tired, and even said excitedly that ,”it’s so interesting” and “I’ve been filming for over a month now, and I smile every single day that I am on the set.”

“This is my first real movie. It’s different from what I expected. Because I thought that it was ok so long as I acted my parts out and be myself. But actually, there’s a lot of details that you need to take note of, such as being aware of the timing when you are acting with others, your actions has to match up. If there’s even a bit of mismatch, you have to start all over again. It’s a pretty heavy burden.” He said that he took on this film, partially because the character was like him. Very confident and it allowed him to show his kungfu. The other reason was because of Jackie Chan. “I loved watching his movies since the time when I was learning wushu. It has always been a motivation for me.”

On the day of the shoot, he was mostly expressionless for the whole journey. After saying hi to everyone when he entered the studio, he barely spoke and took out his Bluetooth speakers, playing the music. Even though there were female staff who were fangirling him, saying “He really looks like a 2D prince this way.” It still made some worried. Is he not that good to work with? We sent a message to a friend (who’s also his fan) to check and the reply we got was that “He just have a tendency to look really cool/cold when he’s working seriously. Many people feel that he’s putting on airs and that leads to misunderstandings.” Near to the end, his friend came to visit, and he immediately lit up. He started moving around and spoke more, laughing at himself and teasing others. Only then did we see how noisy and adorable he was.  The people around him said this “This side of him is really quite suitable for comedies.”. The manager said this to the friend: “Today would have gone smoother, if you had come earlier.”

So he only lets go of himself in front of people he knows. “With someone whom he’s familiar with around, I’m more relaxed. Sometimes, when there’s a friend of a friend present during a meal whom I don’t know, I also wouldn’t speak much. I’ll be more serious and not say out my thoughts.” So scared of strangers? “No, I have protect myself. Now everyone’s keeping a watch on me.” Did it used to be like that? Huang Zitao hesitated. “I have experienced that before, so…….”

His friend beside said: “It’s hard for people to get close to him anymore.” In return, Huang Zitao said “So I can’t make new friends.” In the tone of one who has seen it all, “ If one wishes to go higher, the people around him will only get lesser. It’s enough that I have these friends around me.” How do one judge who can become a friend? “According to how i feel. Those who would protect you, think for you, and be by your side when you need them.”

Days before the shoot was the release of the song “I’m the sovereign”. He had composed the song by himself. There’s a line that says, “every single one of my rap slays all other rappers”. Now everyone knows about the “go die” or that off rhythm rap (where he was made a fool/set up) incidents.  So when that line came out, people started to make videos and emoticon packs again, making it yet another hot topic. “Many people like to diss me. As a rapper, you have to be absolutely confident when you are performing. So it’s ok for you to be as exaggerated or confident as you want to be when you write it. It’s doesn’t obstruct you from being a low-key and humble person in reality. I think a lot of people do not really understand what it means to be a rapper. There’s a little bit of aggressiveness in a lot of foreign music. As for me I feel quite happy. You know why? Because not many people in China listen to rap. So now there’s a topic for everyone to talk about.”

When he first started solo activities, Huang Zitao said that he found it quite hard to handle interviews. When asked if he felt that he has improved? He immediately answer “No. I’m more comfortable with it now, But I feel that it doesn’t matter how much you say. The misunderstanding’s too deep. Even if you try to explain and clarify, there’s not many people who will listen to it. Those who hate you also will not believe it.” “I think that they are still dissing things in the past that are not real. I think they are forever living in my past, without much foresight. If they really want to diss me, then write something that can really make me angry.”

It wasn’t that long ago that he would tear up when asked about sensitive questions or get nervous when he hears the word “South Korea”. Now he’s matured enough to talk about those points, even poking fun at himself. Though he still, on occasion, wishes to explain more. “Go die has become so hot, to the point of being the phrase of the year. I invented that. It’s pretty good. At that time I had only started to learn rap, and I wasn’t good with English. But still I dared to speak it. A beginner can possibly become an expert straight away. Actually I knew that my freestyle wasn’t good. But in front of so many fans, I still tried. That’s my journey, my painstaking efforts at learning and working hard. But it’s been ridiculed over and over. A lot of people only want to see what’s laughable at the surface and do not wish to see the meaning behind it.

Do the people around you use your emoticons? “Yes!” “Can they send them to you?” His friend by the side is completely lost in laughter. “They sent it from the minute it first came out!” Zitao also laughed. “I myself have also saved the sticker with “go die”. It’s pretty good to use. Why not use it since the phrase I have created is so popular? Come to think of it, perhaps I should collect some copyright fee?” Wang Sicong said he laughed, looking at your emoticons. “That’s good, It’s my honour to be able to being laughter to everyone.”

“Everyone else is saying that I’m desperately trying to whitewash my name. Well, I say, what’s there to whitewash? If they wish to listen then listen, if they don’t wish to then don’t look. Some people just want to bash me. Go ahead, I don’t care. Really, I’m okie even with personal attacks. I will not, because of others’ views, not be myself, or worry about losing a job, or being scared that my fans will no longer love me, I won’t. He says this about his mind-set, after “getting his heart pierced through a million times”. “I’m feel very secured about my present work and life. Very happy. I believe that I will succeed.”

Last month, he attended a brand’s opening in Singapore where over a thousand fans were present to cheer him on. “Initially there were about 300, and we were already very satisfied. In the end, the whole place was crowded, and some even came from India.” His manager said. Huang Zitao says that he was very surprised. “Because being a part of Exo, has brought many overseas fans. Many may feel that I left for my own interests. I worried that they may not like me anymore because of that. But then I discovered that there are so many who believe in me. I left Exo not because of the money, or because I wasn’t happy, or on bad relations with members. It’s really because of my leg injury.”

How’s his relationship with fans? “It’s been so long, I feel very close, like a family. They are my “parents” in a way. Without them, how can I continue doing this job? And they believe me, and think and speak from my angle. I am very thankful towards them.” The explanations they have made for you, are those in actual fact, your thoughts too? “They can feel it, if not, they would have left me long ago.”

As a Xmas special, we asked him how he view this tumultuous year. He thought for a while and said. “ I don’t quite want to summarize it all. The past it not important, what’s important is the future. Only when one’s about to die, will one think back on the past. Before figuring out the future, people will definitely look forward. What’s the use of looking back? You can’t return to it.”

Our Tao has some unspeakable secrets

Q: How does it feel to be working with Jackie Chan on your very first movie?

T: He often makes me feel very touched. Yesterday, before I came here, he asked me to have a meal with him, where he shared on his experiences, what he wants to do in the future and his thoughts on life.

Q: Are there any which struck a chord with you?

T: Yes, but I don’t really want to talk about it, I want to keep it as a private treasure.

Q: Did it open up a new door for you?

T: yes, basically I’ve started to like acting more and more. (Q: are there plans to go further with this?) I have never thought of doing just one thing. My frame of mind now is such that I’ll complete the task at hand seriously, no matter how small the task/job may be.

Q: How does it feel like, being a daddy in “Charming Daddy?”

T: I think I’m not suitable to be a daddy, would rather be a brother. When I took on the job I was thinking to experience how it’s like for my dad to be taking care of me. It’s very tough, and I may not have even felt a tenth of the actual hardship.

Q: Why do you think you are not suitable to be a daddy?

T: I completely do not have time to think about getting married and having kids now, it’s all so far away.

Q: Then did you feel that you were being relied on?

T: A little. I used to rely more on others. Now I feel that it’s better to rely on myself. Relying on others is simply not a reliable way.

Q: What’s your criteria for taking on jobs now?

T:  None, I’ll do it if I like it. Some may ask if you would care about the popularity or amount that you are earning from the show, but I don’t care about all that. Interest is the most important thing. As an artiste, I won’t try to fit in with the tastes of others, but I definitely have to make myself feel comfortable.

Q: Professional recognition, commercial value, popularity with the masses, which do you care about the most?

T: Professional recognition. I don’t need to earn money through being an artiste. But I still very much desire to gain professional recognition, to win an award, for what I have put in so much effort to make.  Of course I’m still inadequate now, maybe a few more years later, I hope I can make it.

Q: What are the type of criticism that you will care about?

T. Those that say that my rap’s not good. It’s ok for them to say that I’m a lousy person with a lot of problems, because they all don’t know me, and have never been in contact with me. The actual fact is that the ones who have been in contact with me don’t feel that I am a lousy person. I know it myself. What matters is how the people around me think of me. I will not get angry over what those people (who are not related to me in any way) say.

Q: So you are basically no longer affected by the external environment now.

T: If they say my rap is not good, I hope the other party can write something even better to diss me. If you have what it takes, then use your works to speak for yourself.

Q: Do you still repressed/depressed these days?

T: Yes, when I can’t write any songs. Then I’ll go and play.

Q: You do not stay engrossed in all that negativity.

T: I’ll adjust accordingly. Go listen to songs, watch a movie and play games.

Q: What do your friends around you most often describe you as?

T: hahaha, the words we use between friends tend to be stronger (Friend says: he’s a very real person and says what he wants to say. He shows all his emotions on his face and is very straightforward.) Yes, no lies.

Q: You said before that you wanted to be a good man, what is the meaning of that?

T: To be honest and not commit any crimes, to do things to the best of my ability and treasure those around me.

Q: That came out rather smoothly.

T: Those are my principles of being a person. Not going against the law is the basic line. You can give to others and not ask for returns, but when others are good to you, you should repay and go help others. You should be filial. I think it would be weird if you asked someone this question and he/she can’t answer it. This is something everyone should have, and need not be learnt.

Q: How much does percent does work occupy in your life now?

T: 99% (His friend says: Didn’t you see me making a two hour trip here just to see him? It’s so hard to see him now. Huang Zitao laughs nonstop)

Q:  What do you all talk about in private?

T’s friend: We have a group chat amongst us friends and will share about their lives in it. He got angry earlier because everyone sort of ignored him, so he quit the group. Because his time schedule is so weird now. He often knocks off at midnight. How would us normal working folks be around during those timings where he shows up.

T: Let me tell you this, they are so bad, they all didn’t go to Tieling to see me..

T’s friends: Hey, we have to drive for two hours after getting off the plane to reach that place ok?

T: You see, they don’t come and see me simply because it’s far. Hahahahahaha

Q: You wish strongly for your friends to come and see you?

T: Actually no. That place is too cold.

T’s friend: He couldn’t even speak properly when he video-chat with us.

T: It was still okie that day. I still had to go on wires and had a big fan blowing crazily at my head. I was totally frozen but still had to go on fighting.

Q: How satisfied are you with your present life and work, out of a 100?

T: 98. Minus 2 for the frequent travelling on planes and cars.

Q: So you are actually quite satisfied.

T: Yes, very satisfied. Sometimes I do think that there’s too much work. But I just complain a little, there isn’t really any dissatisfaction.

Q: What are you learning now?

T’s friend: English

T: Many things, but I don’t wish to reveal it.

Q: Learning is such a good thing, why don’t you wish to talk about it?

T: Just let me keep a bit of privacy.

Q: Is it that you want to surprise everyone after you’ve learnt it?

T: Yes 

Q: Have you read any books or watched any movies lately?

T: A movie script, that’s been confirmed. I like the character a lot. It’s a very good script. I have never finished reading a script from start to end in one shot. And after it, I still feel slightly traumatised. I can’t reveal the details. We’ll see it next year.

Q: Time for some discussion on fashion. What do you think your style is?

T: I don’t know. (Friend: He likes gold accessories, bling). Oh yes, many people feel that wearing gold accessories, diamonds is rather uncultured. But I don’t feel that way. It has a meaning to me but I shan’t reveal that to all.

Q: Another secret? Has it got something to do with your personal experience?

T: Yes

Q: Is there anything that you definitely won’t try on?

T: super baggy pants. I have a pretty good figure, so I want to show it off a little. (laughs)

Q: What do you pursue in fashion?

T: I wear whatever I like. (Q: Your staff tells me that you intend to set up a fashion brand?) There’s such a plan, but I don’t want to say too much about it for now.

Q: Are your dark circles natural?

T: It is. It has been there since young. I have never had an operation. My face is all natural, do you want to come pinch it?

Q: Because of that everyone says you are a Kungfu panda. There are also those who says you are a mad frog. To think of it, you have many nicknames. There’s also peach, peacock gege etc. Is there one that you like or hate?

T: I have seen the frog one…. But the adorable one is still the panda. 


Lay - 160623 Tencent QQ Video’s weibo update: “#电视剧好先生# 好舍不得!良心剧《好先生》已经大结局了!wuli绵羊兴出场太少了跟本没看够啊有木有!从一开始的呆萌表情,直到最后笑的、哭的、真诚的、感激的表情,小蔡的形象越来越饱满!艺兴宝宝@努力努力再努力x 的演技也越来越棒了呢!点击“只看TA”收看张艺兴的cut特辑!(小鹅偷偷告诉你,不明白就看图哈)诶呀屏幕有点脏,需要我们舔一舔呢”

Translation: “#TVDramaToBeaBetterMan# I don’t want it to end! Conscience drama ‘To Be A Better Man’ has already ended! Our little sheep had too little screen time; you really haven’t seen enough, have you? From the dorky and cute expression at the start, up to the last smile, the crying, honesty, emotional expressions; the image of Xiao Cai is becoming more clear! Yixing baby’s @Yixing Weibo acting is also getting better! Press ‘Only see TA’ to watch Zhang Yixing’s cut special (if you don’t understand than see the pictures ha) Aiya the screen is a bit dirty, it needs us to lick it"

Credit: 腾讯视频.

Cnetz Reactions to Chanyeol's Movie Theme Song

[+673] his pronunciation is really accurate

[+677] omg, Chanyeol’s Chinese is incomparable

[+645] Chanyeol’s Chinese improved a lot. Thumbs up(≧▽≦)/

[+507] eotteokae I want to watch this movie so badly

[+461] our Chanyeol is the voice (tn: of exo)

[+430] Chanyeol’s Chinese improved a lot.

[+300] our Yeol’s pronunciation is so good

[+315] Chanyeol’s Chinese pronunciation is great, and his voice is so pleasing

[+267] wuli Chanyeol got an OST too

[+270] Park Chanyeol ahhhhhhhhhahhahhhahahhah this song is great

[+218] damn it give me my golden dog food (tn: this is a joke among cnetz. When single people see couples showing off their love, they say they are dogs, and need to be fed with dog food)

[+211] I hate you but I miss you

[+196] this was unexpected! Chanyeol’s Chinese is so good?! Woah!

[+238] Chanyeol’s Chinese!!! ahahahahaha!! omg! he shouldn’t have only been allocated with rap lines in the new album

[+190] Yeol!!so sweet! 100 marks for his Chinese!!!

[+186] this is the first time I listened to Chanyeol singing in Chinese, his pronunciation is very accurate, I’m really shocked!!! well done

Translated by: Genie


Chanyeol - 160520 PPTV weibo update: “#PP戏说#前方高能!后准朴灿烈@real__pcyyyyy 和黑粉@袁姗姗 做客戏说啦!!现场不仅分享了拍戏趣事,更有两人喜好大揭秘,听说姗姗带wuli灿烈吃了北京烤鸭,但这个可爱boy还是对麻婆豆腐情有独钟,想了解更多内容密切关注@PPTV电影 哦~先分享两位主演的亲笔及一波美照给大家~吼吼吼…”

Translation: “#PP story# warning! Hou Zhun @Park Chanyeol and anti-fan @Yuan Shan Shan came as guests to share some stories!! Not only did they tell interesting stories while filming, but they also revealed their preferences; I heard that Shan Shan brought our Chanyeol for Beijing Duck, but this cute boy only has eyes for Mapo Tofu; for further details, follow @PPTV Movie~ sharing the handwriting and pretty photos of the two leads ~hohoho…”

Credit: PPTV电影.

Michelle Yeoh (famous actress) met Tao while filming for Ace vs Ace, a variety show and posted this on her weibo:

@Michelle杨紫琼: 昨天錄影認識了一個有禮貌很可愛、武術很好的小伙子 @HZT-ao,希望他可以把中華武術好好傳承下去!希望有機會可以跟他再次比武。

Trans: Yesterday during filming I met a polite, very cute, very good at wushu young man @HZT-ao, I hope he can take Chinese martial arts and pass it down to the next generations! I hope there will be an opportunity where I can compete with him again.      

Tao reposted and replied to her comment:

@HZT-ao: 谢谢紫琼姐夸奖,非常期待《卧虎藏龙2》。当然,我武力韬韬还是不会手软的去争夺青冥宝剑~王牌对王牌,接招吧

Trans: Thank you Ziqiong jie’s praises, really looking forward to “Crouching Tiger 2” 😆, of course, I wuli Tao Tao won’t play soft to fight for the Qing Ming sword (Sword of Destiny?) Ace vs Ace, take that! 😘

Wuli RIRI just sung thing song to his hyung..
But why his face shocked me..
I think GD was also shocked by his serious face
Then they hugged..
And then!! RIRI’s face is just like he is heartbreaking!! Omgomgomg
What happened RIRI???
He tried to smile, but He can’t control himself!!!!
I feel like I can’t breath!!
There are much more things then I can described!!
The lyrics is like. [today is a lovely day to say my love! you re in front me! but I can’t tell you I love you.]
Can’t stop making up story of this in my mind .