♥♥♥Happy Valentines Day loves!!♥♥♥

A friendly reminder that today is the last day to buy my Valentine’s Day Cullen charm!

He will be disappearing from the shop tomorrow morning and will be available again in January 2017


A moment of peace by elyhumanoid
An illustration I made for my fanfiction “A moment of peace”.  You can read it in English here on tumblr/ AO3 or in Italian language on AO3 or EFP. Special thanks to @eravalefantasy who corrected the English translation and to my super supportive and lovely best friend @lehira-rutherford


So…it came to this. Which makes me incredibly sad but I’m gonna have to quit my job, I’m miserable at my work, coming home every night exhausted and berated my co-worker keeping myself busy with menial tasks that are driving me insane. I’ve come home crying for several days, I’m depressed, frustrated, unhappy, exhausted, sick and I can’t do it anymore.

With that being said I’ll be able to open up commissions full time between my part time job and job hunting to help pay my bills and keep a roof over my head and because they’re full time and emergency they’re a lot cheaper so I can do a lot more.


Icons- 15$ with 5$ per extra character.

All icons are colored

-25$ per torso sketch  +5 per extra character

-30$ per torso colored +10 per extra character

-35$ for full body sketch +5 per extra person

-45$ for full body color +10 per extra person

Please send an email to gasulliv@gmail.com if you would like a commission and we can get started!


If you can’t get anything I always appreciate a reblog or word of mouth works awesome too! Thank you so much!

The ideal is to be able to make at least 80$ a day which is how much I was being paid at my current job but more is always good and i’ll still take whatever I can get.

I’ll have 10 slots open at all times from now on too!!


I’ll be creating a patreon which will include:

-early access to my works, including downloadable psds.


-a monthly drawing to all my patrons exclusively based on a vote,

-tutorials of the patrons’ choice,


- monthly gifts (some of which may be physical items) depending on the level of donating.

Thank you guys again for helping me through this rocky stage of my life!



I shared a post about a month ago from @darthasterisk​ who makes these adorable little figures. I ordered the Cullen one (which is sadly presently sold out, but keep an eye on it!) right away. 

These are the pictures I finally took of my new little Cully-Wully! HE’S ADORABLE. His arms move up and down, he’s wonderfully detailed, and he came with a removable shield and sword, as well as my favorite:

A freakin’ lollipop. It’s so cute! I laughed so hard. 

I’m still trying to figure out where I want to display him so my kitties don’t get at him. I already chipped his thumb a little bit, so I want to keep him somewhere safe. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get the Anders, Fenris, and Solas figures eventually! 

Thank you @darthasterisk, you do beautiful work!


Current Commissions Queue:

1. @gaurdian9sunshine (sorry this isn’t working)-> PAID: Complete-APPROVED

2. @captainceranna -> Torso shot: PAID: COMPLETE: APPROVED

3. @captainceranna -> Alistair Icon: PAID-> SKETCH APPROVED

4. @captainceranna -> Gift Icon: PAID-> COMPLETE: APPROVED

5. @captainceranna -> Gift Icon: PAID-> COMPLETE: APPROVED

6. @froschkuss -> PAID: COMPLETE: APPROVED

7. @mortalmythal -> UNPAID: Emailed and confirmed

8.@mortalmythal -> UNPAID: Emailed and confirmed

9. @nothisis-ridiculous -> Torso Shot: PAID: Emailed and confirmed

10. @nothisis-ridiculous -> PAID: APPROVED

11. @foolhappy -> UNPAID: Emailed and confirmed

12. @foolhappy-> UNPAID: Emailed and confirmed

13. @foolhappy -> UNPAID: Emailed and confirmed

14. @houndicus -> PAID: Emailed and Confirmed

15. @just-dread-wolfing-> PAID: Emailed and Confirmed.

16. @maybetwice -> UNPAID: Emailed and confirmed

17. @maybetwice -> UNPAID: Emailed and Confirmed

18. @maybetwice -> UNPAID: Emailed and Confirmed.

19. @captainceranna -> PAID: Gift Icon->Emailed and Confirmed

20. @captainceranna-> PAID: Gift Icon -> Emailed and Confirmed

21. @foolhappy-> UNPAID: GIft Icon-> Emailed and Confirmed

22. @foolhappy -> UNPAID: Gift Icon-> Emailed and Confirmed



1. @foolhappy -> UNPAID: Gift Icon -> Emailed and Confirmed

2. @basementfestival -> UNPAID: Torso 2 characters-> Emailed and Confirmed

Pairing: Lanyla Lavellan x Cullen
Fades to black, filled in
Rating: SFW
Warnings: None. 
Author’s Note: Conversation between parts of the chess game cutscene. Uses some dialogue directly from the game.


“What about you?” Cullen asked, watching the Inquisitor over the chessboard. “Do you have any siblings?”

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Nac Mac Feegle Amigurumi

(Is this what you were asking about @artsytarts-brainfarts?)

Daft Wullie amigurumi:  Photos

Based on this Sackboy pattern (the word “pattern” is used loosely)

No idea how large the finished ami would be. He’s crocheted with a 3.75/size F hook (hooks range in size from 2mm to 16mm) and when I crocheted a swatch using worsted, I ended up with 5 rows = 1 inch so I would estimate finished size around 6 inches.  For a smaller ami, going down a few hook sizes and using a thinner cotton yarn would probably suffice.

5 Songs tag meme!

So I was tagged by @thatonecurlygurl to list 5 songs that remind me of my Inquisitor. Not gonna lie, I kept seeing people do it and was super tempted to like just tag my fucking self to do it hahaha.

I’ve spent far more time making playlist’s for OCs than should be allowed.

I’m going to go with Tethiel Lavellan for this one. Because I’m trash for her playlist.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Peace of Mind by Boston

Pressure by Youngblood Hawke

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Some Nights by Fun.

Bonus (OTP Song for Teth and Cully Wully):

Sidekick by Walk the Moon

Tagging these lovely folks:

@halfblood-fiend @nippaaah (PLEASE DO NERDDDDD) @jewishzevran