Knights are for Killing II: All the stories can’t be lies by Wulfsbane

This painting is the second part to the original Knights are for Killing, and features the initial moment when Sansa and Sandor meet atop Maegor’s Holdfast. It’s an unexpected encounter for both, and a charged conversation follows that highlights the conflicting views each holds on the values of knighthood, as one maintains that all knights are killers and the other that the stories about true knights must have a grain of truth, a theme that permeates their complicated connection. Maegor’s has always been one of my favourite scenes between Sandor and Sansa, and I’m delighted to have it now completed, and to welcome the fantastic artist Wulfsbane to The Stranger’s Kiss family. 

Gandalf Pencil Drawing” by Norway-based Dino Tomic (AtomiccircuS) “Gandalf, The Grey” by Brazil-based Josi Fabri (Esteljf) “Gandalf the Grayscaled” by Malaysia-based Shahir Shakir (Wulfsbane) “Gandalf” by Cynthia-BlairGandalf” by Tess (Skippy-s) “Gandalf” by Brazil-based Rodney Buchemi (Buchemi) “Gandalf the Grey” by Spain-based AmBr0 Watch a timelapse video of this sketch being drawn. “Gandalf” by Italy-based Franco ClunGandalf the Grey” by Netherlands-based Daisy van den Berg (D17rulez)