If I were you, I would turn around, and do as if I have seen nothing.

So, this is part of that whole GF and DP crossover I am definitely not doing, definitely, me? crossovers? please as if, ahahahaha.

Ok no but being serious, I like the idea of Danny and Wulf as friends, if Danny calls Wulf comes, I do not really want to say more because if I do end doing something for the crossover I want to explain it on it, anyway take this because I just wanted to practice drawing Danny and somehow this got out of control.

Dang it Tumblr, why do you make it look so bad??

I like to headcanon that Tucker is a werewolf

from a family of werewolves

there is probably a more logical explanation for his ‘meat sense’ and his parents letting him eat only meat for 14 years straight but I don’t want it.