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DannyMay Day Fifteen: Lost/Hidden

…It was so surreal. To think that something like this is just floating here. It was beautiful. Here in this hidden pocket of the Ghost Zone was paradise.

He finally felt at peace with the world.

He was on the run again. Battered and bruised, most definitely bleeding. Probably a few broken bones. Skulker had more than one upgrade this time. He was totally caught off guard. He was sleep deprived, exhausted, probably delusional too. When was the last time he ate? He can’t remember. The world is spinning too fast.

Sam and Tucker were away on their own family summer vacations. Jazz was doing some college internship deal. Valerie was visiting her grandmother out of state. Mom and Dad went to a ghost hunting convention. They reasoned he was old enough to stay home and not trash the place. He was holding down the fort alone.

Smearing red and green blood on the brick wall, he stopped to catch his breath. A luxury he couldn’t afford. He couldn’t hear anything over his ragged breathing. Everything was coming in and out of focus. The metallic taste in his mouth the only think keeping him grounded. He falters. Face connects with the concrete.

He looks up. Skulker smirks. He can see his lips move but can’t hear the words. It sounds like he’s under water. Gun pointed at his head Skulker crouches, picks him up and holds him by the neck. He can’t move a muscle. He’s so tired. His eyes are drooping. Skulker laughs.

Just as he’s about to pull the trigger a portal rips open behind the hunter and a big clawed hand strikes fast and hard. A gaping hole in the middle of his metal body. Malfunctioning he lets go. Hitting the floor and slumping against the wall he can only stare at the scene. Skulker’s body is being turned to scrap metal. Another portal opens and the giant beast tosses the little blob in. The big hulking shadow turns, he almost cries in relief.

Wulf gently helps him sit up. He can’t make his voice work. He opens his mouth but no sound comes out. Wulf sees his struggle and assures him it’s fine. He says he’s come to help. With his neon green claws he opens up a portal. Gently picking him up as to not jostle his injuries he jumps in. That’s the last thing he remembers before everything went black.

He finally wakes up when did he fall asleep? and tries to sit up. Regret. Pain. Nope. He lays back down. The grass feels nice and soft. His eyes droop closed again. GRASS!? He snaps his eyes open and sits ramrod straight. Beholding the sight before him he’s convinced he’s fully dead.

Lush green grass as far as the eye can see. Wild flowers of every kind growing everywhere. A small brook babbles on some distance away. The air smells so fresh he can’t…he looks up. Ok. He’s in the Ghost Zone. The green swirling “sky” gives it away. He turns at the footsteps.

Wulf. He hands over what looks like grilled fish and water. He accepts gratefully. Devouring the fish like his hasn’t eaten in days. Actually now that he thinks about it that could be true. He asks where they are. Wulf says it’s his lair. He stares. This beautiful little slice of peace and tranquility is Wulf’s lair.

Wulf tells him that he can stay as long as he likes. He’s always welcome. He asks how something like this is possible. All the other Lairs he’s seen are a bit more gothic looking…except the Far Frozen and Pandora. Wulf explains that a Ghost’s lair is a representation of their deepest wishes. His wish is to be free. What better place to be free than an open meadow.

That makes sense. He lies back down. Vaguely realizing his wounds have been bandaged. He feels so at peace. He’s glad he’s found a place he can just relax. Take a breath. Let go. His eyes begin to droop again. He falls asleep with a content smile on his face.

“Sleep well mio amiko, you earned it”

Hate Me, Love Me

Second DannyMay prompt, “Hatred”. Yes, I’m going to do all of them. No, it’s not the best idea. I’ll do it anyway xD Enjoy!

There was this weird thing he noticed recently.

Everybody seemed to hate one of is forms and love another.

Take Valerie for an example - she hated Phantom with a passion, but she had no problems with dating Fenton.

Not for long though, she dumped him for some invented reason he didn’t even remember now. He knew it was because of her ghost hunting, and that she thought he would be “in danger” while hanging out with her. Ha! She had no idea about the real situation they were in, but he let her go.

That’s what friends do.

Next prominent example - his parents. Oh, how many times did he hear his father screaming about taking Phantom apart, “molecule by molecule!”? He lost count. But they loved his human form, obviously.

They cared for him, in a bit unorthodox way, but they did. It wasn’t exactly their fault they considered different things “safe” than most of the world.

But it was fine, he could take it. He was half-ghost and he had a whole life time of getting acquainted with ectoplasm. Most of the things that would be dangerous for any other child caused only mild annoyance for him and his sister.

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As promised, though rather unexpectedly, here are my thoughts on the big, hairy, ghost wolf who became Danny’s first ectoplasmic amiko.

I already talked about Wulf’s plot significance, but I had mentioned that I wasn’t really sure what his story was. He’s pretty unique among the ghosts we see, and I couldn’t quite figure out if that was just his ghostly form or the result of something that happened when he was alive.

Well, I’ve taken my time to think about it (and talked it over with my sister, ofc), and I think I’ve finally managed to piece some things together.

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I feel really bad for missing this one, actually. Bullet has an amazing design and seems really interesting, and he never appears in the series again (outside of two non-speaking cameos.) He absolutely deserved an analysis back when I covered Public Enemies, but I somehow overlooked him.

It is strongly recommended that you read Wulf’s analysis before you read this one!

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