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Hate Me, Love Me

Second DannyMay prompt, “Hatred”. Yes, I’m going to do all of them. No, it’s not the best idea. I’ll do it anyway xD Enjoy!

There was this weird thing he noticed recently.

Everybody seemed to hate one of is forms and love another.

Take Valerie for an example - she hated Phantom with a passion, but she had no problems with dating Fenton.

Not for long though, she dumped him for some invented reason he didn’t even remember now. He knew it was because of her ghost hunting, and that she thought he would be “in danger” while hanging out with her. Ha! She had no idea about the real situation they were in, but he let her go.

That’s what friends do.

Next prominent example - his parents. Oh, how many times did he hear his father screaming about taking Phantom apart, “molecule by molecule!”? He lost count. But they loved his human form, obviously.

They cared for him, in a bit unorthodox way, but they did. It wasn’t exactly their fault they considered different things “safe” than most of the world.

But it was fine, he could take it. He was half-ghost and he had a whole life time of getting acquainted with ectoplasm. Most of the things that would be dangerous for any other child caused only mild annoyance for him and his sister.

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