wukkin up

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I am reposting this.

African dance style called Soukous.

We call this “wukkin up” and a very integral part of our culture. 

also if you pay attention you will see from their abs why wukkin up is a good workout.


I was lucky enough to meet Cover Drive and get them to do this video for me for my A2 Media Studies project for music videos, i’m so happy i got this opportunity :)


LOL WOW.. girls wukkin up on NYPD from the labor day parade ended up on RWJ’s “=3” videos!! haha and you can see the cop wukking back!! ♥

you need to see this lolol its at 2:34.. or you can watch the whole video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPezsVjkGUI


Soca Sirens from bim… wukkin up. mi. love.