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let gummi love you || accepting 

while i will admit it has been quite some time since i’ve read d. gray - man
( maybe 3-4 years now ), i did enjoy it! and from what i can remember of lavi,
you seem to have his characterization down to T! i enjoy your writing, and it’s
clear that you care about your muse! 

i enjoy your presence on my dash, and i hope we can rp together someday!

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❤ ¦ positivity !

ok so let me talk about isa holy ( william ) shatner

isa quite seriously blows me away with both his comprehension of the
characters he takes on & the way he portrays them. he has such a wild
variety of muses, & all of them are beautiful & so very well done. he is an
incredibly talented writer & person as a whole, & you should ALL go
check out his blogs !!!