170419 Mr_吴亦凡工作室 Kris Wu Studio Statement

Official Statement

Recently, a certain live broadcasting platform’s broadcast has brought up content such as “commenting on other artistes” and “communicating with a female celebrity using suggestive text messages” and such related to Kris Wu, the content of which, are fabricated rumours of malicious slander, that instigates suspicion towards Kris Wu’s public image, personal reputation and dignity. After the aforementioned content was posted, it was profusely reposted and reported on by many netizens and media outlets who were unclear of the truth, and now has caused a negative societal consequence on Kris Wu’s reputation.

The Studio highly condemns such slander, and hereby releases this statement as follows:

1. In order to prevent the continued spread of such false news which may result in complications to the public, a warning is hereby issued to netizens and media outlets that have reposted such fallacious information, to take down all untruthful content related to Kris Wu with immediate effect. This is to prevent the poster from having to face lawful consequences upon the infringement of laws as a result of reposting such content.

2. To all respected media: While exhibiting eagerness to comply with performance duties, under the regulatory obligations of online service providers, do immediately cease all postings, broadcast and block all of such breachful content in a timely manner, and effectively manage the related online users, in order to prevent further violations and an increased level of repercussions.

Such actions of using false news and malicious slander of Kris Wu, are violations to his personal character. The Studio has entrusted Beijing Xingquan Law Firm to investigate and collect evidence concerning all related content. Through lawful methods, we will investigate till the end, the related persons or parties responsible.

The statement is hereby declared as such.

Kris Wu Studio
19 April 2017

translated by: @wu_yi_fan

EXO reacts: when you call them daddy. EXO-M


Chen pretends to be a little cutie but really he craves to dominate you, especially when it comes to being in the bedroom

you would be sat having a normal chat with him and the other members when you needed his attention.

you: “can you bring my bag over please daddy?”

Chen would automatically become flustered as the members think he’s little innocent Jongdae

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he would wait until you both were walking home to confront you

Chen: “so Jagi…who’s your daddy?”

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Tao would probably be more into you dominating him, i don’t think he would enjoy being called daddy, he would much rather himself calling you his mistress kinky little shit.

he would be hovering on top of you, rubbing himself onto you when you moaned

you: “stop teasing me daddy”

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Tao: “daddy?! oh no baby, you’re my mistress. now ride your boy like you should”

you would flip him so he was under you and you would slide yourself down onto his hard length

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Tao would look up at you, locking eyes with you constantly.


this munchkin wouldn’t care what you called him, he would be oblivious to everything until you finally gave in and just tell him what you want bluntly.

you come home from a long day at work to the sight of him lying outside in what was the last few hours of sunshine.

you: *talking to yourself about how nice it is outside while taking your clothes off to get into the pool when you notice yixing* 

“oh, hey there daddy…”

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 you would smirk at him as a slight hint, but he would just casually lie there until you just grab onto him and pull him onto your naked body in the water and kissing him deeply and sloppily.

he would pull away in an attempt to actually breathe

Yixing: “well if you wanted me you could have just told me jagi” illegal hair touching.

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Kris would love you to do this in public, he’d think it was adding to him ‘cool guy’ image he has made for himself over the years ;)

you would be having drinks with friends at a house party when you both catch eyes and realise just how horny the alcohol had made you.

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you would lean over to kiss him but fall slightly and you would try to whisper but actually you were being 10 times louder than normal

you: “yo, daddy, your little slut needs you. now.”

you slid your hand down his jeans when he pulled you both up and took you to the door but not with out turning around to his friends


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daddy isn’t enough for this boy, he would want you completely at his order, weak at the knees, tied up, all for his pleasure. He has to let him manliness be proven and oh god he would.

he would thrust hard into you while you were tied up to the bed, his weight over you holding you down completely

you: “is that all you got huh? is that all daddy has for his babygirl?”

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 you regretted saying that as soon as the word slipped from your lips, he left his handprints, his teeth marks and little love bites all over your body, fucking you until moaning was the only noises echoing around the house.

you wake up the next morning, in complete agony to the sight of a very cocky and proud manly LuLu

Luhan: “you shouldn’t have tested me darling”

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forever leaving my bias’

its actually xiumin who lit the daddy kink fire within you, he turned you on in a way no other boy could ever imagine

he would be working out, lifting his weights while lay down when you come across and sit right on top of his crotch, watching him struggle as he lifts the weights back over his head and places them on the rack to look at you.

Xiumin: “i’d move off my hips if i were you, thing are about to get uncomfortable.”

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you suddenly felt his growing member underneath your ass and you slap his chest

you: “OI! daddy needs to carry on his work out, you know how much i love seeing your muscular body sweating!”

Xiumin: “like this jagi?”

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you: “oh try a little harder oppa” super teasing xiudaddy


he runs towards you to grab you and take you back to his house, he spanks your ass as he pushes you against the car for a hot make out before getting in and rushing home to get even sweatier.

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A Letter To Meigeni, from Kris Wu

《A Letter To Meigeni》

Dear Meigeni:

Long time no see, are you doing well?

No matter how busy you are with work or with school, you all have to look after yourselves.

Find your own beauty that is out of the ordinary.

Taking your time, step by step, bit by bit according to your own pace, to find your own route ultimately. Let us together, brave the storms and hardships, face the seasons.

Every single anticipating gaze from you, every word of concern,

Although I am unable to reply to every single one,

But you guys are the biggest motivation for me to be myself courageously.

I know that, you guys are backing me up,

At any time, you guys are always here.

So, I have to become stronger myself, till one day, let me closely support you guys!

Act every role well, sing every song well, use even better works to speak for themselves.

Believe in yourselves, believe in Meigeni!

Meigeni, are all my honor.

Signed Kris Wu

translation: @wu_yi_fan