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I dunno if you have done this but I saw your Hermes cabin headcanon so could you do one for Apollo cabin? Thanks.

I don’t have Apollo cabin headcanon’s yet, actually! And I’m working on making a masterlist right now :D

  • Lowkey jam sessions
  • One person starts humming and suddenly the song is stuck in everybody’s head
  • Lin-Min is def an Apollo kid fite me and one time the Apollo kids get tickets and there are like 20 teens all sitting together @ Hamilton.
  • Speaking of musicals, Apollo kids singing musicals together
  • *special* Apollo kids being able to locate muses as their power, so just being able to tell who could inspire people.
  • Apollo kids being hella good at poetry and holding like Open Mic nights.
    • Sometime Apollo comes down disguised as a teenager and performs bad haiku’s and all of the kids know it’s him but they don’t say anything.
  • Apollo kids are the chillest cabin, like they can get salty if provoked but it’s hard to truly piss them off as a whole.
  • Apollo kids have so much personality and vibrancy.
    • Apollo kids are theater kids
    • Apollo kids are band kids
    • Apollo kids are art kids
    • Apollo kids are the arts kids fite me
[TRANS] Cnetz reactions to Wu Yifan’s Weibo Update | Lobster 20150707

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Requested post

Guo Jingming [+6739] I’m going to call the police [don’t bother me] Can you not spoil my character design [don’t bother me]
-Reply | Wu Yifan
[+5666] Director I’m at fault, I’ll return to normal tomorrow [thinking]

Wu Yifan [+6516] I’m too late at grabbing this time, probably only left with the drain and underground secret lair! [cry]

Chris [+2305] Like my post!!!
-Reply | Wu Yifan [+4563] You snatched my sofa (first comment) and likes! [hmph hmph]

Chen Lizhi [+2150] I just want to know where the lobsters are [shy]
-Reply | Wu Yifan [+4243] Of course in my tummy [doge]

1. [+2052] Why the hell are you acting tsundere when you’re just eating a lobster [miao miao miao]

2. [+861] Frightened baobao to death, baobao don’t be afraid, Nini is here to protect you [so cute]

3. [+785] I am lobster! My name is lobster! [angry angry shy]

4. [+755] Are you dumb… [doge] [bye]

5. [+684] Ah ah ah you’re acting cute!!!!! [breakdown]

6. [+586] You have no alcohol in your dimples, yet I’m drunk like a dog [bye bye bye]

7. [+527] Fanfan, Fanfan, what are you doing, so adorable, so adorable that I want you eat you up

8. [+497] Act, you keep acting :)

9. [+485] I want to eat you [doge doge doge]