Difficulty in Moving

Drabble: 36. “I thought you were nice.”
42. “This is where you impress me, right?”
Pairing: Wu Yifan/Kris Wu x Reader
Word Count: 566
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Genre: Humor

You weren’t exactly sure when you and Kris had decided to rearrange the furniture in your house, but apparently you did, and now you regretted ever buying the very large, very red four piece sofa. The four different sections were currently lying in different areas around your living room, and even though you had tried placing them at different angles and sitting in different directions, neither you nor Kris seemed to be satisfied with the ending result.

“Ah, maybe this will work!” Kris spoke for what felt like the eightieth time in the last thirty minutes, and as he backed up to stand next to you, he held his hands out in front of him, his fingers spreading out as if they were a camera as he closed one eye. “We can put the love seat section by the fireplace, and then we can put the longer piece over there—“

“We already tried that, Yifan,” You deadpanned, placing a hand on to your hip before you pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration, and your actions were quickly followed by a deep sigh. Kris let out a loud groan in annoyance as he let his head fall back, and as he stared up at the ceiling for a few more moments, he quickly ran a hand over his face to try and get rid of the sweet that had been forming from the work. You two had been working on this for hours, yet you still couldn’t find a good place for the giant piece, rather pieces, of furniture. “You know what, why don’t we just take a quick break?”

“What? Why?” Kris snapped his attention back to you, his eyes wide with curiosity as he frantically looked between the four red different couch pieces and you. “If we keep at it, we can get thisndone today!” A sudden flood of energy seemed to run through him at the moment, and spontaneously he skipped over to one couch piece and bent down, wrapping his fingers tightly around the frame of the piece. However, his plan seemed to backfire as he tried to lift up the heavy piece by himself, and a loud grunt of pain sounded throughout the living room when he soon found that the piece wasn’t moving with him at all, and he quickly let go.

“This is where you impress me, right?” You let out a small laugh of amusement as you shook your head at his antics, and before Kris could shoot some form of a remark back at you, you raised your hand into the air to stop him from speaking as you sat down on a stool. “We’re both really tired, babe. So let’s rest for a while, and then we can figure out what to do next.”

As much as Kris didn’t want to stop, he knew that the both of you were completely worn out from basically flipping your entire house upside down. So as he let out a defeated sigh, he reluctantly nodded his head as he made his way over to you. “I thought you were nice.” He mumbled under his breath, but as he walked past you to make his way into the kitchen, you delivered a swift kick to his shin. “See what I mean! So rude!”

“I’m only stating the truth, Yifan! Stop being such a sissy!”

“I’m just being real here!”

Part 2 / 2 ~


Yifan was practically glued to his phone at all times, so when it stopped working he was desperate for help and asked if you could do anything. You simply nodded and added a comment about you having done it many times before. He’d blink in confusion, processing the fact that his girlfriend is an IT nerd, but would in the end send you a smirk and grab your hips, dragging you closer to him. “You know, that’s kinda hot" he’d purr in your ear. You couldn’t help but laugh, telling him “you have strange kinks then,“ followed by a deep kiss. Safe to say, his phone didn’t get fixed that day.


This poor baby was almost ready to cry, thinking he’d broken his expensive macbook completely. He had talked about buying a new one but you insisted you’d take a look at it first, which he agreed to. Mac was a little different for you but you managed to pull it back from death, feeling proud of yourself. Zitao was even more proud though and wrapped you in a tight hug, refusing to let you go. “That was amazing, I really thought I had destroyed it.”

You pulled slightly back from the hug to send him a smirk and a raised eyebrow, “Zitao, what  kind of sites have you been visiting?” He instantly turned red as a tomato and let out a nervous laugh.


You had noticed that LuHan wasn’t using his laptop as much as he used to so you asked him why, to which he admitted that it wasn’t working. He was reluctant for you to look at it at first, fearing he might have done something stupid, but at last he gave in. It took you a while but you finally reached the root of the problem and fixed it. LuHan had been watching you work with wide eyes from the other end of the couch, being incredibly impressed at how professionally you handled it. As soon as you put down the laptop he pulled you into an embrace and started kissing your jaw gently, telling you how smart and talented you were in between each kiss.

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