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EXO Member Introduction

What is up my muchachos, Bitchachos, and bitch-nachos?? ‘Tis time for me to try something new for a lovely friend o’ mine who doesn’t know much about EXO. That will CHANGE. 


  • Real Name: Kim Minseok.
  • Nicknames I Gave Him: Snaggletooth, Xiudaddy, babyfaced-Bottom, Baozi Boy.
  • Personality: Don’t fuck with Xiu, he may seem cute and all (AND HE HELLA IS) but he could rip your head off. He’s a precious baby bean who must have all of the love.
  • He’s totes magotes not my bias whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  • Age: 26 (27 in literally 3 days my son grew so fast)
  • Position: Singer, oldest hyung. 

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(Xiufish is back in action)

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