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Wu Yi Fan x Beats by Dr Dre for “Straight Outta Compton” campaign at New York Times Square

This time, Wu Yi Fan’s appearance on Times Square is for his participation in the “Straight Outta Compton” international promotional campaign and is also a collaboration in accordance with the global leading audio manufacturer Beats by Dr Dre. Beats by Dr Dre expressed that Wu Yi Fan was the only Asian star chosen for this international promotional campaign. Their focus was not on impact in China, but the fact that as a post-90s new generation of celebrity, he has managed to obtain a large following worldwide. Since the initial proposal, both parties communicated until the collaboration was confirmed, until finally it was able to be successfully put on display on the Times Square. This was all an extremely complicated process, during which, the American management team which has just been established a little over a year, established relationships and successfully started off the project. Although the process was tough, but because they had seen the key distinction between Wu Yi Fan and other popular Chinese idols, they eventually picked Wu Yi Fan to appear at New York Times Square, a world-famous landmark, to be alongside the world’s most elite stars.

The “Straight Outta Compton” promotional campaign which Wu Yi Fan participated in, is the marketing campaign of label founder Dr Dre’s movie about the story of the band he debuted with, N.W.A. As a global campaign with immense social media outreach which encompasses music, pop culture and other elements, once it was launched, has attracted various major international stars’ support such as LeBron James, Eminem and Serena Williams. They all immediately participated with Dr Dre on the App Main Design enthusiastically, and this became the number one topic of American social media. The international celebrities version of the clip which Wu Yi Fan participated in was also aired on the big screens of Times Square.

Also, Beats by Dr Dre expressed that they were very happy to welcome Wu Yi Fan into the global Beats family, and also hoped to work even more closely together with Wu Yi Fan in the future.

translation: @wu_yi_fan