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SKAM & 90s east coast / west coast rivalry

so 90s hip hop has been a significant theme this season and in the previous one.

in the latest clip, we saw Even’s Biggie t-shirt (which he also wore while talking to Sana by the lockers this season & in the cafeteria clip in S3E6) hanging on the wall, immediately followed by a shot of Sana’s phone with the Tupac background - which made the reference to the Tupac vs Biggie feud unambiguously clear. we also saw Nas’ quote (that Sana arguably misinterpreted) and poster in Evak’s apartment.

both Wu-Tang Clan and NWA were referenced last season: the t-shirt Even wears in O Helga Natt & Isak telling him it’s the music he listens to when he wants to feel tough, respectively.

also, all artists except Biggie (for now, at least) were featured in S3 or S4′s soundtrack.

so, after a brainstorming team effort between myself, @newlevelofdesperate & @chickenparmaskam, the following conclusion was reached:

Sana = Tupac
Even = Notorious B.I:G.
Isak = Nas
boy squad = Wu-Tang Clan
balloon squad = NWA

Tupac & NWA - west coast crew
Biggie, Wu-Tang & Nas - east coast crew
Nas was never a part of the feud and was on relatively friendly terms with Tupac, but his loyalty was ultimately to his crew

this could represent a conflict between Sana & Even and their respective ‘crews’, with Isak acting as a mediator / somewhat neutral part.


“Fresh Off The Boat” a memoir by Eddie Huang really resonated with me.  Here he is facing off against one of the old school Chinese stereotypes, Charlie Chan.  No I’m not Chinese/Taiwanese American, but I’m Korean American and in the arena of racial stereotyping/ignorance/racism/racial intolerance, all Asians are unfortunately lumped into the same category.  Long story short, I feel Eddie’s pain and anger.  Just like he spent time in Taiwan as a young man, I lived in Korea for a year in my 20s and felt as alienated there as I do every time I get Ching Chonged here in New York City (sadly I got Bruce Lee’d just the other day while on my morning run).  I’ve been Chino’d in Spain, Chinoise’d in Paris, etc…  Not fitting in anywhere, even in your mother country, I feel him.  I wasn’t a basketball playing sneaker head but I was a skateboarding hip hop head sporting Wu-Tang t-shirts and shants.  Eddie Huang is the same age as me so I got all his references and really read the truth in this book.  When I started the book I didn’t know it was soon going to be a TV series on ABC (which I haven’t seen yet). I had to make this illustration after reading the book.  I’ve fought with friends about giving “street level educations” or turning the other cheek when ignorant or straight up disrespectful words or actions come your way.  I could go on and on about the racial prejudices that Asians face. The book is about much more than that.  It’s a memoir of growing up Asian American in America which really spoke to me.  In the words of Eddie Huang, concerning his book, I fux wit it, and ya’ll should too.


Hey, I’m Violet! This is me in 2013 before starting HRT and about six months into HRT in 2016. I am still almost in disbelief that I finally did it an am on the road to feeling congruent.

Follow this pan trans cartoonist at iamkiidrabbiit.tumblr.com

[Thee photos of the same girl at different times in her life. She is wearing a tan sweater with cropped and neatly groomed hair standing front of a mirror. The second is of the same girl a few years later looking much more feminine with braided long hair, light makeup and wearing a black/yellow Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M. T-shirt. The last photo depicts the girl a month later with hair pulled back, wearing a cosmic blue and black headband and light makeup with a matte purple lipstick in a classroom.]

Chapter 95: Opening Night (Part 1)

Jermaine pulled off his Dreamville fitted cap as he lazily dragged into the darkness of his home. Without a second thought, he dropped his Louis Vuitton Damier Duffle Bag in the hall, near the door, and he locked it behind himself. He cleared his throat as he walked through the first floor and headed toward the kitchen. He flipped on the light as soon as he was within arms length of it and his first stop was the refrigerator. As he opened the stainless steel door, he tossed his cap up on the island, and he turned around to search for something to satisfy his growling stomach. He stared at the cartons of eggs and shook his head. His thoughts of his lack of cooking skills tossed the idea of cooking bacon and eggs out of the window. His eyes lit up when he noticed the lasagna pan sitting at the bottom of the refrigerator and he immediately grabbed it and allowed the door to close on it’s own. Once he sat the pan down on the island, he noticed a Post It note sitting on the top if it and he dropped his head down a little lower to read it. 

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I slacked last weekend on doing an outfit post but since Tiffany is here to help me take pics I have not one, but TWO outfits for this weekend!

I call this one Get The Money

Hoop earrings - Guess
CREAM t-shirt - Wu-Tang collection from Karmaloop
Skirt - ASOS Curve
Lip stain - ELF stain and gloss in Red Carpet

In the Kitchen with...Flour Shop
we’re pretty partial to dessert, so when we were thinking about holiday baking none other than cake boss Amirah Kassem, of the Brooklyn-based bakery Flour Shop, came to mind. we met up with her in her Williamsburg kitchen for a little (edible) arts and crafts hour…

What are you making today?
A snowberry tree! But I can’t take credit for it entirely because it’s something I’ve been making with my mother since I was young. Chocolate-covered (or drizzled) strawberries are so simple—and the two taste amazing together. I love the idea of turning fruit into a treat that’s naturally sweet and colorful.

Your background is in fashion and you were working in retail when you started Flour Shop 13 months ago. Tell us a bit more about that.
For a year I ran a business purely based on social media with no storefront and no real website. It started with a rainbow cake and then evolved into quirky, custom cakes created for brands and friends. All of Flour Shop’s growth has been organic and built by friends and word of mouth more than anything else.

What are some of your earliest memories in the kitchen?
I grew up in Mexico and learned to bake from my grandmother and my mom. I always looked forward to the holidays because it meant we’d decorate cookies. But I helped my mom in the kitchen on a daily basis, and she had a custom-cake business when I was younger.

What do you like to wear when you’re baking?
Apart from my Mickey Mouse oven mitt! I love the idea of baking in white button-down shirts—it makes me feel a bit more official. But you can usually find me baking in Wu-Tang T-shirts and sneakers!

What’s always in your fridge?
Hot sauce, limes and leftover frosting. Most importantly, there is always ice cream in my freezer! I have ice cream for breakfast most days.

Ultimate comfort food?
Mac and cheese.

Recent splurge in the kitchen?
A cotton candy machine!

Recent splurge for your closet?
Shoes. Specifically, Céline pony hair loafers and Dior Homme sneakers.

Fill in the blank: My favorite thing about the holidays is…..
All the sweet scents. Waking up to fresh cinnamon rolls, caramel hot cocoa, peppermint milk shakes and lots of pies.

What’s your favorite thing to make that’s not a dessert?
Pizza. Making pizza is similar to baking a cake because you can decorate it with your favorite toppings.

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Hair by Lauren Berrones (using Oribe) and makeup by Imane Fiocchi (using Hourglass Cosmetics) both for Beauty Exchange New York.