wu tang style

one day we’re gonna put out a  video game console and the only game for it is going to be the ps1 classic, wu-tang: shaolin style. i want you to be aware that this console like, could, in theory, run current gen releases and is incredibly powerful but its only physically capable of running this one game and if you try to put any other games in it, it’ll crunch up the discs with a pre-recorded ‘cronch monch’ sound and spit them back at you at 100mph, hopefully hurting you and teaching you a lesson in not playing games other than wu-tang: shaolin style


“Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style”

  • GamePro, November 1999 (#134)
  • Remember the cancelled ultra-violent-shock-fighter ‘Thrill Kill’? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, the unique gameplay style of that title was later recycled for this game, featuring those hip-hop kung-fu aficionados, the Wu-Tang Clan! Some editions even came with a special controller shaped like their emblem!