wu style

eight / american dream

uni AU co-written with @faux-styles

a story of late nights, unorthodox household plants, and a trip to Vegas that changes everything

“Need me to drop you off anywhere specific?”

“The gardening section is fine,” Savannah mumbled. She’d traded Reyna’s phone in for her own and was currently scrolling through instagram.

“Just promise me one thing,” Reyna sighed, taking a sharp right turn which earned her a glare from Sav. “Sorry,” she said sheepishly.

“Promise what?” Savannah asked warily.

“Don’t buy another cactus, you’ve killed the last three you’ve owned.”

chapter seven / story page

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the revolution of exo memes kinda took me on a whole new level of nostalgia. when i first entered the fandom everything was all about baekhyun’s eyeliner, kris’ iconic chicken is not my style, baek’s kkaebsong, sehun’s yehet/ohorat but now it’s all about who can make the best divorce jokes