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The Signs (Exo Edition): Best Friend, Lover, Foe
  • Aries: baekhyun, chanyeol, tao
  • Taurus: kai, sehun. kyungsoo
  • Gemini: lay, kyungsoo, luhan
  • Cancer: kris, kai, chanyeol
  • Leo: chen, kris, suho/tao
  • Virgo: sehun, lay, chanyeol
  • Libra: baekhyun, luhan, chen
  • Scorpio: kai, xiumin, suho
  • Saggitarius: sehun, baekhyun, lay
  • Capricorn: kyungsoo, chen, xiumin
  • Aquarius: luhan, chanyeol, kris/lay
  • Pisces: baekhyun, suho, sehun

[eng sub] 161102 kris wu – 星FUN sina star fun interview
new song 《JULY》, hotpot must-haves & more

Rebuild - Chapter Five Archive of Our Own
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Korra and Asami must work together to rescue Prince Wu.

Having fun writing this and honestly I want to get it out and get through it as steadily as I can. So here’s another chapter. Thank you all so much for the support ;)