wu dub

So I found the Japanese dub of Ninjago Day of the Departed and I’m in pain watching this. From laughing. It’s great.

It’s like a fucking anime.

•The way the yell “Ninja-go!” Kills me

•The affect on Morro’s voice has my hysterical

•Lloyd’s voice is adorable???!!!!

•Cole sounds so feminine, reminds me of Armin Artlert in Japanese (I’m gonna look into the voice actors)

•Lloyd saying ‘a master of Spinjitzu’ was adorable and I’ve replayed it several times

•The Royal Blacksmiths still sing in English

•Master Chen’s voice is great

•Kai’s voice is really fitting

•The way Jay pronounces Ronin

•Ronin sounds hotter than normal and I am worried

•Everyone says Morro correctly except Sensei Wu

There’s so much more but I found more dub clips so I’m gonna watch them