wu disciple


L.O.R.D characters

Chen Xuedong as Qi Ling (Seventh Disciple)
Wang Duo as Qi La (Third Lord)
Wang Yuan as Pallid Youth (Silver Priest)
Yang Mi as Shen Yin (Second Disciple)
William Chan as Nether (Second Lord)
Amber Kuo as Teresa/Thalia (Fourth Lord)
Aarif Lee as Ni Hong (Fourth Disciple)
Wu Yifan as Yin Chen (Seventh Lord)
Fan Bingbing as Guishan Lianquan (Fifth Disciple)
Guo Jingming as Xue Ci/Snow Thorn (Seventh Lord’s Soul Beast)


Why was Kris Wu the disciple of the First Degree Lord?
Kris Wu was the disciple of the First Degree Lord, but due to “the hunting of First Degree Lord Gilgamesh four years ago”, Kris Wu lost his Lord. Also, because of some indescribable reasons, the Silver Priest sealed his original powers, then endowed him with new powers, and thus he came to be the Seventh Degree Lord.

Why did Kris Wu want to rescue Fan Bingbing?
On the island of immortality, Kris Wu pretended to be convinced by Wang Duo to help him capture and kill Fan Bingbing, but actually Kris Wu and Fan Bingbing had already agreed beforehand, making eye contact in the forest. Also, at the end when they were running up the five ice paths, Kris Wu had a look of hesitation, which proved so.

~ deciphering L.O.R.D: official movie weibo update

Kristagram Kommandment: Philosopher Wu

Dear Disciples, it has been an agonizing 12 weeks since our Lord’s last instagram update but the wait was worth it as we have been blessed with an image of startling beauty and grace. In this picture, Krisus is reclining against a window, face impassive. His pose is relaxed, legs splayed wide, one hand casually resting on his knee like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. In keeping with his instagram’s minimalist theme, his ensemble is once again black with a pop of white in the form of his shoe wear, boldly displaying his love for brands and eye for good taste. The picture is reminiscent of another offering our Lord was gracious to bless us with where he attempts to resist the temptation of freedom. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you now know that our lord has finally obtained his independence from corporate capitalism and is now living his life according to the principles of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, valuing the importance of individual liberty and the removal of corrupt institutions. As the great philosopher once said: “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they.” He has obtained his freedom, and he is encouraging us to do the same. What an inspiration!

But at the same time, despite acceding to greater planes of existence than our mortal minds could possibly fathom, our Lord is benevolent enough to think of us, his loyal subjects. The caption of the picture “Galaxy will always be here  Miss yall~” is a poignant reminder to us that no matter how many record breaking movies Krisus headlines or how many of his OSTs break world records, he will still remain humble and true to his roots. Bearing the burden of success at the tender age of 25 is no small feat yet he carries it with a grace beyond his years. He has even taken the great responsibility of representing his country (one of them at least) at the MET Ball in May, a task worthy for this dignified and sublime deity.As The Matador of Magnificence, The Toreador of Taste, our lord and savior displays his Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent for all to see. For this reason, please anticipate his debut solo album featuring:

English Songs
American Stars

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