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#100Days100Women Day 92: Wu Zetian was the only Empress Regnant of China in its 4,000 year history. Wu was born into a wealthy family, but additionally her father encouraged her to read and become highly educated. Wu worked her way up through the royal court to become empress-consort, empress dowager and finally rule in her own right as empress regnant. Much has been written about her cruel and murderous ways, but as with Livia, it’s difficult to separate what is true from what is Cautionary Tale of Bad Woman. It is a fact that she ordered political rivals executed & had spies and secret police (though repugnant our democratic sensibilities, this is common practice in history’s empires) but the salacious tales of infanticide and sexual depravity could very well be highly embellished. 
What is known is that in a highly patriarchal society, she managed to peacefully and gainfully rule for decades. She prepared the country for her rule by improving the reputation of her maternal line and ordering biographies written of famous women. She elevated Buddhism above Confucianism and built Buddhist shrines (the faces of these Buddhas are said to resemble hers). She finally, under pressure, gave up the throne at age 80, shortly before her death. Her reign is remembered as a high point, even by hostile biographers and historians.


The only piece of relic discovered by archeologists today that has direct relation with the famous, one and only Empress Wu (武則天)of Wuzhou (武周). This piece of Gold is used as a giving to the God to reflect on the wrongdoings of the Empress as the Emperor. Her name 武瞾 is clearly shown in the middle of the piece.

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Into the Badlands’ Daniel Wu Is the Asian Action Hero That Bruce Lee Should’ve Been
In AMC’s new action fantasy series Into the Badlands, Daniel Wu—born and raised in San Francisco, and now a marquee superstar in Greater China—plays Sunny,

Inspiring read. 

I first heard about Daniel Wu in HK Superstar (s/o to Jin). I also remember constantly seeing his L’Oreal ads while I was in HK and Shanghai lol. It’s great to see him in American media after putting in work in Asia. 


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