Title When They Were Young
Fandom Homestuck
Pairings Cronus Ampora/Kankri Vantas/Mituna Captor
Rating ok what i said earlier isnt true, im implying they had sex in this lol
Notes if you havent noticed, cronkri is my main otp and adding mituna makes everything better. THEY GOT MARRIED. now condy wants grandbabbies lol

You are in love. And when you are in love, and your partners are sleeping, while insomnia decides to rule your life, you think. Sometimes, the silence gets to you. But not on this particular night. You remember your life, when you were six and happy and everyone was having fun. Your life has been this whole ride, a dangerous one, that lead to your horn breaking right off. But it’s all worth it, because you are in love, with your matesprits both warming you up.

(In Which Cronus Peixes Remembers His Life While His Concupiscent Partners Sleep Beside Him.)

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Stars When They Were Young (or in this case just younger) 3#


And only now did I realise, that Giovanni Ribisi who played Parker in Avatar, played Phoebe’s brother in Friends! Such a weird feeling, because I watched Friends after I saw Avatar and that familiar face bugged me for a really long time.