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MOODBOARD GRYFFINDOR + SLYTHERIN friendship  (requested by: @runningfromthemaze​ ) these two houses have a history of butting heads, not because they are different, because they are so alike. slytherin and gryffindor duos get into some trouble, as they are both serious risk takers. however, if they get into any trouble with authority, they can almost always worm their way out of it using slytherin’s manipulation skills and gryffindor’s dramatic story-telling. so competitive. if one of them gets into a fight, they won’t hold them back, they’ll egg them on from the sidelines, and they know that the other can handle themselves. (words.) (got any requests?)


s o @ticklishivories turned all the works she has written of my inquisitor into a book and I am absolutely speechless ;;

Art credit in order; @yoookissomuruschag @xfreischutz @typohime @otherwolves @prismavore

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my url plzzz.

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My Opinion on;

Character  in  general:     i  fucking  love  izuku  !?!??!  like ;   HOLDS  UP  A  BANNER  FOR  HIM !   he’s  such  a  good   &   pure  and   kind   sweetheart   and   he  has  so  much   development  during   the  show / manga ?   i   liked  him   from  the  beginning   like   most  bnha  characters   because   they  are  all   relatable  tbh.   esp   izuku   since   he’s  born  totally  normal               it   painfully   reminds   me  everyday  that  we’re  all  like  him   but   we   can  CHANGE.   and  this ??  is   beautiful   tbh.   izuku  stands  for   the   WILL  AND  CHANCE  TO  CHANGE.   we  just  have  to  believe !   he  makes  me   so  emotional  tbh ,,,,   sobs  @  you  !!  ! !   kisses  !   he   means  so   much  to   me   &    will   prolly   mean   forever  mean   that  much  to   me.    i’ve   once  wanted  to   write  him   instead  of   emodad  tbh  laughs !    boi ,   lays  down.   i   love   izuku.   this   has   been   a   psa  !  
How   they   play   them:     uhm ?   black   for   president  desk  tbh ???  like   bae  here  is   literally  deku  wt f.    black  just ?????   plays  him   like   i’d   tbh                 i   feel   her   deku   500%   and   he   is   so   fricking   close  to   my   gay   little   heart   already.     black ,   honey !    you   do  him  more  than  justice  wtf !    you   literally   give   him   not   only   a   life    but   also   edges   &    a   heart !    it   is   so   amazing   to   have   you   around   on   my   dash   and   read   your   things !     you   literally   are  my   fave   desk  ever ?????   like  bruh.   i   cry ????   you’re  so  fucking   amazing ! ! ! !     please ,   please …  thANK YOU SO MUCH for writing  izuku !   I  LOVE !    i  am   so   awestruck   by   your   interpretation   and   i    love    everything   about   this.    i’m   nutting   so   hard   about   your   son ,     i   wheeze   rn  !   !! ! !     sobs  more !   

The   Mun:   angel  like  1000/10 ?!?!?  uhm ????  black   is   squad  /   fam    /   wife    /    lifesaver   /   bae    /    desk   /    sweetheart   /    honey    /     kacchan  to  me !      i’m  gonna  cry ?!?!?   i   don’t   know   how   i   deserve   someone   like   black   in   my   life   but  boi  !!!   i   cherish   every   second  of   it.    she’s   such   a  kind   and   caring   friend   &    has   such   a  big   heart !   it’s  amazing !    screams !   like  y’all …   GOD  BLESS ,   I   FOUND  HER   ON   THIS   HELLHOLE !   black  is   so   close   to   my   heart   &    so   damn  important ,,,, i  just   have   a   lot   of   feelings.     bless  your   soul ,    bae !       I   AM   SO   THANKFUL   FOR   YOUR   SUPPORT   AND   FOR   WHAT   YOU’VE   DONE   FOR  ME.     I’M  LOVE  YOU !  

Do I:

RP   with   them:     ya    on   another  muse  but ,    more   please ?   (^:   like  now.  
Want  to  RP  with  them:     ALWAYS   /   ON EVERY MUSE.  i’m  gay  ????   pls ,   black .. ! 

What is my;

Overall   Opinion:     uhm ?   okay   but   lemme   just   gush  !     takes  deep  breath !    BLACK  IS   TALENTED  AF ,    BEAUTIFUL ,      AMAZING ,    KIND  AND   CARING ,    HAS  A   GOLDEN  HEART ,   DESERVES  ALL  THE  SUNSHINE ,    MAKES  ME  HAPPY !    like ?   fam ,   idk  what   you’re  doing   but   you   gotta   follow.   black  is   amazing   in  every sense  of   the  word  meaning   &    leaves  me   speechless  so  often   with   her   writing   and   amazingly   portrayed  muses.    she   really   does   take   them   and   shapes   every   muse  into   hers   and   i   think   that’s   hecking  beautiful.     i   admire  black  so   much ,    muchachos !  thank  you   for   being   a   part   of   my   life ,    black.    thank   you  for   sharing   your   beautiful   smile   with  me    &   supporting  me !    thank   you   for   all   the   shared  jokes   &    moments  of   peace   you   gave   me.    you’re   truly   a   blessing   to   this   world !

**Note:   Mun’s  answer  are  all  to  be  completely  honest.   Don’t  send  url  if  you  don’t  want  brutal  honesty


A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me; Amy/Eleven

its been almost 3 years and im still here, bawling over this. 

me: *scrolls down dashboard and sees a bunch of extremely attractive pictures of jeon wonwoo and feels very very attacked*

me: *likes and reblogs all of the extremely attractive pictures of jeon wonwoo on my dashboard anyways*

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Is Deoxys really still mythical since it was catchable without any event items in ORAS? And YES!!! Shiny Minior! Thanks so much for giving that little beauty away.

Yeah, Deoxys is still a mythical Pokemon. To be honest, while I was prepping the WTW Pokemon, I was having a hard time getting Deoxys to go through WT since I forgot he was mythical.

told my friend to message me through text. found out the muggle’s using a different network. gets back in here. and wow, i thought of someone sorta close to my heart before. wonder how this muggle’s doing wt his life now. i hope he’s okay. and by okay i mean, i hope he’s finally done with the ‘loops’ he’s been mentioning to me before. no more dark days. no more blue feeling. just light and a lot of flowers to go along wt his journey.

Ako yung tipo ng taong umiiyak pag kinikilig. So yun, nanuod kami ng Can’t Help Falling Inlove kanina. Wala na akong ibang ginawa kundi ang umiyak. Umiyak na ng umiyak. “Sineryoso mo talaga no? Umiyak ka na ng umiyak buong movie.” Ang OA. Pero hindi ko kasi mapaliwanag yung nararamdam ko. Jusq. 😭😭 Find u a man like Dos. Who can be wt u, who can go crazy like you, who can fall in love wt every mess you are and every mistake you make, who can pray and ask God to give him you. Yung mga words ni Dos sobrang kilig. Yun yung mga salitang gustong gusto kong marinig. Tanga tanga lang nila Wena, HAHAHAHAH. Feels ko ga daw. Ahaha ganun ga daw ang ginawa saken. E gago di naman ako umiiyak dahil ganun yung nangyare samen HAHAHAH. Iniiyakan ko lang talaga lahat ng movie. HAHAHAHA pero ang ganda ng movieeee. Swear!