Seahaven - Bad Diary Days (Pedro The Lion)

We’ve been asked for covers for as long as I can remember. For no particular reason, it just never interested me,” Kyle Soto of the band said. “On a morning drive in Colorado we were listening to Pedro the Lion’s "It’s Hard to Find a Friend” and ‘Bad Diary Days’, a mutual favorite suddenly made perfect sense. Our media man, Alvin Carrillo filmed it at sunrise at a friend’s house in New Jersey days later. Enjoy.“ - Filter


Warriors: Twin Shadows | Side Episode One 

“Side episodes” are moments that fall on the Twin Shadows timeline but aren’t pivotal enough to appear as part of the main story. This episode explores Bramblekit and Snowkit’s relationship early on (yes, I kept Snowkit alive) and probably should have been named “Speckletail makes a terrible mistake.” 

I felt like I needed to show this moment because otherwise readers would be confused when Snowkit referred to Bramblekit as “8D” lol 

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