Oh shit. Oh man.

My Welcome To Night Vale Tarot deck came today and it is beautiful. It came with its own pouch, which is always a big plus for me, and the cards themselves are gorgeous–they’re detailed and gloriously colored, and the selections for each card are fantastic. I’m in love.

Even better, the cards feel…good in my hands. I’ve collected Tarot decks for years, but I’ve never been very good at reading them. Never quite got the hang of it. This deck makes me want to learn, more than any other I’ve ever had or held. (Having a really nice new teaching tool in the Golden Thread Tarot app that just came out is also a plus, but this is tops. ^_^) And I wouldn’t have it if not for my anonymous Tarot Card Fairy.

Dear Tarot Card Fairy: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your unexpected kindness has been a light in a really rough time–you’ve given me both a queenly gift and a chance to learn. If you would like to message me privately, I would love to do this deck’s first reading for you personally; if not, I will do the first reading in your honor and post it to @softrocknecromancer (and reblog it here, of course).

Thank you so, so much.

This card jumped right out at me this morning just as I began shuffling. I tend to take that as a sign that that’s the card I need to see, so here we go!

The 8 of wands is a sign of rapid movement and action. Things are moving really quickly. You are approaching the end of one task, and are ready to dive into the next with energy and enthusiasm. Now is a good time to reach for your goals.

Day 11 of the Month of Spreads: Simplify My Life

I. Some things should be simple (morning routines, afternoons in the garden) and other should be complicated (knitting patterns, braided hairstyles)
II. Watch me take every anxious thought and frazzled panic from my mind and wear it instead
III. Let me find the sources of conflict one at a time, and burn them in scented candles
IV. Until my patterns tell my stories and I whisper bees to sleep

Hello hello, my lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve done a daily draw, I know. I’ve been in exam hell, but now I’m free!

Deck: WTNV deck

So I originally decided to do a one card draw, and I drew the Moon. The Moon has so many different meanings though. To me, it means witchcraft, illusion, and intuition, so I decided to get some clarification by reshuffling, and drew the 4 of Swords. The 4 of Swords indicates inward contemplation and a time for reflection. Between these two cards, I take it to mean that I’m entering a period of time where I can reflect on things that have been troubling me lately. I also take this to mean that I should perhaps start doing some shadow work, as it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. We’ll see how this goes….

You cut my hair and my hands like they were the same
Or was it me who did that?
You licked your sweet lips with the tongue of Apollo
Or was that me as well?
I sickened and died and chose mutiny before it was too late
But the farther away I got
Watching your island shrink behind me
The more I realised it was you who was dying, not me

Every single day I look back
And see that my hands have no scars

The Year Ahead Tarot Challenge, Day 6

“The aurora borealis can be seen dancing in the skies this time of year…. How might I be a beacon and uplifting inspiration to others?”

Card pulled: Nine of Swords - depression, nightmares, intense anxiety, despair

  • This card points to suffering internally rather than externally
  • Can be a sign of a vulnerable spot in life - I can use this to teach by example of how to get through it perhaps?
  • This seems like the least uplifting or hopeful card to get, but I think it means I’ve been through or will experience these things myself and am able to use what I’ve learned to help others through the same thing

Another storm incoming tonight! Let’s enjoy the sun while we can.

The Sun- The crowning glory of the Queen of Heaven
The Hour of Truth- At noon, nobody casts a shadow
The Sun- Have faith that we will grow as the sunflowers: tall and bright and strong
The Sun- Don’t stare directly at it, as this may be misunderstood as flirting. Don’t flirt with the sun.

Tarot: Another day of wisdom with the Night Vale deck
  • Me: *reaches for the deck, possibly as an excuse to procrastinate before work*
  • Me: All right, deck. What will help me focus today?
  • Deck: *before I can finish shuffling, falls apart onto the table*
  • [Translation: Go fuck yourself. You don't need me to answer that.]
  • Me: You're right. I'm sorry. New question: What do I need today?
  • Deck: *before I can finish shuffling, sticks out the EIGHT OF PENTACLES, which has somehow turned face-up inside the deck*
  • [Translation: Work diligently and methodically. Apply yourself. Pay attention to details. Dedicate yourself totally to the project at hand.]
  • Me: Do you mean my programming job or the theatre job offer I just got?
  • Deck: ...
  • [Translation: Yes.]