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Hello my dear listeners and followers! Cecil and I have been talking and with the latest submission of fanart, we have decided to put a new effort in place. For all of you who draw amazing, incredible fan art of our lovely little town, we are asking for you to submit them to this blog so that we can publish them. Any type of creation would be amazingly appreciated as we here at Night Vale Community Radio want to help promote the arts in our community.  Thank you so much!

Unfortunately diversity seems to be a huge effort even these days to say hollywood or the generic fantasy scene, but thank god the brothers do take their feedback pretty dang well and the revisions will be happening before the comic comes out \o/

The fan interpretations have always been so wonderfully colourful and I absolutely love how the show has become canonically more diverse as it has gone on. However, I think this is a good time to remind people to forgive others for making mistakes and letting them have time to learn and fix things. People were disappointed when the Bury Your Lesbians trope happened with Hurley and Sloan, but Griffin has since included Very Living Very Loving Lesbians to the joy of all.

Representation matters, there’s all the reason for correction and criticism but there’s no need to be agressive/hurtful about it (or so I hope), especially with a fanbase and listening creators like this. There are people who might not interract with the fanbase or might not be entirely caught up with the show (there’s a lot of new folks popping up all the time) and thus there’s a chance that diversity (or lack-thereof) hasn’t even occured to them yet.

For example - correct me if I’m wrong on this, it’s been ages since I’ve listened to the older eps and there’s a small chance I might have missed it - I don’t think the Director’s skin colour was mentioned before The Suffering Game, so if someone drew her white it could be that they didn’t know she’s POC yet. Stuff like her being canon POC, Taako, Roswell and plenty of more colourful characters have gotten all this flavour and diversity to them thanks to Griffin and the boys taking in the diversity of the fans and consciously making the effort to work it in to the show itself.

All this being said, I’m really happy for the boys and @careydraws and can’t wait too see the final results when the comic comes out!

Here is a drawing that I did of Cecil!

This is absolutely beautiful dear listener! Cecil would like to say that you know surprisingly well what his tattoos look like and his third eye is spot on (actually, it’s been staring at this drawing for quite some time now). Thank you for your submission!

Cecil and I will be taking submissions of any fan art depicting our beautiful town or the conscious, or unconscious, beings that live within it. We hope to encourage the art within our community of Night Vale, so please, send every piece of art you have!