wtnv words

Joseph fink laughing midway through Second Song gives me life.

Joseph fink saying “And hey, thanks” gives me life.

Joseph fink saying “I love you” gives me life.

Cecil Baldwin’s voice gives me life.

Cecil Baldwin especially saying “goodnight, night vale, goodnight” gives me life

Carlos’ existence gives me life.

Old Woman Josie gives me life.

Welcome To Night Vale gives me life.

And now, a word from our sponsors.

Seven lights in the window.
Seven lights in the hall.
Seven lights, seven lights, all in all.

Six notes in the melody.
Six notes in a dirge.
Six notes to rid you of the urge.

Five ways of escaping.
Five ways all blocked off.
Five ways, each one broken and lost.

Four words in a whisper.
Four words in your ear.
Four words that fill you up with fear.

Three taps of a finger.
Three taps on a wall.
Three taps as you try to stall.

Two eyes, wide and desperate.
Two eyes squinting, scared.
Two eyes open, yes, but nothing there.

One light in the window.
One light in the hall.
One light, one light, all in all.

Taco Bell. Live Más.


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"Describe this podcast in 2 words"

Wtnv- “gay science”

Tbtp- “spooky demons”

Tanis- “Nic why”

Wolf 359- “Eiffel NO”

Limetown- “damn government”

The Bright Sessions- “SUPER POWERS”

Wooden Overcoats- “death business”

Ars Paradoxica- “freaky time”

Lore- “scary PBS”

Astonishing Legends- “spooky bros”

Sword And Scale- “depressingly true”

Thrilling Adventure Hour- “comedy plays”

Alice Isn’t Dead- “mysterious roads”

EOS 10- “space hospital”

Myths And Legends- “original version”

Serial- “journalistic goals”

Q: is there anything that you wish you hadn’t written

A: Yeah so during a live prefomance because of writing error or editing and we had cecil call steve calsberg his step brother but he’s really his brother in law.

We kind of went “well shit” because after it was uploaded within 2 minutes someone on tumblr was like “WHAT”

the canon answer is that neither steve or cecil really know what a brother in law is

When we said hearing loss, 

we meant you’ll be able to hear loss.

  As plants age.
  As pets die.
  As marriages break apart or evolve or settle from a fluttering of hands to a loose intertwining of fingers.
  As children leave home to go wherever it is that children go after they reach the age of ten.

All of these common forms of loss you will be able to hear.

It will be deafening.