Treeeees… they are us!

Juanita Jefferson, Welcome to Night Vale Episode 6 - The Drawbridge

Continuing my relisten of WTNV: Did Juanita Jefferson foreshadow the appearance of the Whispering Forest? Or did was she predicting that some of the trees are actually secret government agents in hiding, and since we’re all secret agents, trees are us?

WtNV Summary
  • Year One:World-building, Meme-creating, happy gay timez, lolz bye interns, random plot points that are relevant years after they are introduced
  • Year Two:happy gay romance, the true meaning of capitalism, the true meaning of a job, knowledge is power
  • Year Three:How to Destroy a Character in 3 Easy Steps, choice is a luxury, the definition of consent, healthy long distance gay romance, the true meaning of pain

Ok so here is my far fetched theory, what if time is circular in Night Vale.

Carlos is gone again and Hiram is a fugitive again and he’s using his old Fake I.D.

This explains the weird memory gaps that everyone seems to have, right?

What if Carlos is gone for so long that Cecil forgets about him, and the last episode is the first episode? 

Carlos finally comes home. 

“A new man came into town today. Who is he?”