First anniversary: Carlos almost dies and realizes his feelings for Cecil

Second anniversary: they fight to take down extreme corporate bosses that wish to destroy Night Vale

Third: Carlos comes home and everyone cries tears of joy, the hug is more romantic than the kiss at the end of the Princess Bride

Fourth: an intern summons a beagle puppy that is ACTUALLY SATAN

WtNV Summary
  • Year One: World-building, Meme-creating, happy gay timez, lolz bye interns, random plot points that are relevant years after they are introduced
  • Year Two: happy gay romance, the true meaning of capitalism, the true meaning of a job, knowledge is power
  • Year Three: How to Destroy a Character in 3 Easy Steps, choice is a luxury, the definition of consent, healthy long distance gay romance, the true meaning of pain
Stop Dapper Waistcoat Cecil 2k15

Thinks casual clothing is:

-Honeycomb Hat
-Leather Pants
-Hawaiian Shirt

Thinks date-wear is:

- Furry pants
- Tunic

May or may not wear:

- A “baby boomer mall mom on a cruise vacation” fanny pack at all times

Wore a tie:

-Like once we know of for a picture and we don’t even know what else he was wearing with it. Probably a fanny pack.

Your headcanon has been jossed. It is no longer canon ambiguous enough to be a true headcanon. It’s a straight up AU where Cecil can actually dress himself like a normal human being.