wtnv spoilers

First anniversary: Carlos almost dies and realizes his feelings for Cecil

Second anniversary: they fight to take down extreme corporate bosses that wish to destroy Night Vale

Third: Carlos comes home and everyone cries tears of joy, the hug is more romantic than the kiss at the end of the Princess Bride

Fourth: an intern summons a beagle puppy that is ACTUALLY SATAN

Ok, but ever since the first introduction of Kevin, Cecil has hated him. Understandably too. This guy tried to choke him, take over his town, ruin his debate, harm his cat, maybe even hurt his boyfriend. But when Cecil has the chance to, for once, crush Kevin back by telling Kevin he turns into exactly what he feared and that his home town is take, he doesn’t. He gives him hope. He gives him a promise that he is happy in the future. Cecil gave his nemesis what he needed most at that moment. A huge development for Cecil and an amazing turn of events.