wtnv headcanons

When Cecil or Carlos get sick, they each have very different (but affective) ways of caring for each other 

  • When Carlos gets sick, he insists that he’s fine until he get’s force fed soup and admits defeat
  • Cecil has so many quilts and blankets where did they come froM 
  • Carlos cannot be seen he’s in blanket kingdom now 
  • Cecil will not leave until Carlos is 100% healthy again
  • (Carlos has no problem with this tactic)
  • When Cecil gets sick, he still insists on doing the radio
  • Carlos makes sure that Cecil sleeps right after though
  • Also Carlos tells more science jokes than usual when Cecil is sick because “laughter is the best medicine”



Cecil’s an Aquarius.

His birthday is anytime between January 20th and February 18th.

So around this time of the year, imagine Carlos surprising Cecil at the NVCR Station with a homemade birthday cake (with “Happy Birthday Cecil :)” sloppily but lovingly written on the top in frosting) and the interns singing a municipally approved birthday song and Cecil just being really happy and flattered that they remembered.

Ahh Science ?

In wtnv it always seems that Carlos is the sensible and mature one and Cecil is the silly fan girl in there relationship . But In reality I think that half the time Cecil comes home to find Carlos doing something weird, Like trying to balance stuff on top of etchother or having one sided conversations with inanimate objects.
Or planing out conversation out loud.

Once he came home to find Carlos laying on his back on the sofa with his arms in the air holding a spoon making silly airplane noises.

Cecil would watch for a little wile just falling I love with him all the more.

After a bit he would pipe In saying ‘whatcha doing"

Carlos would jump blushing furiously trying to play whatever he was doing as something normal.
He would always answer. “ ahh science? Yea I’m doing science ”

Cecil would just smile fondly at his perfect man coming over for kisses and cuddles. With an affectionate “oh your so clever. All that science must be tiering . You better come snuggle with me I don’t want you overworking yourself.

Carlos would smile too. He liked being the little spoon. It was worm and he got to trace all the markings of Cecil’s tattoos .

Winter Josie

Many people ask us what living with Josie is like. We’ll tell you-she’s better than the other old woman living in her home, the one without a face. We have come to an agreement however, that the best seasonal Josie to live with is her during the winter, because she knits nice scarves and hats and honestly we can’t get enough of them

I always love the idea of Carlos doing normal shit and Cecil freaking out.

“Carlos what is that”
“It’s a pen”
“What am I meant to make notes with then Ceec?”

“Hey Ceec, want a sandwich?”
“W h a t”
“I’m making sandwiches. Or I can do pasta if you want?”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Ceec!”

It’s supposed to be snowing right now but it’s just super freezing, but what if it  was snowy in Night Vale? 

  • Hooded figures trudging around in the snow, leaving a trail behind them 
  • Everyone wrapped up in various scarves that Old Woman Josie made
  • Cecil keeps at least three boxes of hot chocolate with him at all times
  • Khoshekh cuddles with everyone for warmth
  • There are literally snow angels everywhere
  • Cecil and Carlos can be seen playing in the snow at least once a week
  • City-wide snow ball fights have happened multiple times
  • Cecil always writes encouraging messages or draw little pictures in the snow on the way to work
Wtnv Headcanons

Cecil makes those little Self-Care reminder type announcements you see all over tumblr on the Radio.

Sometimes they’re reminders to the town in the face of disaster. “Did you remember to tie down your garbage cans? Remember, it’s garbage CAN fly away, not garbage can’t!”

Sometimes it’s a reminder to himself for things. “Did you remember to lock the door this morning? Yes. Yes? Yes definitely yes.”

Most of the times though, they’re subtly aimed Carlos’s way, because since Cecil found out how sometimes he forgets to eat and drink water and take breaks when at work or even at home, the host was determined to help. So he slips little reminders and prompts into the show. “Have you had a break today? You work so hard. Take a ten minute break to recharge.”

Or “have you had eight cups of water today? Remember, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!”

Or even reminders like “have you considered the fact you are incredibly loved by a lot of people today? Not a person, not even just two or three persons, a lot of people. A lot of people care about you and love you immensely, even when they aren’t right there at this moment, even if they don’t say it outright. You are incredibly loved, dear listener. Even you, Steeeeeve Carlsberrrrrg.”

Okay so I know that the Night Vale secret police members are supposed to be dangerous and feared but I just can’t stop thinking about how after having to watch people for so long, they get attached
Just imagine the secret police members consider these people to be a second family
Secret police members leaving gifts inside other peoples houses on birthdays or holidays because the family can’t afford them
Imagine the officer who has you under surveillance leaves a happy birthday card on your night stand every year
Imagine having no money and coming home to a fully stocked fridge
Imagine exchanging notes with them by leaving them on the window and waking up to a response letter
Imagine how surprised the secret police member would be when someone is brave enough to invite their invisible hero to have dinner because they want to return the favor

I dunno guys i think the Sheriffs Secret Police have more to them and they should be appreciated more

WTNV Ep 100 Headcannon:

Cecil wasn’t going to broadcast the wedding live at first because he knew it might make Carlos uncomfortable. But then he ends up thinking about it a lot and thinks it’s actually a great idea esp because the two have become the celebrity couple in Night Vale and Cecil wants the whole thing recorded on audio so he can remember it forever. So he kind of cautiously asks Carlos if it would be okay if they maybe live broadcasted the ceremony but they definitely did not have to and oh my god was he making Carlos uncomfortable and he’s so sorry he should not have even asked in the first place and he’s so scared that Carlos is angry at him but he kind of confusedly stops when he hears Carlos laughing? And then Carlos kisses him and tells him he’d love to broadcast the wedding live because radio is Cecil’s life and he loves Cecil and plus he wants everyone to know that the two of them are happy and in love and together against all the things that were stacked up against them. Omg I’m just picturing this and it’s making me so happy I love my boys.

So, imagine Cecil is doing the show, like normal, but at one point we hear his phone buzz on the desk. And then we just hear “oh! Umm…. Um, okay… Listeners, something serious has come up, and I must leave right now, immediately, so here’s the Weather!!” Then a sound of frantic running out the door and it shutting behind him and the Weather comes on.

Then after the weather, we just hear Cecil panting, and he’s like, “s-sorry, listeners, but intern Kareem told me a Lucario was sighted by Big Rico’s Pizza and I wasn’t going to let it get away AGAIN.”

WTNV headcanon

So I have this headcanon that whenever Carlos tries to talk to Cecil about how different-weird- it is in Night Vale, it simply comes out as gibberish. So Cecil jut smiles and thinks how cute it is and Carlos is so confused by the tender smiles he gets so he does it more often to get the same reaction.

Psssst. Hey.

*whispers* On days when Carlos leaves for work when Cecil is still asleep he kisses Cecil’s forehead and Cecil smiles and snuggles the pillow with a happy little “Mmmm!” noise and that puts Carlos in a good mood all day pass it on