wtnv headcanons

my headcanon is that the strexcorp logo is this S thing

because apparently kids from literally fucking everywhere draw it on all of their stuff without knowing where it’s from. 

and that would be really cool; Strexcorp having people mindlessly labeling things and spreading them around effortlessly


A lot of people have a tendency to depict him as sort of a dapper 1960s-style radio announcer who is white and blond-haired, and that is great. There are a lot of people who depict Cecil as African American or Native American or Asian, and that is great. I’ve also seen Welcome to Night Vale Cecil fan art where Cecil is a moth who sits on a microphone, and that as well is great, because it allows the artist to bring themselves to the show, and take the ideas and process it for themselves.
—  Cecil Baldwin [x]

A small continuation of my blindCecil headcanon. 

It makes a lot of sense that Cecil would take Carlos cutting his hair really badly, if he’s blind, since the longer hair likely would have been more stimulating to his sense of touch. 

Anyway, just a quick scribble since people seem to like my last wtnv fanart!

(Carlos looks different in each frame uuugh sorry, first time ever drawing him.)

What if

Cecil finally gathers the courage to go to Station Management directly, knocks on the door, goes in, and there’s a projector and speaker making “Station Management” horror effects. He walks past into an inner office and finds…

Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink writing the next episode and discussing what to do with Carlos.

headcanon: all carlos’ research notes end with exclamation points instead of periods. periods are too boring when everything is so exciting! there’s a house that doesn’t exist! the sun sets in the wrong time! time itself is weird! 

Carlos sits Cecil down on their second date, gushing out a sigh.

“Cecil, I care about you a lot, but I need to tell you something.”

“Okay?"  Cecil says with a questioning lilt.

"I… I care about you a lot, but I’m asexual."  Cecil blinks in confusion and Carlos goes on quickly, stumbling over the words as he explains that it means he doesn’t feel sexual attraction.  He thinks Cecil’s handsome and wonderful, but he’s squeamish about the body, and he can’t see himself having sex, and he’s really sorry if that puts a damper on anything Cecil has in mind for them.

Silence falls in between them and Cecil just… quietly smiles, tension leaving his shoulders as things fall into place, his coppery fingers reaching out to curl about Carlos’ darker hand.  "Oh,” he says quietly, breathlessly, “I thought I was the only one.”


Cecil I can’t believe you left your niece with Carlos and his team of scientists and not expect anything to happen.

For MOGAI/LGBTQIA+ Day of  PoC Night Vale Week!!

Featuring: Queer couple Mayor Dana and Intern Maureen, Cecil and Carlos (kinda), and (most importantly) trans Janice.

Warning: fire, eye strain (bright colors)

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anonymous asked:

I've always pictured Josie as kinda being Cecil's mother ever since his died/banished/??? so every few days Josie will go to his house and make sure he's eating well and showering and not becoming a full on alcoholic and she'll comfort him because our dearest loser misses his nerdy loser and maybe she'll send him a not at all threatening message about him getting his ass back in night vale ;u;

Ahh yes, I love the idea of Josie being a mother figure to Cecil! I imagine she (and some of Cecil’s other close friends) would check up on him regularly and maybe make him some homemade meals and confiscate his alcohol - and of course give him lots of hugs because the poor baby needs some good hugs.