Glow Cloud Light Tutorial!!

I just made this awesome glow cloud and I thought I show you all how to make it.

So what you’ll need is

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Hey Violet Sunflower, thank you for your question. I wanted to answer it publicly, if that’s okay.

So, I can only give you my answer, from my perspective. I don’t speak for anyone else. Here it goes:

There’s a big difference between dressing up as a character and donning brownface. When we dress up as a character, we are embodying that character’s essence. We are embracing the universality of their appeal and “being” them for a moment. But we do this with a great deal of respect. In a lot of ways I see cosplaying as an act of love; we love a character so much that we want to embody them. Brownface has a very different intention: to mock. There is no love in mockery. It generalizes and it draws not from knowledge but from stereotype. Tribute and Mockery lay at opposite ends of the spectrum. (There’s a fine line between Satire and Mockery but that’s for another time…)

Carlos is universal. Carlos is earnest. Carlos is a dork. Carlos is kind. Carlos is clueless. Carlos is (for the moment) in a long distance relationship. Carlos is a Scientist. These are things that many of us can relate to. These qualities transcend race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, class, and age. 

So, I encourage you to cosplay Carlos. Sure, don’t do brownface, but do find out what it is that you love about Carlos and embody that. And, when you do, post the pictures so that I can see it and smile feeling lucky to be part of this awesome community of people that love stories so much that they want to exist in them. 

Cecil Palmer looks different to everyone. He does not have a set appearance, and the fanart and different creative minds tell you just that. So, I’ve put together a collage depicting the many faces that Cecil Palmer has to the Night Vale community. 

120 pictures are in this mosaic, and maybe I’ll tweak it in the future to get even more headcanons!

Thank you to all the artists and cosplayers who participated in helping me make this collage! I couldn’t have done it without you guys!
Please check out these amazing people under the cut! All the stuff they sent in will be here
(alphabetical order)

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a fan fiction

Presented by Jin (behindinfinity) and Miguel (merkymerx) as Cecil and Carlos, with special guest Mae as the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home

Based of course on the legendary Ooh Mister Darcy

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