wtnv 35

WTNV - Ep 35 - Lazy Day


3. When he starts to float, Carlos cleans out his what?

5. Cecil sees a ___ ___ of darkness on the face of the sun, dimming it

7. Jake Garcia has filled out three of these cards making him disappear forever (2 words)

8. The latest product from Flaky-Os is ___ corn flakes

10. There are reports of the Man in a Tan Jacket standing behind which restaurant?

16. Where Tamika Flynn’s militia practices their drills (2 words)

18. Frances Donaldson is manager of this place (2 words)

19. On this lazy day lungs are failing to do what?

20. Cecil finally turns his head at this intern’s insistence


1. As the earth slows, what starts to slack off?

2. Thanksgiving is coming up which means its time to go groveling at this monument (3 words)

4. The Man in a Tan Jacket was reportedly seen plucking these out of the air and stuffing them into his deerskin suitcase

6. The Faceless Old Woman is reading a website about what?

9. Stay tuned next for one of these falling suddenly over your face

11. The Secret Police mascot (2 words)

12. Sleep is just practice for this

13. The Vague, Yet Menacing, Government Agency would like to remind you that these are merely dreams that have escaped our sleep

14. Carlos and the lawn are both doing what activity?

15. Tamika Flynn wears the detached hand of what creature around her neck?

17. At least Cecil got to see how this tv show ended