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This is a Story About You

A short Night Vale fanfic written for silikat’s birthday. Happy B-day, L!

‘This is a story about you,’ says the text on your computer screen and you are surprised because this was never a story you expected to read. However, you are also pleased because you always wanted to read about yourself on Tumblr.

Welcome to Night Vale.

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Listen closely. What you are hearing is not the sound of a monster. There are no spirits in that sound. No lurking or lurkers, no stalking or stalkers, nothing hunting you. All you were hearing is the sound of the world you live in. And you can put headphones on. You can listen to my voice. But you can never fully escape that world. You are always half there, no matter where the rest of you is.

But in those sounds, in that inescapable world, there is every joy you will ever experience. Every beautiful person you will ever meet. Every wonderful surprise that will ever wonderfully startle you.

It is the good and the bad. It is the sound of the world. A world that will kill you, but also a world that will allow you to live.

And as you exist in this world, half hearing my half voice, remember: you’re all right. You are alllll right.