“I asked my other brother-in-law who’s a scientist, and he said the arrows and lines were probably a bunch of comets or solar flares or possibly an aurora. Then he got really excited about talking about space, and skipped away while laughing and clutching his hands to his chest, so I’m not sure if there’s a natural explanation.”

I might be Carlos

lavenderwhalebones  asked:

i was wondering if perhaps you've ever listened to nightvale?your music is wonderful and you are a grand person ! have a nice day ^-^

thank you! I listened a few years ago, probably I heard the first 40 eps or so?

wtnv is one of those things where I love the concept but I can’t really focus on it, i like to do other things while I listen to podcasts and with nightvale it was so relaxing and hypnotic that I’d be doing something and suddenly realize i’d listened to 3 full eps and not heard a single minute of them lol

Maybe someday I’ll go back and give it another shot :P

villains night vale has had
  • season 1: a tiny city under a bowling alley
  • season 2: capitalism
  • season 3: several eldritch-horror monsters in an anti-government conspiracy alliance (addendum: also physical distance as a thing that exists and separates people)
  • season 4: actual satan
  • season 5: denial
here’s what we know.

our cecil:

  • doesn’t have a brother
  • has evidence of a brother in his home
  • has a sister
  • is openly gay
  • lives in night vale, in which lgbt people are completely accepted

cecil from cal’s timeline:

  • grew up in a homophobic environment 
  •  has a brother (cal)
  • abby does not exist
  • janice does not exist

cecil from the cassette timeline:

  • dies at fifteen
  • at the age of fifteen, has a brother
  • this brother has “hollow eyes”
  • this brother believes radio voices should be high
  • would recreationally vandalize things alongside cal as a teenager


  • has “dark black eyes”
  • radio personality 
  • high voice
  • lives in a town more conservative than night vale (desert bluffs)
  • during the strex invasion, was physically handicapped
  • shown to enjoy dark, twisted things
  • often described as having a gruesome smile
  • has a fascination with teeth, gore and blood
  • decorates using the above


  • is cecil’s brother from an alternate timeline in which cecil never came out as gay
  • coughs up teeth
  • is bleeding throughout his episode 
  • leaves a bloodstain on cecil’s rug


  • is cecil’s sister from the timeline in which the show takes place

 “ash beach”:

  • similarly to how in “cal”, cecil hears crunching eggshells, the figures are describes as sounding like cracking egg shells
  • it was an episode in which people experienced false memories
  • in the episode, john peters (you know, the farmer?) experienced false memories of his long-lost brother

here’s what we don’t know.

  • e v e r y t h i n g