wtm pictures

SURPRISE!!! you guys already know i have a tattoo from save rock and roll (which is my second favorite fall out boy record)

SO i decided to get the other foot a matching lyric tattoo, but from my favorite record, folie a deux! i am so happy with it!!

i hope you like it!! xx del

so my friend found this photo of me, barricade at walk the moon’s show at the Greek.
this show was one of the most special for me ever and to have had a moment like this captured means the world to me.
I am so so happy with this picture I could cry.
I could write an essay on everything that I felt in this moment and at this show.
everything was perfect and if I could relive that day, I wouldn’t change anything.
and the fact that everyone gets to live this night over and over with “You Are Not Alone” is just incredible.

Liz-O’s Top Ten Photos from 2014 (Personal Favorites Edition!)

Photo #4: Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon (The Gospel Tour) — Pier Six Pavilion — August 10th, 2014 [x]

Before I saw Walk the Moon play their set at The Gospel Tour, I had never intentionally listened to their music because I didn’t know who they were! However, as soon as they started playing their opener, “Tightrope,” I realized two things. The first realization was that the majority of the teenagers in the crowd obviously knew way more about them than I did, so at the age of 23, I had my first personal “Wow, I feel old” moment. (It was so strange, especially since I came there for Panic! at the Disco, who have been one of MY favorite bands since sophomore year of high school. Weird.) The second realization was that their familiar melodies had been percolating in my subconscious for a while (thanks to an HP laptop commercial from 2012, according to the internet!).

Regardless of my un-hip and un-teenage status, I happily danced to Walk the Moon’s catchy tunes and super-percussive beats in-between my camera’s snaps. All four members were having equal amounts of fun on-stage, constantly aware of each other and moving all around the stage. With all of the movement, it made getting clear shots quite the challenge! However, live music is all about experiencing the music with your entire being — so I knew that I had to take advantage of the nine-song-long set by taking as many photos as I could from my fifth-row seat! Because of my obsessive approach, this photo of lead singer Nick Petricca exists, among several other shots… some of which have never been posted online… so stay tuned in the new year for more pictures, WTM fans!