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Photos of the Day: WALK THE MOON and Magic Man (crashing each other’s sets on Magic Man’s last night on The Gospel Tour) — Pier Six Pavilion — August 10th, 2014 [x]

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tiger teeth (live) - walk the moon in san deigo thursday may 26, 2016.

sorry if it’s shaky or people are screaming we were legitimately losing our minds

Nick: This is a picture of me in the studio in North Hollywood at our producer Tim Pagnotta’s little hideout. Behind me is the board where we listed every song we were considering for the record. We had written about 50 songs and had to cut that down to 14, and that down to 12, which was heartbreaking, but a really good problem to have. We were able to pick and choose what the new WALK THE MOON would say and sound like. For the most part we knew what we wanted: go further, get fiercer and nastier, get cleaner and dreamier, more pop, more weird all at once. So that’s what we did!

Do you know what this means?? There’s 38 more songs that we get to hear in the future!