i probably should be sleeping

a mix for when it’s late and you’re awake and you have to get up early the next day but sometimes it’s better to be cozy and safe and thinking about nothing 

twin sized mattress // the front bottoms ★ come under the covers // WALK THE MOON ★ before you start your day // twenty one pilots  ★ rich youth // hayley kiyoko ★ behind the sea (alternate version) // panic! at the disco ★ broken flowers // danny l harle ★ the cave // mumford & sons ★ coming down // halsey ★ stardust // new politics ★          northern downpour // panic! at the disco ★ lullabye // fall out boy ★

listen [[HERE]]

original unedited photos credit to morphball

on a date
  • me: so do you like walk the moon?
  • date: do they sing that song shut up and dance with me? that song is getting so annoying I keep hearing on the radio all the time I wish they would stop playing it
  • me stuffing all the breadsticks in my bag: I-I'm sorry I gotta go my mom wants me home please don't call me
Talking Is Hard
  • Different Colours: oooooOOOOOooooooOOOOoooooOOOo + sick dance beats
  • Sidekick: 80's vibes tbh
  • Shut Up And Dance: summer jam tbh
  • Up 2 U: 90's hip hop vibes...and then the beat drops
  • Avalanche: super happy and feels like being in love
  • Portugal: techno vibes + hopeful nd happy nd aww
  • Down In The Dumps: retro. so fuckign retro. holy shit.
  • Work This Body: clapping woo! + cute piano aw. Really summery
  • Spend Your $$$: retro techno vibes + did he just say fake breasts or did I mishear + hIGH NOTE
  • We Are The Kids: they talkin about the future but they sound like the 80's so what is the truth
  • Come Under The Covers: absolutely fuckign perfect + sex vibes
  • Aquaman: r u sure this isnt the soundtrack to some cutesy 80's romance???