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hey, um, do you still accept promts for ___ me meme? if you do, could you write 'enamour me' for an AU Hisana/Ukitake? (im sorry, they are just so shippy. no offence to Byakuya) if you don't, thank you for writing in general, and your new haircut is cute! (well, it is regardless, actually). cheers!

This is so late omg and it’s incomplete so normally I wouldn’t bother posting it at all…but I was reading it over this morning and I decided I liked what I had written, so what the hell. Here you go (sorry that it isn’t finished! I hope you like it anyway). It’s basically an AU of WTL. 

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WiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDe Body. 
Some of my favourite Porsche’s through the years have been the naturally aspirated factory turbo look cars, including the M491’s, The 964 Jubi’s, The 993 C4S, the 993 C2S and the 964 C4 WTL (Werks Turbo Look)
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Just wondering will any of the shinigami ever find out about Hisana's old nickname as the angel of izuri? Also will Hisana be still in touch with the visord after they are exiled?

Not gonna answer that second question since there are several directions I could take WTL and I haven’t completely decided on which one yet. But as for people finding out about Hisana’s nickname…

Eiji will, since he’s going to Inuzuri with them. He thinks it’s hilarious how uncomfortable Hisana is with the nickname so he refuses to let it go. Then Hiro hears about it, and Chiyo takes a liking to it and somewhere along the line things get a bit mixed up until a rumor starts flying around the Seireitei that in her old district, Hisana was worshipped as an angelic being sent by an ancient benevolent deity.

When Byakuya hears, he sends her this massive gift basket because hey, you’re supposed to give offerings to godlike beings, right? Hisana chucks the entire thing at his smirking face and doesn’t speak to Eiji for a week.

Just posted Chapter 26 of WTL on ao3 and ffnet! Longer than usual chapter this time (think of it as an apology for the late update). If you have the time, please review–I’d love to know what you guys think!

Next chapter of WTL scheduled for…sometime this weekend! Extra long one, like seriously it was supposed to be at least 3 pages shorter *covers face*

Also, it turned out exactly nothing like planned, something that is becoming the norm at this rate. Sorry for the wait, but I’m super excited to be posting soon again!

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If you find the inspiration and the time and really just the desire for it, I'd read the heck out of AU WTL drabbles with Hisana/Ukitake. It's surprisingly sweet. And also, I'm totally gonna take the way Hisana has influenced things in Seireitei as canon for WTL.

It is a weirdly cute pairing, isn’t it? :D

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I was just checking for an update when I saw that you added "Pre-Canon" to the summary. So exactly how far do you actually intend for WTL to be? I imagine it would be hard to do the ENTIRE Bleach series and don't blame you if you don't want to 😂

I actually put that up there because I was tired of getting messages that basically consisted of “hurry the fuck up and get to canon already” although I /would/ like to get there sometime. Honestly not sure how far I plan on taking it-at the moment, I don’t have any concrete plans past the Visored incident.

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Just wanted to say that WTL is such an inspiration for not just me but all your readers. I absolutely LOVE your depiction of Hisana and the Fourth Division. It's really nice to see a different and original story amongst all other Bleach OC fanfics :)

This made me smile, thank you

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No, you can expect approximately none of it to happen in WTL. And my feelings about Bleach’s ending are…mixed, to say the least.

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What about "Ulquiorra dies and becomes Harry" plots? I remember Waiting in Sin by JerichosPhantom being pretty good.

Tbh, I like Ulquiorra as a character, but I’m not the type to search out fics with him as a main character? Like I adore reading him in fics, but I don’t really enjoy reading fics about him. Kind of hypocritical of me since WTL is all about the side characters, but I usually prefer reading fics centered around main characters (Ichigo, Naruto, Tsuna, Harry, etc.). 

Then again, there are always exceptions, so thank you for the rec :)

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medical student here. thank you for reminding me why i started out wanting to be a doctor, especially since my class is going through a rough time with a (censored) of a professor that saps the joy of learning and discovery and makes studying medicine a nightmare. also thank you for WTL. it's amazing and comforting and always makes my day better <3

I’m glad I was able to help in any way, although that thing with your professor totally sucks :/ Best of luck with your studies!

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4 & 5

4. Favorite character you’ve written

Hisana, definitely

5. Character you were most surprised to end up writing

Gin. I…actually wasn’t really planning on including him in WTL at first? Mostly because his character is a bitch to get down at times, and I didn’t think I could do it justice. Glad I tried though– he’s fun to write.