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With WTL (latest chapter), I was just wondering where your story takes place as far as the canon timeline is concerned? Btw seriously love ur fanfic, I really like how you've developed Hisana's character :)

A couple of months before the Visored arc.

{ where the light gets in } // of shabu-shabu // —- chapter two ,

a sugar daddy au

“Where are you going?” He asked, sitting up. His eyes were on his phone but he was talking to me.

My hands pulled my skirt up over my thighs and settled on my hips, wiggling my ass a little to fit into the tightness of it around my ass. All the Kung Pao chicken was at fault for the tightness. I tossed him a glance and picked up my top, pulling it down my chest. “Leaving, of course. I have a home, y’know. I’m not one of your make believe homeless woman.” I mocked our staged production.

As I reached for my jacket, I pushed my hand inside its pocket to draw my phone out. It was at 2% from not being charged the whole night and probably also because Stace called a million times and texted a million times. She went from sending me drunk ‘good luck thottie’ texts last night after I left the car, to ‘is he making up for the small dick with his long hair’ texts and ending with various barely legible texts about how she was about to get dolled up for bed with J.D. when a rat showed up in the bathroom.

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Hey I was reading ur headcanon and remembered that in the beginning of wlto when Percy and Jason are fighting over who gets to be Nico's best man Nico asks Annabeth to be his best man. And she says she'll hold him to that. Annabeth as Nico's best man?



- “okay I have been informed” - glare at Hazel - “that i have to actually have a normal wedding”
- “this obviously means we have to get back to the best man debate”
- Jason and Percy sit up and get ready to brawl it out
- “however -”
- “i don’t like the sound of that” percy whispers
- “i made a promise in college that i am planning on keeping”
- percy and jason start trying to remember what the fuck he’s talking about
- annabeth is smirking because of course she KNOWS
- “so my best man is……”
- literal drumroll
- “Leo stop fucking slapping the table”
- “it’s me isn’t it”
- “shut up Leo”
- “Annabeth”
- “What about her?”
- “She’s best man”
- “She’s a girl!!!!!!”
- “I’m marrying a man Percy this is hardly a traditional thing”
- Annabeth still smirking
- “why does she get to do it?”
- “i promised her when you two were being annoying”
- “you’ll have to narrow that down di Angelo”
- “shut UP Leo”

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WTL ByaHisa

I hope you mean this for the ship-rating meme, which I will do, but if it’s for the 10 sentence meme, then no, I won’t. WTL isn’t my fic and I don’t really feel like it’s okay to since I prob won’t do the characters justice, and, you know, it’s not my fic.

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

What The LeBron XII

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Is Will the kind of person to cry even when he's the one doing the dumping?

tbh i think it depends??? like i have a hc that he got cheated on one time and he didn’t cry then, he was just hella pissed, but i feel like

like okay, i hc will solace as a very emotional person, i definitely made a post abt that somewhere if you’re interested, but he’s also a doctor, and he also has a hold on his feelings when he really needs to. will cries at things he can cry at - commercials, movies, etc - but he is very good at staying under control when he needs to, such as, you know, being a doctor and stuff. so i think will is very good at reading situations, and he deals with his emotions based on that.


fay ariadne white // —- a moodboard

neither fire or ice. the girl was earth. mid-heaven. she leaves her footprints in the snow with every reason to be found. hiding wasn’t a trait. she was bare; skin, words, heart. hands dug the earth, nails clawing the seemingly infinite compose looking for something more. neither special or ordinary. hands dug the sand, nails washed by the foams of the sea looking for something further. neither goddess or human. 

she was somewhere in between.

the girl was earth.

she had to pay it acceptance, and understand if she wanted to win, she needed to play like the earth.


Just posted Chapter 22 of WTL on ffnet and AO3. Go give it some love :)

Unfortunately, since it looks like I’m going to be really busy this semester, there’s a high possibility that updates will slow down. Just warning you guys now.