#SummerFestTour: My Experience

On Saturday, July 6th, I made my way down to St. Petersburg to see We The Kings in the Summer Fest Tour. It was simply amazing. What I am about to reveal to you is my story from that day. Though lengthy, it was truly one of the greatest times of my life (so far)

St. Petersburg is about two and a half hours from my place. After getting showered and ready, I grabbed my stuff, hopped in the car, and hit the road! I listened to every We The Kings album and song cover on the way there with Sparky, my Frankenweenie stuffie, riding along in the passenger seat, and it was one of the most pleasant trips I’ve ever taken!

Upon arrival, I could see small groups of WTK, Ready Set, and Breathe Carolina fans walking around the streets of St. Pete. Mind you, the doors to Jannus weren’t scheduled to open until 6 that night, and I was there at 2:30 that afternoon Lol. I got out of the car and my attention was immediately drawn to the WTK Tour Bus. As I moved in for a closer look, I could hear the sound of some pretty chill live performance going on, which I soon discovered was We The Kings practicing “Any Other Way!” Since I was by myself, I didn’t have anyone to get excited with, so I smiled and proceeded to look for foooood.

Skipping over the time it took to eat, I made my way back to the tour bus and sat against the brick building it was parked by to wait for the show to begin. It wasn’t too long into my wait that I got bored and phoned a friend back home. After talking for a few minutes, I looked up to see Travis stepping out of the bus with Elvis, his dog, in his hands. It got quiet. Dead quiet. I looked at everyone sitting around me to see what their reactions were, and no one made a sound. Travis walked toward the gate to Jannus and the selfies began. Normally, I’m not one to stampede a celebrity. I sat against the wall taking pictures of the fans getting selfies with Travis and Elvis in effort to take cool perspective photos. Only minutes into the selfie fest, I couldn’t resist joining in on the fun, so I made my way to where Travis was standing to get my picture. Eventually, Charles, Coley, Danny, and Hunter walked by and more picture-taking occurred.

In all the midst of it all, I MET MY FIRST FOLLOWER! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made friends with strangers who ended up following me on twitter, but I finally met someone who followed me before I met them! Her name’s Kourtney. (@WeTheKourtney) She’s pretty cool. For real. She got me a couple followers and let me make some new friends. :)

Each show was pretty great, but We The Kings was just amazing.Keep It Cute opened. The Ready Set Followed. Then Breathe Carolina. AND THEN WE THE KINGS! According to Travis, it was the longest performance they had ever had and it was amazing. Simply amazing. Since I had my camera, I watched a lot of the show through my viewfinder and sang at the top of my lungs with a huge smile on my face. Throughout their show, they had a couple of surprises (I’m not going to reveal them since the tour isn’t over), I got the chance to meet and chat with Travis’s brother, Taylor, and then there was more and more singing! The entire concert, they would play one of their best songs to make you think they were wrapping it up, and then they’ d keep going! Like, it was literally the greatest experience ever.

I’m trying to keep the rambling to a minimum here, so bare with me!

After the show and the confetti quit falling, I waited around for the meet and greet to begin. Out of nowhere, Travis comes dancing around the corner with Danny and everyone falls in line. Some kid, who Kourtney described as a stalker, was ahead of me in line and then it was my turn to go up. I have never officially met Danny or Charles because most of the shows I went to were acoustic, so I was psyched to finally meet them. I walked up, gave them my cliché story about how their music, especially ‘Just Keep Breathing,’ helped me through the second semester of my senior year, and they loved it! Hahah. (This is where my ego begins to boost.) Charles shakes my hand and says, “It’s nice to meet you, man! What’s your name again?” Travis looks over at him and says, “Are you kidding?! That’s @wethejosh!" I was DYING inside, but I had to keep myself somewhat composed, so I just laughed. Hunter told me that he was able to pick me out of the crowd and got a kick out of watching me jam out during their performance. Again, my ego was steady growing. We talked long enough to get on one of the security guard’s nerves, I got my photo with the crew, hugged everyone, and left! It took me and entire 45 minutes to actually leave St. Pete that night because I was busy texting, tweeting, and facebooking about the incredible night I just had. I was even happier that I had such a great night all on my own because I’m usually never caught dead in public without a friend there with me!

That’s my Summer Fest experience. Thanks for reading. ;)



We The Kings Summerfest 8/16

Best night of my life<3 

Take me back!!!

Breathe Carolina

When I was going to We The Kings Summer fest in August I was (Obviously) already a huge We The Kings fan, I’m also a big T.Mills fans and I knew of quite a few songs from The Ready Set. The only Breathe Carolina song I ever knew was Blackout because it had gotten popular on the radio. I honestly thought they were going to suck live because their music seems so auto tuned. But I was so wrong, they were amazing live! Such good presents and all. I bring it up now because I have started looking in to / listening to more of their music lately and really like it. I also took videos at Summer Fest the only one I took of Breathe Carolina was them preforming Blackout because it was the only one I knew at the time. Heres my video if you wanna check it out:)


I wish I could relive this whole night all over again<3