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Hi! I enjoy your work and I was wondering about how you usually set up your style when sketching people from movies or what not...your art makes my hands itch to try out lol

(First of all thank you so much !!! And second I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I’ve gotten similar asks about this)

WELP, I’m gonna be honest, I think it’s super hard to draw real people. It’s really fun but sometimes it’s super frustrating because I don’t think I actually know how to do it better than I do, I just practise and practise until I’m like “this looks good enough” and sometimes it turns out better than other times.

One of the things I ALWAYS do is trace their faces and break it down to shapes and details (let’s take Keanu Reeves because u know, why not, I’ve drawn him non stop since the beginning of the summer). The shapes are for me to just see that “ok their chin is that wide and has that shape, and their eyebrows are shaped like that…”. Then I look at the traced face just to see exactly how everything works together and then I redraw it, and then I PRACTISE that shit. Sometimes you might even have to change small things in order for it to look more like the person on the ref. Eventually I feel comfortable enough to try out different styles for it

Another thing I do when I’m really having trouble is just looking up how other people draw the person, and if I found someone who’ve drawn them a way I like I take the features that makes it and I practise it into my own style. So references are the keys, I believe. Sometimes you might even remember a cartoon character that reminds of the person and all you have to then is to look up that character and look at what it is that reminds you of the person you’re drawing. Shit like that helps me a lot.

Idk if you can tell by the way I’m bad at explaining but I find this super difficult myself so basically look at their facial features and look on how wide and long things are and how big the empty spaces are, like forehead, chin and headshape.

it’s also fun to look at how different you can draw an actor’s characters for example, because sometimes they fit into an more different style than others (depending with what you’re happy with) It probably depends on the person’s age and stuff…

Again, I am no pro, I find it super difficult to draw real people, I just try out a bunch of different things until I’m happy with it, then it usually molds itself. I hope this explains it somewhat.

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