wth this is so cute i'm

You’re suddenly fine

I’ve realised being a teenager is a piece of work…

Having a crush on that kid

Stressing about school.

Not meeting deadlines

Having a crush on that other kid 

Stressing more about exams

Having a crush on that same kid

Somebody else likes that kid too, they’re prettier than you.

Insecurities grow

Exams come closer

Insecurities get bigger

then….you’re suddenly fine

You realise everything about life is great

Someone ruins it 

Parents don’t understand you

Nobody understands you

You feel moody and nobody can brighten that mood up

then…you’re suddenly fine

Wake me up when my teenage years are through.


binnie will always be better at 4-cut selcas than me

my favourite time of the month has arrived once again, so here I am, next to the most beautiful boy alive!! why am I still comparing myself to moonbin, i don’t understand

also catch me wearing bin’s colour!!


A W.I.P for a cute Promptio pic inspired by this fic by ElillieRose on ao3. Go check out their other works because oh god they all make me cry. It’s mostly Promptio with a lot of whump!Prompto in there because apparently, they’re a sadist (not that I mind. I am too!).

I just wish I was less self-conscious about commenting on their older works because I already told them I read all their works so is it awkward? I know it’s not but I still suck.

As I’m writing the tags, I noticed I’ve been writing Gladio’s last name wrong this entire time and thank Shiva I haven’t posted any fanfics yet because hoo boy would that be embarrassing.

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what HAPPENED to the cinnamon roll?!!


(The words are small but i think i’m seeing katakana for English so Kudo’s dad is a mixed and the other dad is an Englishman?! That also explains why Kudo had his training in UK right☆ If this is legit then wow woww Miyauchi what a big catch you made!(°◇°;))

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Hey, I really like your writing, you are so good at it!! Now that the requests are open, could you do a scenario with the RFA+Saeran and V with an brazilian MC that scold them in portuguese when they are arguing (and they get like wth). Sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian too and still learning (google translator is a good friend too)

I knew a req about brazilian MC would show up eventually, LOL. I wish I was a little more inspired to doing this, tho.

Hope you still like this ^^

Brazilian MC scolds RFA + Saeran and V in portuguese


  • OMG!
  • He thinks it’s so cute! He’s terrified and dazzled at the same time.
  • Because you sound really mad, but he can’t understand a thing, and you speak so quickly, it’s… it’s adorable.
  • “Babe, I got it. You’re mad, I won’t do it again, please breath, babe.”
  • And when you’re calmer, he’ll ask for translation.
  • He’s  S H O O K, you have a hella dirty mouth in Portuguese.
  • He swears he’ll do his best not to act like a “babaca” again. Whatever that means.
  • Oh, it means, “jerk”. Hum… cue Zen calling Jumin a babaca in the chatroom all the time now.


  • Terrified
  • If it had came to this point, it’s because you’re really pissed at him
  • He just wished he could know what you’re saying exactly so he can fix it.
  • “MC, tell me exactly what I did wrong, in Korean now.”
  • Oh… you’ve scolded him before about this, why it sounds a lot worse in Portuguese?
  • I mean, one thing is you telling him to go easy on his jealousy because there’s no need to, and another one is you telling him to “tomar tino” and “parar de caçar pelo em ovo” because you love him and there’s no need to be jealous
  • Which means “get a grip” and “stop… looking for hair on an egg?” what the hell, MC?
  • Oh, it means not to look for problems where there aren’t. Oh… weird way to say it, but he’s glad you’re basically saying there’s nothing for him to be worried about.


  • Poor thing does her best to keep a straight face
  • But she’s having mixed feelings inside. It’s scary, but it’s adorable, and maybe a little funny?
  • On the other hand, she knows that if it came to this point, it’s because you really need to vent.
  • Or maybe you’re saying some really harsh stuff you don’t want her to understand?“If you want to talk, let’s talk. Preferably in the same language.”
  •  And as you explain yourself, she thinks the tone in portuguese sounds really harsh, but you weren’t saying anything that tough.
  • And when you tell her to “maneirar” or “pegar mais leve antes que cê fique doida de tanto trabalhar”, you’re just saying that she needs to take it easy on work before she goes crazy.
  •  You’re just aggressively concerned with her, lol.


  • He knows the basics, okay?
  • “Por favor”, “Obrigado”, “Bom dia”, friendly greetings, in general, that he learned when he came to Brazil on a business trip.
  • And buddy… you’re definitely not saying anything friendly right now, are you?
  • “I’m really willing to understand what you’re trying to say, my love.” Because sometimes he doesn’t understand what he did wrong even if you speak in Korean, lol
  • You explain yourself, but he’s not really convinced you were saying the exact same words.
  • So he goes to Google Translate and searchs for “cria vergonha nessa sua cara”. “Raise some shame in your face” what? He’s confused, so he finally gathers courage to ask you.
  • You almost forget why you were mad, but you explain it means something like “getting your shit together” and that he really needs to do it and stop acting this possessive sometimes.
  • He is fascinated by your language and idioms. He definitely needs to learn after he gets his shit together.


  • He cannonly speaks 17 languages
  • Portuguese must be one of them.
  • So he understands everything you’re saying, and boy… it ain’t pretty.
  • “That’s… that’s really rude, MC.” (he’s terrified to say anything else)
  • But he knows you’re not saying things like that to hurt him, it’s like you said… “e é tudo porque eu te amo.”
  • Which doesn’t really need a translation, judging from your deep sigh and worried eyes, but… it means “that’s because I love you.”
  • Well, he knows sometimes he can be a little bit of a “cuzão” (asshole), but he’s doing his best in order to be the man you deserve.
  • And you know that when he listens to all your scolding quietly and just answers in loud and clear Portuguese: “eu também te amo.” (I love you too)



  • Oh shit… you look so mad!
  • But you also look kinda funny, so he really needs to hold back this little smirk when you look so pissed at him.He’s not doing to be an ass, he just thinks the sonority of words is funny.
  • “You can keep yelling like this, but I don’t understand a thing, so this is pretty useless, you know that, right?”
  • Oh… there is something worse than when you talk to him like that: when you decide stop talking to him.
  • So he just stays there, looking at you, waiting for some words, any words, doesn’t even matter the language. And you’re just: “Sai do meu pé, Saeran.”He googles it and “get off my foot” wtf? Oh… it’s a sort of slang for leaving one alone. Oh… shit, you’re really pissed, huh? What can he do to fix things.
  • A… foot massage? “I will never get off of your feet.” Now you’re like wtf? But the massage is good, at least.


  • He’s fascinated
  • And not understanding a single thing, but keeps nodding like he is understanding.
  • Because you sound so angry, and passionate, and your language has a very different sonority from what he is used.
  •  “I understand, my love.”
  • He really does, because there is a context, and he can infer a lot from it.
  • Also, he knows some words in Portuguese. (he’s that guy fascinated by the word saudade and how it is something that only exists in your language)
  • So, he says the only thing you should listen right now: “Me desculpe, MC” (I’m sorry, MC)
  •  Yep, that’s exactly what you need to hear, and you have just the right answer: “Tá desculpado.” (you’re forgiven)

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Omg! I was on Twitter and saw a set of pics with Yoonkook in pajamas and Yoongi was wearing this red and black hearts print set and he looked adorable while Kookie was in a black pajama. They're so cute wth?! I need someone to draw inspo from those pics and write a 30k word vomit of fluffy boyfriends I'm crying. Why do they do that? OTL

That photoshoot was so good! They were so cute! And Jungkook dragging Yoongi around and cuddling into him is like the best thing ever *-* I would love to read cute sleepover boyfriends! Maybe someday when I’m not complete trash with 3 other multi chap stories in the works haha

imagine dating jeremy heere tho??

he’s WAY too fucking nervous to ask you out cause look at you, you’re so pretty and cool and holy sHIT did you just look at him oh my god mICHAEL HELP so obvi you noticed his cute-ass and were like damn i wanna piece of that sweaty dork and you asked him to see the new spider-man with you and he’s like asdfhdjdklkdk yES and y'all have a killer time accidentally being super late bc he spent too much time pysching himself up and then tripping down the stairs getting a black eye and then missing the movie and just going to ur house and watching ferris bueler or smth instead

second date you guys go to a mall and holy fuck there’s a pet store here jEREMY WE HAVE TO GET A FISH so now you guys are the proud parents of a fish named danny dorito and you love him

jeremy invites u over all the time for some netflix and chill ((;;;;;;0000)) but in all seriousness he truly means just chill like the first time he texts you to come over for watching netflix and chilling he freaks the fuck out and backtracks like oh my god i’m so so sorry i didn’t mean like netflix and chill i meant like hangin out and watching cooking shows please don’t block me and tbh ur like dude i’m down for either and he’s like aaAAAA UM SO DO U LIKE CUTTHROAT KITCHEN OR UH cause he can’t handle the idea of netflix and chilling with u

you guys watch creepy videos together at like 1am cause you’re a couple of idiots and just FREAK the SHIT out of each other cause you’re scared and you being scared makes him more scared and you try to call michael cause he seems put together right but nope he comes over and watches one video and now he’s fucking terrified, in the end you guys have to call jake to come over to calm you guys down cause he’s the only one with sense around here tbh (and he’s the only one that could probably beat up the demons for y'all)

his hands are kinda shakey but dude he absolutely loves painting ur nails it’s so calming just focusing on ur really nice hands and painting them nice colors it’s just good vibes all around

he plans a really nice date for you to show how much he loves u and you guys go out and have a picnic but oh shit there’s a beehive nearby and he got stung bc he kept freaking out when a bee landed on him and it turns out he’s kinda allergic to bees so u had to stab him in the thigh with an epi pen and drive him to the hospital just in case but u kept making dumb jokes the whole time to keep him laughing and not focused on what’s happening and god he’s fuckin smitten, ur too good for him , he’s a mess but he’s ur mess lucky u

anyways i’m gay and in love with jeremy heere bye


(This is an Old photo so um yeah…)

Name: You can just call me Bella (Really, just call me Bella, my name is too long…)

Age: 15 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (Hey, Craigsters, we have the same zodiac sign…)

Favorite Choices Game: Endless Summer (heh, Jake….)

How long have you been playing Pixelberry Games: 11 months ago. (I stopped for a while then went back to playing it again. hehe)


I am :

• an official stan of Himchan

• a very (I have every pic under the sun) Yongguk stan

• a yes (but no what are you thinking) Daehyun stan

• a secret Youngjae (I would give him my two lungs if he asked) stan

• a very confused (wth boy why u do this to me but you’re so cute) Jongup stan

• a very overly protective (like a withered old grandma) Junhong stan