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this is what happens when you stay up too late reading atlantis fics and spotify playlist memes at the same time. 

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hey, I really like the chibi!deku&dad might comic you did, but could you explain the premise, if you have one formed? because I'm really curious about how they met and how old deku is since all might didn't get injured too long ago from the start of the series

The premise is something like this:

Toshinori has been released from the hospital.

Recovery girl had been the one to handle most of his procedure, patching up his battered body as best she could while keeping an eye on his vitals. Apparently, his most recent battle has left him with a permanent handicap on his strength and a life cut short.

He has been released from the hospital and escaped the clutches of death, but at a dire price.

“Thankfully,” she had said, frowning down at her clipboard, “there are only a few people who were alerted of this setback, and they can be trusted to keep the secret. As far as the general public goes, All Might simply encountered another villain in his daily life and dealt with the situation accordingly.”

He knows that he is fortunate. He knows that he has saved the world from a horrifying villain and come out of it alive.

But still, something a little like inadequacy and disappointment settles in his stomach. Pride at finally having resolved the conflict between the holders of One for All and that man settles within him - him, he had been the one to finally do it; his predecessor can rest easy and Gran Torino is proud - but at the same time that is precisely the problem.

It is done. Resolved. Accomplished. And he has been left with a debilitating handicap as a result.

And all the while, All Might is a pillar of strength and resolve still needed in this world of heroes.

(He doesn’t quite mind, that. It has always been his dream to be a hero, to do as much as he can to help the populace and protect the people, even to his last breath. But the battle with his arch-nemesis has come with a price, and it’s more than a bit difficult to accept the fact that his time as One for All’s sole bearer wears thin and his “final breath” may end up being sooner than he thought.)

So, it is with this mindset - looking battered and broken with gaunt cheeks and shadowed eyes that hold a weariness of carrying the world on his shoulders - that he encounters a young boy crying in the park.

Toshinori has always been the type to do as much as he can to try and see everyone smile. His whole reason for becoming a hero was because he had wanted to aid the cause and help change the world for the better.

Without really thinking, he walks over to the bawling child - noting the bruises and scratches with some quiet remorse - kneels down, and places a firm hand on the boy’s shoulder to get his attention.

“Boy,” Toshinori says, smiling, because All Might always has to smile. “Are you alright?”

He jumps back and just about dies when the boy takes one look at him and screams.


Once the boy finally calms down, Toshinori finds out that his name is Midoriya Izuku. And he is bullied for not having a quirk.

(It took a while to calm the boy down. One look at his face and Midoriya had screamed bloody murder, apparently downright terrified of the sight. Toshinori had only then taken true note of what he looked like after his encounter with the holder of All for One through the reflective metal of a beam and, yeah, he doesn’t exactly look like a pretty sight while smiling.)

Overall, Toshinori is, admittedly, a little shaken.

Because this boy is quirkless. Sure, Toshinori knows that it is still an occurrence these days, but it is a rare occurrence, and for him to encounter Midoriya Izuku the day he is released from the hospital after a battle that has left him as he is…

It’s a silly thought, though. A coincidence. Toshinori wants to try his best to cheer Midoriya up but this encounter doesn’t really mean anything, he is simply doing his duty as a hero that wants to help the people -

But then, Midoriya walks over to the bushes. He emerges with a toy, broken and cracked in his hands, cradling it carefully as his eyes begin to water anew.

“What do you have there, Midoriya boy?” Toshinori asks, quietly.

Midoriya sniffs, wiping his nose with the back of his hand as he walks closer. “It’s… It’s my treasure.”

Toshinori says nothing in reply, staring dumbly at the familiar color scheme of red, white, and blue, the toy replica’s arm detached and bent awkwardly.

“Kacchan… Kacchan didn’t do it this time,” he says, clutching the toy in his hands. “But… some older people came around when I was playing, and - and I wanna be a hero but they looked at me like I was stupid and dumb because I don’t have a power and they, they -”

A hiccup, and Midoriya rubs a hand roughly over his eyes.

“I… I wanna be like All Might,” he murmurs quietly. “I wanna help people, I wanna be All Might’s sidekick, I, I…”

He looks up, wide eyes watering and voice nasally. Despite this, his next words are spoken with a steely determination.

“I wanna be a hero.”

This is the moment that the lives of two different people take an abrupt turn. Two, both who were born quirkless, one with the ability to pass on a powerful quirk and legacy and one whose dreams have withstood the grim reminder of the fates of quirkless.

Toshinori searches for the familiar strength that he holds, grasping it despite having been told not to just yet. But this is important, and he watches as Midoriya eyes fill with surprise, awe, and wonderment.

“Midoriya Izuku,” he says, and the boy seems to vibrate with contained excitement.

“You will be a hero.”

This is cheesy, I am a writer of cheese but LOOK… That is a PART OF THIS DUO, it just doesn’t feel right without Detroit Smash 100% levels of DORK.

Just in case, for clarification: Izuku is 9, almost 10, since All Might’s first encounter with Izuku was when he was 14 (and he got his injury five years before he met Izuku).

is anybody else just blown away by the difference between mulligan and madison and how spectacularly okieriete onaodowan can flip between the two of them in a way that seems so effortless like they’re so different but he embodies both of them so COMPLETELY he’s perfect


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 5.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4.

Character(s): Negan x Reader || Simon x Reader (pre-apocalypse)
Negan hears some devastating news.
Word Count: 3,888
Warning: Smut wth Simon!!! 
Author’s Note: I know this is long overdue, but here it is! This chapter is much shorter than the previous ones, but it’ll pick up soon. I promise! This and the next few chapters are going to be much different than the previous ones. If you caught the small, brief hint in the last chapter, I’m sure you’ll know what direction I’m taking this in. Also, the amount of people that are loving this story means so much to me! I’m enjoying it just as much you all are! Things are about to get much harder before it gets better ;) Enjoy! 

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It had been a week since the incident in Simon’s office. Since then, you couldn’t stop thinking about the way Negan was watching you and the way Simon felt slamming into you. You couldn’t pay attention in class. All you could think about was Simon and Negan’s demand on asking who you belonged to.

When you moved to Atlanta, you didn’t expect to be at the mercy of the two men you had fantasized about. It was exciting and coming into work at Simon’s bar was always something you looked forward to.

After turning down Trevor, he did his best to avoid you. You wished he didn’t ask you out because aside from him, you only had a few friends and they were all the people you worked with.

Once Monday came, you were more than excited to go to work. You were always so busy on the weekends at Chris’s bar and Sundays were usually the days you used to catch up on homework that you actually missed seeing Simon and Negan. Neither of the two bothered to text you, so you had to wonder if they were still punishing you.

You finished dressing in your black, ripped jeans with a dark grey, loose tank top. You grabbed your maroon apron on the way out of your apartment. You were more than excited to see Negan and Simon.

Once arriving to the bar, you wrapped the apron around your waist and walked in, smiling over at John as you ran a hand through your wavy locks.

“Hey,” you said, walking behind the bar to give him a one-armed hug.

“Should warn you. Negan’s not in a good mood, so be careful. I wouldn’t want you stepping on his toes,” he said.

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To help people in 2017

Guys here are some general tips I have accumulated over my terrible times.

Help you fall asleep better:

  • Blue light filters on devices 
    • Flux for computers, twilight for mobile phones. (both are free, both take some getting used to but will make a difference)
  • Burn lavender candles/use lavender scented products - calms you down!
  • Nightly routine + calming tea/drink. (Chamomile/lavender, or something else without sugar that calms you)

Help you sleep better:

  • Sleep tracking app (monitors your movements, can give you insight on your sleep schedule, etc)
    • If you use android I suggest ‘Sleep as Android’ - I pay for the premium, definitely worth it for me! 
  • Overactive brain at night? Sleep playlist of calming music/playlist of nature sounds to focus on.
    • Bonus if you have a playlist w/music and you still can’t stay still, make it a game of if you can stay still through a whole song
  • Throw a towel/t-shirt over any blinking electronic lights like your laptop/phone

Wake up better:

  • The first time that alarm goes off should be the last time, seriously, don’t you dare go back to bed
    • Bonus, if you get a sleep tracking app, alarms that will wake you up when your sleep cycle is the lightest, it’s less jarring.
  • Lay out your clothes the night before, even if you’re just wearing sweatpants
  • Try getting up earlier, even if it’s just by a few minutes it will make mornings less rushed

Mind-gone-wild begone:

  • Listen to music whenever possible, and focus on that
  • If you’re learning a new language, try to think in that language, it slows down your thought process.
  • If you can’t stop thinking about something negative, think of memes instead. (thinking about your grade on your final essay? What about the dog/pants meme?)

Homework better:

  • Have a planner/specific little notebook where you write down your hw.
  • Specific part of your binder/or a folder where you put your current homework assignments
  • Keep returned tests in another specific part of binder/folder until the end of the quarter
  • This is provided you actually do your homework. Seriously it will change your grades so much if you just do your hw you do not know.

Note take better: (not a studyblr but tbh they intimidate me because they’re so neat wth)

  • Taking notes on graphing paper makes them 10x prettier don’t ask me how
  • Try and color code notes with different colors of pen/highlighter.
    • It can either be per class, or categories, like green for vocab, orange for definitions, etc. Associating a certain color with a class can be really helpful on a quiz, and if you do it by category instead your notes will be much easier to decode.
  • Try sectioning off your notes. For example, once you finish writing down vocabulary, then box it in. It saves space and again makes notes super pretty as long as you use a straight edge (I use the side of my phone).

General tips:

  • Drink water and bring a water bottle with you everywhere
    • Seriously do it ffs guys it will make you feel so much better
  • When you see yourself in the mirror and you’re alone tell yourself you look pretty, make an ugly face, and then tell yourself you’re pretty again and wink 10/10 times boosts your confidence
  • Chocolate is usually the answer to all of life’s problems
  • If you are really not feeling a class/having a really tough day you can ask to go to the nurse’s office. 
    • Only use this sparingly as you will actually have to go to the nurses and it will look suspicious if you’re in there too much, like only if a class is seriously overloading you or you just cannot take it the nurse’s is a nice soft quiet haven
  • Swearing is generally theraputic, but research how to do it in a language not common at your school
    • If your school mainly speaks like Italian for example, try swearing in Russian, French, maybe Swahili. Whatever floats your boat. Nobody will know what you’re saying and you can comfortably tell somebody to fuck off or get your annoyance out w/being reprimanded
  • If you have a doctor’s appointment write all of your symptoms down/questions because you will forget them 10/10 times
  • If you have to take your meds at a certain time every day set an alarm ten minutes before, five minutes before, and for when you actually have to so you are prepared af and do not miss it
  • Brush your teeth and floss, getting a root canal/fillings sucks ass guys
    • Wait 15 minutes after eating food to brush your teeth it saves your enamel.
  • On that note, if you have a sugary drink/food it is (1) much better to drink it quickly than slowly or don’t snack on it slowly and (2) drink water right afterwards or soon afterwards.
    • Sugar has less time to stick around your mouth, essentially. The water will help wash it down. Ask your dentist guys I am 98% sure they will say I am right that it is better.

Aight, hope some of this helps, peace out guys xoxo

Blake's Fat Filled Halloween

Blake was too old for Halloween. It was quite rare for 18 year olds to go trick or treating, but he didn’t care, he just wanted tons of candy. He enjoyed to just eat and eat and didn’t care what people thought about it. He pulled down host black zombie shirt of just costume as it started to ride up his belly.
‘Hey Blake! Look at this house!’ Blake heard his friend shout. He followed the voice to an old dark house to find a bowl of candy sat on top an old damp wooden chair wth a note attached reading 'Take one candy’. Blake laughed as he grabbed a handful and placed it into his bag.
'Can’t you read you fuck wit, it says take one’ moaned his friend as he placed his candy corn in his bag.
'It’s their fault. Place a bowl outside without their supervision, then it’s bound to be empty in a matter of minutes’ replied Blake as he grabbed another handful of candy.
'Whatever. Hurry up then’ Said the friend as he left to the next house. Blake smirked as he continued to grab handful after handful of candy. Lollipops and gummies fell into the growing bag. After a few seconds, Blake had completely emptied the bowl. He smiled and turnt to leave the garden.
'Hungry?’ Blake froze. He turnt back round to find a tall young looking boy standing in the door frame. Blake gulped.
'I see you took everything’ said the boy as he lifted the baron bowl 'Looks like you like to eat’ the young boy rubbed his soft cold hand across Blake’s flabby belly which had escaped from the tight top. Blake blushed and pushed the boys hand away.
'Stop! Your such a perv!’ Screeched Blake as he stepped back. Without noticing, Blake found himself in the young boys hands.
'Let me go!’ Screened Blake as the boy bought him into his house and slammed the door shut.

Blake fluttered his tight eyelids open. His eyes scanned across the Snow White ceiling and squinted down. There he found he was in his underwear, strapped at the ankles and wrists on a operating table. Blake panicked as he pulled against his restraints. His fingers clenched as he pushed against the tight ropes.
'It’s not worth it’ came a voice as it echoed into the room. Blake glanced across the room to see the young man who bought him into the house.
'You! What do you want?! Why am I tied up!’ Blake screeched as he continued to try to slip out of his constraints.
'I want you’ The boy squished Blake’s belly with his two cold damp hands 'to get bigger’
'What?!’ Blake struggled even harder 'You fucking crazy?!’
'Yes’ the boy placed a funnel into Blake’s mouth. Blake tried to spit it out, but found he couldn’t even move any longer. The boy picked up a large bucket of Halloween candy and poured it into the funnel. Blake felt candy pour into his mouth. He tried his hardest to not chew, but he gave in to the force of the amount of food falling into his mouth. He chewed the food, closing his eyes. 'This isn’t happening’ thought Blake as more and more candy fell into his crumb filled mouth. The boy smiled as he picked up another bucket full of candy. Blake’s cheeks quickly fell a shade of red as he noticed his belly expand as more and more treats were consumed. Blake closed his eyes. He felt the young boy continue to caress his belly.

Blake’s eyes opened to find a familiar looking ceiling. Blake sat up, but found it extremely hard. There sitting on his lap was an even larger and softer belly. Blake gasped as he clutched his hands against the much larger belly. He slapped it And watched it wobble for longer. He stood up to find it now hung even lower than usual. He noticed that his underwear was skin tight and was near to ripping. Blake squished his now rounder butt. He blushed as his butt bounced back. Blake waddled to the bathroom. He stood in front of the mirror. He shook his head. No more trick or treating for him.

3 sides of mark lee

1: giggly floofball 

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2: crazy-talented, charismatic performer

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3: semi-perpetually confused

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“we can start from the beginning again, together.
that’s something to be thankful for.”

One thing I enjoy about Vimes is that he’s naturally a very noir, as in the genre, person…but Discworld, by contrast, isn’t noir at all. And neither is virtually anyone else around him. So you get stuff like this Detritus quote, aka my favorite description of Vimes:

Mr Vimes is okay but he a bit weird about some stuff, he keepin’ on sayin’ stuff like dis city is a meltin’ pot an’ all der scum floats to der top, and stuff like dat.

I love that. You get this mental image of him skulking around in a trenchcoat saying cynical noir-ish things and everyone around him going ‘well you know he’s kinda weird but he’s got your back so it’s all right I guess’ and generally being fond but bemused.

It’s so great.