wth netflix

Ok so I m watching this fancam from Chic Fanmeet when Jb said about chilling out or something like this,its the MC (wth)who said Netflix and Chill (he translated jb words like this LOL ) , then when Jacks heard this was a little shocked ( because he know what it means ) but then he asked Jb about netflix and chill and Jb said that and he was really confused about fans reaction because I m bet he don’t know what it means


16:25 min

So I'm rewatching the V:LD pilot

-I genuinely do not remember them showing the Kerberos mission in the beginning wth did netflix add a beginning or am i going nuts
-The boys using male pronouns for Pidge in the beginning totally throws me off ooh boy
-Hunk acts just like a cat when he wants Pidge’s technology omg
-Keith does remember Lance from the Garrison
-Shiro knows Keith got kicked out
-Hunk is so nosy omg
-I enjoy that the lions “talking” to them is loud, mechanical purring
-Lance is apparently really bad at math
-Shiro had to be a teacher of some kind bc he goes straight for scolding the “cadets” when they fight/act up
-Allura assigning the lions to the paladins after knowing them for like 10 minutes is still ?????????? What
-Also she says the Lions chose their paladins so….?
-Also also I still want to know what the blue lion’s characteristics are
-How tf does Coran know what an Earth hour is?
-“I’ve been locked up by aliens for a year, this is nothing” Shiro why tf are you so trusting of anyone after that?
-Pidge wants to be a pilot aw
-“What if its too big and I get it and my feet don’t touch the pedals?” I know the struggle Pidge
-“Go, be great” Honestly what does that mean Shiro
-Why is it so much easier for Pidge to get her lion than Hunk?
-Like Lance and Hunk almost /die/ but Pidge and Shiro just gotta take a ferry ride and jump thru some vines
-Arus is a ship, castle, and planet??? I’m
-“You shut your quiznack” “I don’t think youre using that word correctly”
-“Allura, my only child” Druid is her half-sister I’m calling it now
-Allura’s eyes are two different colors and pretty af
-There is still no way to prove these fools were supposed to be the pilots
-“Remember how u felt that crazy energy out in the desert” “yeah, u made fun of me for that” “yeah…still proud of that”
-“keith go find the red lion” “…by myself?” Why does he sound so sad what is this
-Coran wants the mice to make him a sandwich but he literally only ever serves the paladins space goo??? Why is he holding out on them?
-Pidge figures out alien technology inhumanly fast wtf
-“I’m bonding with you!” Someone needs to teach this boy what bonding means goddamn
-Honestly the red lion is overprotective af from the getgo
-“Its been an honor flying with you boys” keith what the actual fuck
-how do they not all get a laugh out of essentially piloting an alien transformer character tf
-wouldnt it be really discombobulating to be a limb getting swung around in a voltron fight
-Shiro is too eagar to do this