wth is up with this style


WTH I FORGOT I MADE THESE A LONG TIME AGO. WHy do I forget to post things I make??? I was originally gonna do ALL eve/servamp pairs. But I got tired….. maybe someday. Although my art style has changed quite a bit since then…. 

Oh yeah heres a bonus Shamrock who got separated from his group. lol. 

I rushed on him. Fear faces are fun. 

New EchØGHW!!!! (Meet the artist…? Nah.)

So, yeah. I couldn’t really sleep last night, without thinking about making changes with my page and life. :|  <XD So, yeah I changed up myself. 

Is half human half Coreling
Plays GMod and Goat Simulator- With, makes sense, cause last time I played Goat Simulator, I COULDN’T TAKE THE FREAKING DEAD MOUSE MASK OFF!!!!!
Loves to sing and make art- Like what you see here, except for the singing part! :D I mean, the piece has a part wth me singing a random pee-like note out of my throat, but STILL. 
Love Spongebob and Steven Universe- Hey, lady, don’t judge me, Bro, I’m a big fan of the cartoon industry!! You people can go watch your own movies ‘er somethin’, like the walkin’ ded ‘er the doctah who-DA-FUG you call him! I mean, I ain’t got NOTHIN’ against it, but LADY don’t judge me, BRO!!!
Loves Corn dogs-

Hell, even I’m a confused son of a boi corn dog over here! :D
Loves youtube and artists- Hey, @cartoonjunkie…. Watcha doin’ over there on that computer there, eh? I’m watchin’ ya…. AAAAAAAAALWAYS WAAAAAAATCHIN’. (not really. XD)
Loves all my other corn dogs- Such as @foxtalegaming! @cupcakegamer531, @underponyfan16, @nidradraws, @smolkitty3, @xxinsanejinxdrawingsxx, @elishadrawsthings, @emesbii, and hell, a bunch of other people too, like freakin’ @dat-boi​! (That last one’s not real. XD)
Is a great animator- And she’s also is a good lier too! :D PICTURE TA PICTURE, AMIRIGHT? 

But let’s actually be serious with this info
Loves to make people happy
Want’s to make a diffrence
Wants and loves to inspire folks
Loves calling her Fans/folks corn dogs, due to how much she love corn dogs just as much as she loves her fans.
Has several special needs
Is 15 years old. (I’mma change that after Feb, 23, 2017, witch is my b-day, sooooo…) 
Is leader of the Corn Dog Family (CDF) 
Is not really the brightest bulb on the planet- That’s true, have you seen me in math class? /:3 
And finally
Wants to make the world a better place- *blows a kiss in the air* you herd it here, folks. :3 

So, that’s about everything that my little brain could put down in words for ya, I hope all of you have a good day, and Junkie, I hope you have a good night sleep tonight. XD Corn dogs!

Boyfriend Mino

i was so glad to get get this one! winner are so under appreciated 💔

  • surprise dates
  • I can just imagine him randomly showing up to your house/apartment/whatever at 3am and waking you up like “wth aren’t you ready for our date?” but before you can properly wake up or put clothes on, he’s carrying you bridal style to his car and driving to a meadow where winner did a photo shoot before
  • “It was so pretty taking pictures here and it made me think you might like it here too”
  • “Oh, Minho, I do. It’s really beautiful. BUT NOT AT 3AM!”
  • this boy is such a womanizer imo like have you seen his teaser for “baby baby?” the script was supposed to be him just kissing the girl but he was like “uh no let’s makeout” and he fucking ravished her against a wall
  • so expect to deal with that and the pros and cons that come with it
  • pro: his kisses literally take your breath away. and he knows how to please a woman, making sure you’re very satisfied by the end of the night
  • con: he prob has some ex’s that you’ll randomly bump into and they’re grinding and dropping it low and are super hot and depending on your level of self-confidence that could really suck. then there’s times where his long term friends will accidentally mention some kinky shit he did with one of the ex’s and he’s uncomfortable and ready to kill while you’re reminding yourself to take deep breaths and not cry
  • despite the player persona he has, he is so committed to you and even talks about the future sometimes. Half Moon Friends really made him think about settling down and i mean “diamond ring, three kids, pet dog” kinda settling down
  • but then he’s also v immature like nights out with him are a pain because you’re either babysitting him and picking him up off the floor or he coaxes you into letting loose and you have no memory of the night whatsoever but you wake up wearing a pink feather boa in the park ??
  • taking care of drunk Minho isn’t too bad tho
  • like usually he just blurts out random but cute shit like “wow you’re so pretty” or “damn that ass” that shows he loves you in a weird way because he’s wasted and slurring but still thinking of you
  • hungover Minho is a pain though. he’s just a big baby who needs constant attention so you spend the whole day cuddling him or getting him water
  • also loves sending &  receiving nudes
  • Taehyun went through your phone one day and has never recovered
  • but that doesn’t stop Minho telling the boys pretty much everything since they’re like his family and he’s hella proud
  • drunk phone calls at inhuman hours when he’s on tour because “I miss you so much and then I fell so my knee hurts but you can’t kiss it better and –”
  • Cute couple pictures
  • And matching bracelets so he can look at it when he’s on tour and think of you

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Grown!up Mabel for a set of Grown!up Pines I’m doing. I imagine Dipper and Mabel wouls be deeply touched by their time on gravity falls, both in bad (pstd anyone?) and good ways. So I see both of them making sense of it with some creative outlets.

Mable is always (on the show) making notes on her photo albums and writting letters and registering her good times, so I see her writing books for teenagers and kids (YAAA) with lots of ~ feelings ~, the power of friendship and life lessons. Probably her first book would be about the pains of growing up and leaving childhood and how to deal with that.

So this is were my Mabel comes from! One that takes roadtripes and is self-taught because pff, college is not alwasy the best decision and stays most of the year at gf helping her uncle with the shop while writting her books.

(Pd: Dipper DOES makes his show but in a more scientific divulgation style wth bill nye influences so wonder and knowdelge and curiosity can reach everyone! Sooome people doesn’t take it very serioualy because the supernatural tones but oh well).


I’m chin deep in the abyss that’s youtube and I’m doodling these three at any given time as well as Cry and Creeps, although those two mostly end up being done on paper. So here, enjoy some WIPs!

1.TWD au thingy inspired by the style of the game featuring Chika because she’s a cutie n Pewds beard bc I didn’t finish this before he slauGHTERED IT

2.The holy trio again, this time in the armour that their WoW characters wore because that game was and still is one of my favourite games ever made, and getting to watch these three play it together made me want to draw it something inspired by it so badly haha! Also this takes FOREVER, I’ve spent like 13 hours on Mark alone thus far and my wrist hates me

3+4. Antisepticeye and Darkiplier bc why the hell not. NOTE: Mark/Darki looks nothing like himself here but my sketches rarely looks like the person they’re supposed to portrait so shh <3 haha