wth did i just find


Today I found this book I wrote when I was around 10 years old, we had a project in school to write a fantasy story about kingdoms and fantasy.

I went totally out and wrote this whole short story. I made a cover that was the outline of a castle and put glitter and sparkles and everything was legit perfect, I was so proud and worked so hard on it. The teacher said I could read it out loud to the class, so I got up on the Big Chair and started reading:

The Two Princesses

Dedicated to my sister and her friend.

Once upon a time there were two Pretty little Princesses. They were taught the family tradition; to KILL ALL DRAGONS!

When they were Sixteen years old, they practiced defending themselves from evil Dragons. Their father bragged about his daughters and how good they were at defending themselves. “No dragon has a chance in this kingdom; NO dragon!”, their father would say.

Quickly people spread the word about what the king’s daughters could do. It wpread so fast that thirteen kingdoms heard the news in only one week. Out of the thirteen kingdoms, many dragons and knights heard the news. Since the Princesses were famous now, the dragons and the knights wanted to be famous too. So the dragons plan was to trap and take the princesses to their cave.

The next day, One very big dragon went to the princesses castle. As soon as the dragon spotted the princesses, he flew up into the air and went straght for them. At about that time, a very tall and handsome knight who was in shiny armor passed by. He said, “This is the perfect plan. Now all I have to do is to rescue the Princesses and then they will marry me!” As soon as the princesses saw the dragon, they started shooting arrows at the dragon. The arrows bounced off the Scaly dragon. As soon as the dragon grabbed both of the princesses with his claws, the knight ran out and siad, “Unhand the Princesses!” But it was too late. The dragon had already flew away. 

The knight ran into the castle and told the king what had happend to his daughters. The king immediatley called a meeting with the kingdom. The king announced, “Whoever rescues my daugheters and kills the horrid beast who took them, will marry my daughters.” All of the knights soon put on their armor and shapened their weapons. In one hour, over one hundred knights were on their way.

When they arrived, the dragon was about to dine on the princesses when all of a sudden, one knight said,“Unhand those princesses and we will not hurt you.” The dragon set the princesses on the ground. When they started walking to the knights, the dragon let out a big flame of fire. When the smoke disappeared, all that was left of the princesses were two little piles of dust that blew away in the wind. The knights were shaking and tried to run away. But too late. The dragon tried to get all the knights in one blow of fire. And he did. All that was left was a big pile of dust that blew away in the wind. The smell of burned fleash spread around the cave. And the dragon lived happilly ever after, after burning everyone in all the Kingdoms. The End.

The office called my mom.