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Unfinished painting of Minami……now time to go study ahhh


Happy 1st Anniversary (and Valentine’s Day) Hesokuri Wars !!

Yes, it’s finally here, Version 2.2 is finally hereand we can finally change the blog’s avatar to Choro, y e s, and it comes PACKED.

Packed in the sense that we’re also getting Valentine’s Day NEET Fest with all this joke, you guys have no idea all the things that are going on as you are reading this, but I’ll get into that on a second post.

Version 2.2

Soooo, you guys maybe have already opened your game, checked your tab and went all like – wth are those new symbols ??  Do not, fret, here I am to explain it as well as nicely as possible !!

  • The Smiling Sun symbol
    It opens you this window and it’s divided in two tabs.  Both of the distribute prizes you can get if the pink botton is not locked.  This is just a hypothesis coming from me, but I think this prizes (at least the ones of the blue tab) can only be unlocked via achievements ??  So you can probably open the blue tab rn and get diamonds, coins and golden oden until you become as rich as me.
  • The Paper symbol
    It opens what’s going to be your player profile.  It distributed everything you need, from your Nickname, one of your units as your pic, your favorite Matsu, your team, the Matsus you have (plus total card number and golden cards number), etc.  That’s basically it, your own little profile as a player of this Hell of a game.
  • Chibita’s Tab
    It distributes the campaigns withing Chibita’s shop, to be more especific, what you can get witheeach diamond purchase (from coins to items, the usual).  We have a campaign going on due to Version 2.2 being a thing, so this tab will be visible until said campaign is over (on February 20th at 7:59 MST).
  • Your Gatcha News

In Gatcha-related news …

  • NEET Fest’s Valentine’s Day gatcha
    So, yeah, NEET Fest is back, and it brought us this beautiful FLYING gatcha (aka, the Valentine’s Day Set is 100% flying-type).  Knowign that it’s NEET Fest you guys know what it means right ?? …
    The Marching Band (Pazzmatsu) and Traveling (Tabimatsu) sets are back.

So, yeah, hope you guys have fun this days, hope you enjoy the new Choro ava and the new features, just enjoy EVERYTHING, guys, Happy (upcoming) Valentine’s Day and good luck rolling !!

When you two kiss for the first time and it’s really awkward

Words: 1127 

Fluff this is 200% sugar I kid you not, you’ll probably get sick from reading this, you have been warned, read at your own risk

Not even requested wth am I doing with my life

Originally posted by ddoca

”Please no,” Sanha shook his head.

“I don’t want to go on that monster either but we don’t really get the chance to come here often, do we?” you were just as terrified as the puppy-like boy next to you.

“Can’t we go on a carousel or something?” he asked, literally looking like a puppy.

You almost agreed but then shook your head, thinking that it was one of a kind chance for the two of you. You didn’t get to go on dates that often and when you did have the chance to go out something happened last minute and you ended up staying at his or your place.

“I’m going to puke on you ____,” he warned when you pulled him towards the queue for the horrifying rollercoaster or whatever it was.

“It’s okay,” you answered without thinking what he had said.

Sanha kept making whiny noises but you didn’t give up. You two stopped at the end of the queue and listened to the multiple screams coming from the people who were currently on the ride.

“I think I just heard someone scream for their mom,” Sanha said, his voice cracking a few times.

“Don’t worry,” you said and gulped while looking at the ride. “I-it’s going to be fun, I’m sure.”

A few minutes passed and it was your turn to get on a cart. You stepped in with a blank mind.

“It’s going to be okay ____,” Sanha said, attempting to sound manly.

You glanced at him and saw him shake a little. You leaned closer to him and clung on to his arm.

“Yeah, it’s going to be so much fun,” you stared ahead blankly.

Sanha shrieked a little when the cart started moving. The two of you were on the first cart out of the many and you regretted getting on it the second it started moving.

“Sanha…” you mumbled as the cart was reaching the point where it would start going downhill.

“It’s okay ____,” you felt him shake a little but his voice was (surprisingly) very stable. “I’m here for y-“

The cart entered the scariest part of the ride while Sanha was still talking. He screamed and so did you after closing your eyes.

You looked at Sanha who was looking at you.

“Look at you,” he chuckled, wobbling a little. “You can barely stand.”

“Oh, yeah?” you said, wobbling maybe a little bit – a lot to be honest – more than him. “You can barely talk.”

He scoffed, put his arm around your shoulders and the two of you wobbled towards the nearest bench.

“_____,” he said as you both sat down on the bench, exhausted from all the screaming and shaking.

“Hmm?” you looked at him.

“Let’s never ride something like that ever again,” he said.

“Sounds good,” you admitted. “Let’s ride carousels and such from now on.”

Sanha chuckled a little and you two sat there for a while before getting up and finding the most peaceful ride there was and getting on it.

You were getting stares from people. It was probably because you were laughing so hard that you had tears in your eyes.

“Stop making me laugh!” you hit Sanha’s arm.

He was laughing too but not as much as you were. “You laugh at everything I say.”

You started laughing again, not even sure why you were laughing.

“Come on,” he said and held your hand. “Let’s go find something to eat.”
You kept laughing for some time but eventually, you calmed down.

“My tummy hurts,” you pouted when the two of you were approaching a food cart.

“It’s your own fault for laughing so much,” Sanha said without pity.

“Why does my aegyo not work on you?” you questioned him.

“Maybe because I’m immune to it? I’m so cute that aegyo doesn’t work on me.”

You cringed.

“What? You don’t think I’m cute?” he asked, surprised.

“I don’t know…” you looked away when he leaned closer to you, demanding an answer.

“Don’t avoid the question!” he said but you ignored him and kept looking at anything that was not him.

Why were you so flustered about having his face so close to yours? You hadn’t kissed yet. The two of you had dated for some time already and you loved holding hands and being cuddly and all that other cutesy stuff but you just hadn’t had your first kiss yet. You didn’t know if it was because it just simply hadn’t happened yet of if he didn’t want to kiss you. Either way, you were just as flustered every time his face got close to yours. You liked him a lot but it was so weird being so close to each other.

“What do you want?” Sanha asked when you stopped in front of the food cart.

You looked at what they had. “I kind of want cotton candy… I haven’t had it in a long time.”

“Hmm,” he hummed. “Do you mind sharing one?”

“Not at all,” you smiled.

Sanha insisted on paying the candy so he did and after that, you moved to a quieter place to eat the candy since the food court was surrounded by dozens of children and their tired parents.

“You take some first,” Sanha handed you the huge cotton candy.

You ate some, ripped a piece out of it and handed it to your boyfriend.

“Sanha,” you called his name.

He hummed while eating the candy.

“Did you think today was fun?” you asked and looked at him.

He froze for some reason and you tilted your head a little.


Without a word he leaned closer to you and before you could react, he pecked your lips. The situation was over so fast that it took you a few seconds to understand what had happened.

You made eye contact with him for a second but both of you looked away immediately, blushing.

“I’m sorry?” his voice cracked.

“What?” you were surprised but couldn’t look at him.

“W-was that weird?” he asked.

“N-no…” you didn’t know where to look so you just stared at your shoes.

After a moment of silence, you turned to him, took the cotton candy and hid your head behind it.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m so red right now that you’ll run away if you see me…”

You heard him laugh and lowered the candy a little so you could see him.

“After what just happened?” he asked, amused. You could see that he was blushing, too.

“Yeah…” you mumbled, staring at him.

“To be honest, I’m probably just as flustered as you are right now.”


I Can't Decide
  • I Can't Decide
  • Scissor Sisters
  • Ta-Dah

How Araki feels towards Dio

and the next line in the lyrics is “Oh you’ll probably go to heaven” and THAT’s where Heaven Dio comes from

A disturbing theory


Yeah…this ones a doozy…

First off, I don’t think this will be in the Bungou Stray Dogs manga since I don’t believe that they would go down this route. On the other hand, we have seen some pretty dark and disturbing s**t such as extreme physical and mental abuse, physiological and visual horror, and…well…Lovecraft (SERIOUSLY BSD WTH????? Though it’s pretty badass to have a character named after THE H.P Lovecraft who was a master at horror ANYWAY)

I really tried to erase the possibility that this theory might be true from my head, but as I thought about it more, it became disturbingly plausible.

After looking over everything, Atsushi’s character and past, reading a rather well written story which you can read here http://archiveofourown.org/works/7090720/chapters/16115383?view_adult=true ,and talking to a few others, the theory only became stronger for me. 

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Worth the Wait

Skinny!Steve Rogers x Reader Modern Setting AU

Request: Can you please please write something with skinny steve x reader? maybe like the college au one shot you did before?
WITH MY PLUS: “So my friends dared me to ask a random person out on a date and the person I asked actually said yes wth do I do?!” AU
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,358 words

Notes: I CHANGED THE AU SLIGHTLY but it’s still the same idea. One more request down, a few more to go yet so requests are closed. :( SKINNY STEVE FTW, MY DEAR ANON. Especially in a modern au. I hope y’all like this one! <3 Love u.

“Come on Buck, you’re not playing fair!” Steve complained watching Bucky’s smug expression as they sat outside the house where the party was rolling. 

“How am I not playing fair?” Bucky asked feigning indignation as he took a sip of his beer. “You asked for a dare. I gave you one.”

Steve sighed in defeat. He did really ask. 

Since they sat by the pool outside the house, Bucky was bragging about how he was way too composed and serious. It wasn’t exactly a lie but not the complete truth, also. Steve just didn’t see any point on getting wasted on a party like that and do things you’d regret on the next day. 

But he wanted to prove that he was more than his serious facade. And even though Steve wasn’t wasted, he regretted asking Bucky for a dare. 

“Why her though?” He questioned and Bucky smirked knowingly. Both of them knew why, but neither would actually say it. 

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Conner knew this was strange. He knew this was probably going to get him in trouble with the Justice League. He also knew that he was a clone grown in a pod and his boyfriend pretended he was a songbird. So, really, everything was relative.

There’d been a fight downtown Metropolis, nothing earth shattering but it had been a long drawn out battle and even the indestructible half-Kryptonian was feeling a bit stiff and sore. And if he was feeling that beat, God only knows how Tim felt. They were atop the Daily Planet, curled up together with their feet over the edge. It probably wasn’t the best idea for the unofficial sons of the two most famous heroes on the planet to be canoodling on top of a building filled with reporters. But Tim was so tired he was barely conscious and Conner had wanted a little time with his man without Cassie or Bart giving him grief. So, here they sat watching a large group of reporters take pictures. Oh yeah, Batman was so going to kill him.

Tim sighed and nuzzled a little closer so his head resting comfortably on Conner’s shoulder and a few wayward strands of his hair were tickling the clone’s nose. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow but Conner knew better than to assume that a Bat wouldn’t be alert and aware of his surrounding. Conner suspected that Tim, like himself, just was too tired to care at the moment. The clone sighed right back and rubbed Tim’s arm gently and placed a soft kiss on top of his head. Hey, if people were watching them might as well make it good. He didn’t want it getting around that he was a bad boyfriend.

Tim’s head slowly lifted and hovered just inches from his own. It was incredibly sexy and he imagined it looked that way too judging by the increased activity 80 stories below. Tim gently pulled Conner’s head down until his lips were ghosting on top of his own. His gloved fingers delicately ran through Conner’s short cropped hair causing the clone to shiver slightly. Tim’s lips twitched upward slightly against own.

“If I don’t get a strong cup of coffee within the next 90 seconds I will pull out my Kryptonite ring and beat you senseless on live TV then mail the broken pieces of you to Luthor to put back together.” Tim said in a voice completely void of emotion despite the incredibly provocative position they were currently in.  Conner couldn’t help the snort. The reporters below were speculating what loving words of adoration the human had said to his God-like lover. They can’t possibly know it was just Tim being Tim. And Conner wouldn’t have him any other way. He was also running out of time and he knew Tim was always serious when it came to his coffee. He leaned forward and completed the kiss before grabbing the disaster that was his boyfriend into his arms and lifting them both off the building.

“I think I saw a shop still standing a few blocks away,” Conner answered giving Tim a moment to secure himself before the flight. Below, the reporters continued their frenzy. Let them. Let them speculate on the mysterious Robin and the powerful Superboy. They could focus on the glamour of capes and forbidden love, that left room for Tim and Conner to be themselves and enjoy the other’s company.

“For your sake there better be. Now come on, you only have 47 second remaining.”

Anyway ladies (especially younger ladies following me) if you find yourself considering going through your boyfriend’s or husband’s phone DO NOT‼️Instead of invading his privacy on top of making yourself feel more like shit…. What I want you to do is follow the simple D👏🏾H👏🏾A👏🏾. Simple.

Feel like snooping through his insta? DHA.

Thinking about looking at his Facebook messages? DHA.

Wanna go through his phone’s pictures? DHA.

Feel like hacking into his twitter? You guessed it, DHA.

Dump 👏🏾His 👏🏾Ass

12/10 yeah you’re gonna be right he’s cheating. But if he’s not you don’t trust him if you feel like invading his privacy to confirm/deny your suspicions and a relationship without trust is pointless.

So do yourself a favor and do not under any circumstances go through some dudes shit (which is very gross btw) and instead dump him and move tf along.

  • lol, Soooo different saves have different editing so Ima just assume you’re talkin’ about my N’ry posts. I just recently started using reshade and I am currently fucking around with PickyPikachu’s Cinematic Preset, trying to get it to where I won’t have to edit at all ever again….. but I have no clue what I’m doing. >.>; Anyways! I still use my Sear your eyes photoshop action for the most part, sometimes I brighten the pics even more if it’s a night time shot or just bad lighting. Aaaand if it’s CAS pic! I honestly just fuck around in photoshop ‘til I’m happy.

anonymous asked:

I find arzaylea's tweet about using marijuana to treat anxiety is baseless and disgusting. I have GAD myself, and she speaks about this "im smoking weeds to alleviate my anxiety" as if it is something trivial. Anxiety isn't about temporary nervousness/worrying. It is a constant battle. and personally, smoking weed only help people wth anxiety while they are high. After it wears off I become more paranoid and more anxious to the point I am shaking vigorously. Soz for ranting

Marijuana has different effects on different people, so to each their own I guess, but what I have a problem with is her going around trying to promote it. She shouldn’t be doing that for so many reasons. Although she might think it’s okay, natural, and good for her, a lot of her followers are really young and don’t need an “internet influencer” telling them to do drugs. You can rant all you want. It’s what I’m here for. :)

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Not gonna lie, I'm salty that you just had to bring down ks and cb shippers while you praise chansoo. I ship chansoo too but not all our shippers are angels, some of us definitely do the same thing barging into other tags.

wth. you should understand that while maybe 1 or 2 shippers do that, ks and cb are the majority. And i would know because i always go on my chansoo tag on ig or here (and even look at youtube videos on chansoo) and guess who i see? “sorry but ks and cb are the real ones.” I been into them since debut so i would know what i see. I am on the chansoo tag often and i see what they tag and they hardly never tag ks or cb cause they don’t give a shit. While if you’re on the chansoo tag you will see “oh look at so so and so being jealous.” 
If you think im bringing down ks and cb then ignore me, i only say the truth. I like my chansoo shippers more than i like theirs. Some of them cute ones, i already mentioned, but the majority are toxic af and will jump on anyone.

Zodiac Signs as Things my Mother Says
  • Aries: i just love you so much I want to squeeze you till your spine snaps
  • Taurus: do you want something to eat? Are you sure?? Are you really really sure??? Oh God I've become my mother
  • Gemini: going 55 in a 40 zone now hes making a big deal with his flashing lights
  • Cancer: *after I read a narrative I wrote* why am i the bad guy?? I'm such a Debbie downer in this wth
  • Leo: every time I have a night out I put out two outfits and go with the third
  • Virgo: omg is she wearing pajamas?? Thats so- *gets closer* oh nvm
  • Libra: sometimes i just want to kill my patients but im a good nurse i cant do that
  • Scorpio: no you can't wear your ghost shirt its september!! *currently putting up Halloween decorations*
  • Sagittarius: Does that make sense to you? No of course it doesnt
  • Capricorn: im going to an ugly sweater party I bought three ugly sweaters they were on sale help me pick one
  • Aquarius: I'm not on your level??? YOU get on MY level!! Gosh
  • Pisces: *sings* there was a fairy her name was Nuff, fair enough!

i was tagged by the lovely @dawniel (who thinks i’m mysterious?? haha no) to answer these questions about myself!

Name: morgan
Family name: no??
Star Sign:  virgo
Height: 5′8″
Age: somewhere between 13 and 16 (guess i am mysterious lol)
Fave Color: maroon or pale pink
Time RN: 11:24pm
Hours of Sleep: usually like 6 or 7
Lucky Number: 18
Last Thing I Googled: take me to church lyrics 
Favorite Artists: lorde, drake, chance the rapper (guys i was gonna see him in concert it’s already sold out are you kidding), marian hill, a bunch more
Dream Trip: just a road trip going anywhere
Dream Job: honestly? idk
What You’re Wearing Right Now: a chorus t-shirt and shorts
Follower Count: 1,032 (wth???)
Posts: 7,703
What Do You Post About: dan and phil and aesthetic stuff
Most Active Followers: (past week) @losts0ul777 @phil-is-the-chosen-one @iamthisawkwardirl @yogurtspov (y’all are the best!!)
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: pretty much like two weeks ago lol
Why Did You Make This Blog: initially it was so i could become Internet Famous but then i discovered dan and phil and the rest is history 
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: n o p e (send me asks!!)
Why Did You Choose Your URL: space is cool dan is lame 
Favorite Fandom: honestly i don’t have one there’s downsides to them all
Languages You Speak: just english and some spanish
Last Article You Read: something for school idk
Last Thing You Bought Online: that denim skirt!! i’m in love!
Last Person You Dreamt Of: idk my friend allie i think
A Recurring Dream: i barely dream so i don’t have one
Phobias/Fears: heights also getting murdered in my home
How Would Your Friends Describe You: the aforementioned allie says “smart, funny, you say what you think” and my bud kelli says “fun, chill, and sarcastic”
If You Had $$$ To Spend What Would You Buy First: a bunch of clothes and a pizza probably 
Shuffle Your Song Library And List The First Three Songs That Play: all time low by jon bellion, cranes in the sky by solange, and alive by sia

i’m gonna tag @astronautdan@phanniephil and @shingekihowell (idk)and literally anyone else who wants to 

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I am convinced sex in happening this episode. It is in the title. Also LLG said this: "Because of what’s going on in the first four episodes, we made a choice that it was better to have Keith start, then I’m doing episodes 3 and 4, and you don’t really want to know why." What else coud it be?

Wow! Bold prediction, Anon!

My guess is LLG did 603/04 bc of the international location, but if you’re right, you get two gold stars from WTH!

anonymous asked:

if i didnt study for a test, i could easily get an a. but once i tried to study and revise and work hard to get an excellent grade, i get a c or worse. wth? this is just one example, ive many more and its driving me insane. you might say then just go with the flow, let things come to me. but see, i wish im an asshole and i could just sit around and do that. last year i had my big exam (SAT i think in america) and being a decent asshole i am, i wanted to make my parents happy. so well-