wth am i drawing


Unfinished painting of Minami……now time to go study ahhh



Merry christmas @i-homeostasis 8′D IT IS I! YOUR SECRET SANTA!!

Obviously Asahi in a dress is something I can do harharhar - I hope it’s at least somewhat like you wanted it to be? I tried very hard to up the adorable factor /fistpump

happy holidays everyone u3u

Team Fortress 2. Meet Prince Tavish and Princess Jane

Prince Tavish ran away from his kingdom cause his parents wants him to marry a certain ‘Prince Jane’ whom he has never met in his life (which Tavish thinks it may have been a typo or misinfo or something for her title, cause Jane is clearly a princess’ name so he stubbornly calls Jane as Princess).

He joins the Mercenaries aaand then he met THAT Princess Jane who was also running away from his arranged marriage (cause he cannot marry a guy! What is this nonsense!?).

They fell in love. However, one was RED and one was BLU, and things got a little too complicated.

Will these two find their Happily Ever After???

…so I can’t even deal with the trainwreck that is the sansa storyline this season so instead have alayne in the vale & about to scoff that entire ten-foot eyrie-shaped lemoncake all by herself and actually allowed to be kinda happy gdi


“By my Grandfather’s guidance, I will not be seduced by the Darkness…!”

“The Supreme Leader still hasn’t given up on you, Ben Solo…”

Jedi (?) Ben Solo AU cause I can I am still in love with the Dark Side please don’t get me wrong.

General Hux is the one tasked to kidnap Ben Solo hahaha such a princess to get kidnapped and bring him to Snoke so they could finally make him turn to the Dark Side. Of course, Ben’s too close to Anakin’s Light to be seduced.

Ben talks to Hux about the Force and the Light… While Hux desperately tries not to listen and tries his very best to convince the Jedi about his side, the First Order.

The General realizes that Ben’s got a short fuse and would throw tantrums if you do not listen to him talk about the Force, the Light and especially when he talks about how awesome his Grandfather was.

So who will give in first???