#WTFstyle with Dolly: Close Up and Personal

Since I have been writing little fashion reviews for you for some time, I try to write as objective as possible, today I had in mind something little different. I wanted to share my personal favorite fashion trends for this year. I usually do not go blindly and follow everything that fashion experts serve us but I like to spice up my personal style with some super trendy items. I also hate putting on myself more then 2 trendy items, because nothing screams “Fashion Victim” louder than looking like mannequin from Urban Outfitters.  Ok, I wanted to talk about my shopping list for fall, but first I want to make a few things clear. Age appropriate wardrobe is something I do not believe in, it is clear that for some job professions you need to follow some kind of the dress code, but things like -You can not wear mini skirt after 40- are ridiculous. I hate limits ;-) And my personal taste confirms that. Let’s go ;-)

The thing I have my eyes on since spring is fine sassy leather skirt. Summer is really not the season for bold fabrics, so I waited fall to search for one. Cool pencil leather skirt is super great for work too. I have my eyes on high-waited leather skirt and maybe even latex one. Upcoming Halloween season is all about edge. So I thing latex skirt is edgy enough.

I am not 18 but I feel like I am so I am as crazy as school and college girls for holo. There is new viral term #holosexual and we are mad about it. Hologram print on everything is must have. I am so mesmerized but this trend that I lost my mind searching for at least a wallet for some time. And a few days ago, totally by accident, I have found an awesome cropped top in thrift store. Imagine,  for less than a dollar.  I was thrilled :)

I usually wear black, I do have very colorful wardrobe but black gives me power and confidence. But the latest floral trend, specially on bomber jackets is something I just had to follow, blindly. Everything looks better with powerful printed jacket. I love how multifunctional bomber jacket is. You can totally rock them with sneakers and high heel shoes, boots etc.

When it comes to jewels, I am in love with chokers, like rest of the planet. The best part with chokers, is that you can make them yourself. Old belts, lace form the top you are no longer wearing, old pendant necklace and you can also wear chokers like bracelets. Fuuun :-)

And the last trend, the one that is here to stay for a few seasons more, over-knee boots. I just love those boots, I feel like a rockstar in over-knee boots. They are very useful, they keep you warm and stylish and you can wear them with knit dress and  faux fur coat and voila. Invest in suede over-knee boots with lower heel as I am planning to do. I will wear them whole winter ;-)

Talk to you soon lovers ;-)

xoxo, Dolly

#WTFstyle with Dolly: Make the rest of your summer into real runway.

 Hello dolls,

I really hope you are having fashionable summer, but if not, I am here to help you and make the rest of your summer into real runaway. This summer is all about the statement. Your style needs to speak louder than ever. And you are just not allowed to be basic anymore ;-) . As I can remember I never experienced this enormous explosion of trends, well maybe in the 80’s. This is the perfect time to be yourself and by being you you are no.1 fashionista. You can get away with anything, really the sky is the limit. But like every season there are around 5 trends you can not miss, on runaways, tv, pretty little liars etc :-) It is really up to you to embrace them or avoid them but I will give you a few practical advices how to own them if you are up to the challenge :) Some of them are really tricky but it is really fun. Let’s see…

SLEEVELESS JUMPSUIT – It is the WHOLE outfit in one little piece. Jumpsuits can be easily mistaken for a dress but they are more comfortable. And it goes so well with elegant high heels just as well as with sneakers ( I know you have Adidas superstar, yeah you can rock your jumpsuit with them too). I have heard so many divided opinions about this item, but most of them are just pure nonsense. I’ve read the statistics and guy apparently hate them, but we do not dress for anyone but ourselves, right ladies?  Yup there is that one thing we hate though, public restrooms, but everything is doable ;)  

TROPICAL PRINT – you can look like rain forest and we absolutely fabulous. Why not? If you are attracted to thins style but you are afraid it is too much, you can easily just get a bikini or one piece swimsuit with huge palm leaves. You can wear that one piece with high-waisted jeans or shorts in the evening. It is really practical thing :) Or you can wear bikini top underneath sheer blouse it looks super nice for hot summer night.

I SEE THROUGH YOU – Transparent stuff are in when it comes to accessorize. Personally they make me feel like I am some special lead in Sc/Fi movie. On the practical side, I do carry less unnecessary things in my see-though bag. Transparent flats are cool  for the pool or beach or if you wanna make you floral dress a bit calmer. I like that bare feet feeling. If non of these work for you, you probably have  shades with mirror glasses and transparent frame, so you are set on this trend.

90’S – Chokers, chokers, chokers… black, transparent, kawaii whatever works for you. If you think that choker will make your neck shorter or even longer and you do not like that feeling transparent one is great choice. Velvet wrap with small moon pendant is going to me MUST in a month or two as no.1 Fall trend :) But for now you need to have moon pendant on the choker of your choice. I really like wearing just a simple black wrap around my neck, makes me look badass.

ADIDAS – Sky is the limit. When we were kids, we had like two clans, Adidas and Nike’s clan. I have always been in love with the stripes so I was over the moon when I found some old Adidas tops than I can wear like cropped ones. Best side of this trend is that never really stops being fashionable. If you invest in good Adidas piece it will always be good Adidas piece, whatever happens with trends, this goes for Nike too. But I predict a huge comeback of Fila and Kappa. This 2016 is year of big comebacks, so you might visit mom and check out her closet. ;-)

Next time, I am giving you some insider information for the Fall trends so stay tuned.

Xoxo, Dolly

#WTFstyle with Dolly: The Grand Finale (Part I)

Hello lovebirds,
Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

— Lauren DeStefano

After this massive color & style explosion during the summer, we kind of hoped for calm autumn, right? Well, only a few fashion designers are going in that direction, as proven of New York fashion week. The fashion experts prepared something else for us. Vivid color palette, massive mix of trends form 70’s -90’s and rich pattern play. As I did small research there are only 3 things that stuck in my mind. After watching runaways and street style reviews all over the internet you can never go wrong with off shoulder tops, lace up sandals or boots and layering. Whit a simple white tank top and black dress over it you are as trendy as one can get. Long live 90’s all over again. This week, I wanted to write something about fall color palette as I find it really amazing :-)

AURORA RED: Or just fancy name for really perfect red  that breeds in an unmistakable confidence! Red has been on a stand by for some time now, but it’s coming back. Designers are bringing little red dress back but in the daily wear. So red dress for this season is not party outfit anymore. You can lovely combine it with other colors but avoid lack or white, because it is really safe, which is no-no for this season. Go big or go home, right? ;-)

DUSTY CEDAR:  This is the falls version of the pink. It is like messy and a bit dirty pink, that gives warmth in upcoming colder days. I think I need a coat in this shade, because just by watching it I feel a bit warmer. Knit wear in this calm pinkish shade is something you just must have.

AIRY BLUE: Airy Blue nods to serenity (which was one of the most popular shades of blue this spring and during the summer too. Blue tones appear in nearly half of the designs for next season. Many  of you got sweet pastel blue coat last season so you can wear it one more. Pair Airy Blue with Cedar for perfect runaway look.

LUSH MEADOW: This green is rich and elegant, vibrant and sophisticated it displays a brightness,  and depth of color. I could just melt into pine and emerald green shades this season. This color is specially perfect for brunette’s. This green is so sophisticated that I would wear it head to toe. Like one shade totally. I already got nail polish to match ;-)

BODACIOUS: Bright, rich Purple, with hints of Pink and it is really unexpected in fall color palette. I can be used with pinks and reds. So if you wanna make fashion statements do not miss bodacious. :-)

to be continued…
xoxo, Dolly

#WTFstyle with Marija: November Essentials

We are still covered in fake blood and I am still tired from the Halloween party, but it's Monday,  and from today, my favorite day of the week. As said “Do what you love and you love and you'll never work a day in your life.” That's my life's mission! This Monday I am sharing with you basic trends for this fall.      -November essentials-   Here we go, 10 things you can't survive November without: 1. Oversize or “ugly” sweater- steal from your mama if you need to :) Huge sweater are trendy every fall, lovely sweater weather .  This season go with neutral shades like beige, sand, gray, black and white. And bordeaux is always good idea. 2. Business pants - Choose the model that compliments your figure, if you are not sure an honest friend is a good friend for shopping. 
Also, choose color you love and the one you can easy combine with the rest of your wardrobe. Don’t go neon it’s so last season! 3. Ankle boots- If you’re short and not so skinny, go with higher heels, if you are petite- platforms are cool idea. 
If you are tall, you can wear whatever you like. Chunky boots are super trendy this season. 
And I totally wore them last winter and I am just expanding my collection. The best side of this trend, there is a heel BUT they are so comfy :)  4. Huge scarf - Comfy, warm, super trendy !!! Personal suggestion- Match them with your pants! 5. Hat, beanie, snapback, turban- Whatever rocks your boat!!!  It’s always great excuse for bad hair day. 
And you all know all that wind, rain that autumn brings. It’s hard to maintain spotless ;) 6. Parka or an “olive” item. Choose military item to be in style. Denim parka is something I got my eye on! I hate rules but denim parka with jeans is bad idea. 7. ”Rockstar” item - I am always a wild child, and I all into r’n’r way of dressing and living, but not all of you are. 
But I must tell you it’s a sin not owning a leather jacket. Faux leather jackets can be found on every step for decent money and in all styles you can imagine! 
Go get one that matches your personality asap! 8. Mustard is the color of the autumn, and next to dark red color of this season! Mustard scarf goes so nicely with olive parka.  But Timberland boots can be one big hit. They are ankle boots, comfy, warm, just the right color and they match almost everything. 9. Plaid thingy :) !!! No limits, shirts, skirts, pants, scarves…   10. Crop top - If you feel confident wearing one, be sure you have a few in you closet, they will be in for some time be sure of that. 
With high-waisted jeans, skirts, pants, shorts, as a matter of fact with everything :)     The point of successful style is in the feeling. If you love the item and you feel good in it, you are done.  When something make you uncomfortable your body changes and the whole outfit looks messy, you will look clumsy and not so confident. 
You need to feel it and you gotta feel good about yourself!  When you walk like you own the World, you actually own it!
Clothes and accessories are just tools. Use them wisely! ;) 

   Go check out my inspiration board:
#WTFstyle with Marija: Red Fusion

Once upon a time, there was a little black dress, and then her biggest competition arrived, a little red dress. Bill Blass’ famous quote, “When in doubt, wear red!“

When it comes to red, I am huge lover of classy red lips and red nail polish paired with fine simple dress and black stilettos.  Never underestimate the power of elegance!

When it comes to basics, it’s rather simple, every femme needs cute red or sexy dress, red ballerina flats or sassy red heels and red lipstick.

That will surely make you a femme fatale!

But, today, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to wear red in non-traditional ways… 

1.  You CAN’T be plain and boring in a red coat. Everyone is lovable and super confident in red coat. Also very important thing, buying a red coat is never a waste of money because that piece never goes out of style!  I suggest wearing a red coat with an all black outfit. And for spring, you can’t be wrong with a red blazer and an all white outfit.

Have you ever seen unhappy girl in red?! Me neither! 

2.  RED jeans. Daily outfit is absolutely something else when you just instead of just blue jeans, you add a pair of red jeans and you can look like million bucks.

3.  I just can’t imagine summer without red heart-shaped sunglasses or autumn without my red reading glasses. 

4.  Red bikini or just any kind of swimsuit that looks great on you.  Every girl looks sweet and approachable in red polka dot bikini.

5.  For the brave ladies -JUMPSUIT!  You can wear it million times, just switch the jacket, accessorize and shoes and it’s completely different piece. 

6.  My heart melts when I see red Dr. Martens! 

7.  You need at least one red bag and I wouldn’t wear it with the rest of the red clothes.  Red bag is a statement for itself.  With red lipstick and red bag, you can get away with everything!

And dear fashionistas, please remember, red is the color of passion and love.  Just spice up your outfit with a warm, sincere smile and you can’t go wrong!  ;)

 Get more inspiration here:

#WTFstyle with Marija: Packing Light

Hello space travelers,

Since I’ve been in a long distance relationship, for a while now, I’ve became packing expert.  Just imagine that you can have a medium size bag and twice as much stuff than your traveling mates.  It’s just the matter of technique.  I will give you a few cool ideas how to pack your clothes and accessories.  First, in your handbag pack toothbrush, concealer, hand cream, lipstick, perfume, tablet, phone, charger, wallet, keys and documents.  Check out you airport policy!!!  Some of these things can’t be carried in hand luggage.

1.  There is one single item you wear almost every day. Make sure if it is clean and pack it first. Pack enough underwear, bra that goes with shirts you planned on caring and enough socks.

2.  Pack the things that fit into your travel activities. And keep it simple, I know you have that lovely red skirt that you never wore, chances you’ll wear it on your trip are 0.1%. Leave it. Advice: Pack oversize tunic that you can wear with jeans and flats for daily outfit, and with belt like a party dress.

3.  Don’t go wild with patterns and colors, again, keep it simple so you can mixed your items easier. Unless you are going to a seaside, than you need colors, patterns, prints and you won’t be judged  for being too bright. Advice: Delicate materials roll in tissue paper, prevent damaging and getting wrinkles.

4.  My personal trick, I always carry thin knits, so I can carry so many things, it’s cool for layering and you can have a new outfit every day.

5.  Functional shoes!!!  Never-ever wear a new shoes on the day of your trip. You can cry, happened to me, and I’ve learned my lesion. Pack one pair of shoes for special occasion, sneakers for casual events, walks and activities, and depending on the season decorative flat boots or sandals.

6.  Accessories - Things you wear more often, that necklace that won’t rip off you hair, that ring that won’t tear up you new pantyhose, classic shade that match your wardrobe. One practical shoulder bag, scarf and a clutch. Advice: Pack your accessories in one bag and tuck it nicely with scarf. I use my wallet as a clutch, it’s the right size to put the phone, lipstick, ID and money in it. Last minute party idea.

7.  Best advice I read somewhere online is unusual suitcase, you won’t have trouble finding your bag on you airport. I have classic black Samsonite but I painted my handle in magenta so it’s pretty unique.

8.  Seal your cosmetics and pack your make up in nylon bags and you can pack it in a old shoe bog if you do not own make up case. Check my board for inspirations and practical ideas:

Now, just before you pack everything up, lay all your pieces on the bed and try to make a few combos, a few casual, and a few special moment outfits.  This technique will help you check if you’ve forgot something, or you have more items than you need.  When done, roll your clothes pack it and zip it, do not open your bag so you can add a thing.  If you forget something, you will be forced to improvise, and how else you are gonna find out how creative you are?