Well hey there folks, looks like I’ve made another blog. How delightful. I love liveblogging too much to stop and wait for a week for a new chapter. I’m not leaving wtfop but I need something to occupy my time in between.

This blog is for liveblogging short, finished anime. Short because if it’s a longer anime it would need it’s own blog dedicated only to it, and finished because if I watched airing anime here it’d get jumbled with a whole bunch of different series.

I’ll be watching lots of anime and I’ll tag each one differently. That way if you don’t want spoilers, don’t like a particular anime, or didn’t watch it, you can just blacklist the tag for that specific anime. There is also a tag for the blog as a whole, wtfanime.

The first series I’m doing is Free!, which apparently isn’t actually finished but it’s stopped airing until the summer so I’ll do it anyway, fuck the police. It’s tag will be wtfree.

Let’s have fun, shall we?