Kass Basher Tips!

I’ve seen some people have troubles with Kass Basher, so I figured I’d offer my help. c: It’s super easy once you get the hang of it!

One: ONLY attempt to hit Kass when the wind is at 9 mph. The wind increments move in two’s, usually, meaning if the increments are on even numbers, it will take longer for it to pause on an odd number to get in sync with the increments. (Example of wind speed patterns on even numbers: 2 → 3, 4; 4 → 5, 6; 6 → 7, 8; 8 → 7, 6; et cetera.) It takes longer for the increments to pause on an odd number, so if it’s taking a while on even increments, let it drop and start over. (Example of wind speed patterns on odd numbers: 3 → 4, 5; 5 → 6, 7; 7 → 8, 9;) If the wind speeds drop below zero, I usually let it drop and start again.

Two: When the windspeed is at 9 mph, drop Kass. You want to hit him exactly when the tip of his beak touches the top of the hill.

It’s really easy to miss as the levels get more difficult, but it makes Kass fly the highest and the furthest, so it’s good to practice a few times before you get to the proper wind speed.

Three: After you hit him, you should keep holding down the spacebar until he’s gone the highest he will go and begins to plateau in the air. When he evens out in the air, let go of the spacebar. 

Four: Kass will come down to the ground relatively quickly. Each time he bounces on the ground, hit the spacebar. It can be difficult to time perfectly, but it will make him bounce, causing him to go great lengths further than he would otherwise. Normally, you can get about three bounces in, but if your timing is perfect he will bounce a fourth time, which will almost guarantee your score being somewhere over 1000.

Practice is really important if it isn’t easy for you, but you guys will get the avatar in no time, and it’s an easy 3k each day once you get it down. c:

Good luck! 

i lost my tablet pen so i had to draw with my touchpad or w/e so here you go enjoy

fruitlupes said: draw me hugging you. OR draw an acara. a cute acara

External image

is this cute enough

bloyru said: draw an eggplant
External image


ardeney said: Draw a leg so hot. Hot hot leg. Leg so hot u fry an egg
External image

??? i dont understand this reference but here you go

wtfneopets said: fruitlupes hugging candyplague! thats such a cute idea d’awww
I think I’ll do that, actually ouo once i find my tablet pen xD

acheerleaderplaysneopets said: *poses* ME~
External image

i am so, so sorry

Alright ladies and gentlemen, there were 42 entries for my art giveaway!

Drum roll please…

First prize - a colored picture with shading - goes to Olivia!

Second prize - a flat colored picture - goes to Padfoot!

Third prize - a colored sketch - goes to Karl!

I’ll be contacting you soon to see what you would like to be drawn!

Thank you everyone for entering, I appreciate your support!

This is just… A post I’m making. I’m just gonna run through some taggers that … I just feel like making a post about.

I’m not really gonna include TC'ers.. Cuz I hardly go in anymore… I mean, a few might show up, but that’s because I genuinely talk to them outside of the tc.

I might not even necessarily talk to these people that often, but I think they’re super duper spiffles.

Putting this under a read-more cuz I suspect it will be uber duber long.

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