[S] ACT 6 ACT 3 notes
  • Loading. Loading. Loading loading. How fucking long is this.
  • Well, now that we have green shittily drawn curtains, I think we should consider what green represents. Green is grass. Green is greenery. Green is apple flavor. Usually. Personally, I think purple and blue flavor are better. Remember that one time that Kool-aid had the “guess the flavor” thing? Those fuckers, it was two flavors mixed
  • oh loaded hey
  • oh hey there
  • Sure is very alien-y
  • Hot air balloons! That rain! Lik
  • Crypts and Helium. Oh, this is Jane! So she did not die. 
  • ….
  • oh is this interactive
  • Fuck the notes, then 
  • Time for a walkthrough!