You realize what that would mean, do you not?

A program is erased with a click of a button. If the program upset the one that programmed it… 

The problem is easily solved. 

Do you hesitate to press the “backspace” button? Do you hesitate to delete a file? Such is how the programmer, if they were to look down upon Sburb, could kill each and every inhabitant. 

They are the creations of the creator, the virtual inhabitants of a game.

One of the game’s characters upsets you. 

Have you ever played Zoo Tycoon? 

If you were having a bad day, a really really bad day, it is just so entertaining to watch the virtual characters die. Rid yourself of the problem and enjoy a show while you are at it. 

How many people honestly consider the feelings of a few pixels in Roller Coaster Tycoon before they toss them into the water? 

We look at the inhabitants of Sburb and those who were born there as if they were human, while the creator would know for a fact that they are nothing but coding. 

John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Jake…they were all born in Sburb. They are all Guest #1005, the guest that is constantly angry. 

Instead of killing them off, why not let them kill themselves? It is so much more amusing. 

As a reader of Homestuck, you find their struggles entertaining, too.